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  1. 5 hours ago, gmac said:

    "middle of nowhere"???

     Omg ...quite nitpicking every damn thing... 


    The point was  for a long time alot of  business were fine just setting up shop in Houston and didn't feel a need to engage the community....


    All of that  and you locked in on a off hand comment about  " middle of nowhere " sheesh

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  2. 2 hours ago, j_cuevas713 said:

    Exactly! That's really the root of the issue. If Houston doesn't respect itself, then developers won't care either. This goes deeper than just out natural beauty. It also involves our infrastructure; sidewalks, roads, transit, etc. 

    Where I kind of have to push back...I don't ever think it was a local thing... I always felt it was those not from Houston that feed alot of the problems.. For the longest time alot of business treated Houston as just a place to make money. There was no real desire to invest in the city.. outside of massive bland Corp campuses in the middle of nowhere.. it feels like only around  early 2000 did they  start to think about  creating  places to live and work. And therefore  put thought into how can we build something that meets are needs but is also pleasing to the eye. 

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  3. 21 minutes ago, MexAmerican_Moose said:

    same here, the city is very green, the strip developments ruin it....

    Exactly!! It has it spots , but so many poor development decisions in the past  damaged it .... Now we are working backwards to reverse the damages.

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  4. 2 hours ago, zaphod said:

    It could be interesting to see what goes here and how it could change that area. But this also down the road from that other huge empty lot east of the Beltway at Westheimer. Is that ever going to get developed?

    I'm hoping it something that fits the area I feel like that area has not even begun to tap it potential 

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  5. Think of the homeless problems as a three fold . You have your homeless who genuinely are just down on luck. These are the ones that accept  housing  and lodging. 


    . You have your mentality ill or those who have social problems. They are often chronic homeless.  They will get back on their feet for awhile but fall back off.. sadly they will bounce between the two for most of their life. 


    .Then you have the criminal elements, these are people who can't get housing outside of half ways housing because of violent backgrounds.. Your sex offenders,  and other violent  crimes that get flagged in background checks


    . The majority of people around the greyhound  station are not really homeless, they are drug dealers who use the homeless to hide in plain sight.( these can be dealt with by simply cracking down on them) The city does this all the time when there a big event in town. 

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  6. 20 minutes ago, J.A. said:

    I hope Skanska puts A LOT more thought into the pedestrian experience and overall design than they did at Capitol Tower (not that whatever this becomes will be at the scale of a Downtown Tower). They REALLY need to step it up to Hines, Midway, Hanover, and Radom levels of thought and design.

    Exactly recognize you have a opportunity to do something that could define Montrose for the next 50 years . The goal should be something bold that stands out.

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