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  1. Just thought I would sent you something that might bring back a memory.  Might be after you lived in the Houston area.  Approx. a year ago, I stopped in an antique store in Geronimo Texas and saw this old advertising platter and loved the color and that it was a piece from a Texas town.  I did not pay attention much to the address as I loved the aesthetics of the piece.  I grew up in the 70s and 80s near Houston and we shopped there all the time.  This morning while eating my friend potatoes that I had put on the platter, I looked at the address and saw it as a furniture store Davis Furniture Center 8002 Chocolate Bayou Road Houston, Texas.  I was struck by the road name and wanted to see where it was and if the store still existed or the building did, and came across this post.  Thought I would send you a photo if for nothing more than nostalgia. I am a historian, and love a good history story/hunt.  I will start my research in a bit and update you on anything that I find out.  Hopefully you will see this.  Hope to hear if you have found out any information on what you were looking for.  Many blessings, Stacey




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