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Save A Memorial Bend House


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Thanks to rps324, it was brought to my attention that a William N. Floyd house in Memorial Bend is on the market and is being listed as having a great lot for a new house.

This bothered me for a couple of reasons.

First, we've been able to avoid the teardown craze. The last time a house was torn down (up until two weeks ago) was ten years ago. It now looks like McMansions are on their way and I've already seen how they've ruined nearby Rustling Pines and Gaywood.

Second, the realtor who owns the house is aware of who designed it, its significance and the importance of houses in Memorial Bend. It just baffles me.

So, here is the listing:


And here is the house:


Link to an article from New Homes Guide:


Hope someone is willing to pick it up and restore it. It used to have a cool sputnik light fixture in the dining room but it is gone. Some of the modern touches have also been removed but this house could have a lot going for it. It was Floyd's favorite design in Memorial Bend.

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Second, the realtor who owns the house is aware of who designed it, its significance and the importance of houses in Memorial Bend.  It just baffles me. 

Some realtors appreciate architecture and history, to some it's just about money and especially if they don't live in the neighborhood. We have a similar problem where I live where realtors, who also own properties as investments, advertise lots with houses as potential commercial, which is exactly opposite of what the civic club wants. I think a lot of the time it's the realtors that get the ball rolling on the McMansioning of neighborhoods. Just my observations, rps might have a more accurate evaluation.

That's a fine example of Mod.....very disheartening.

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That house is beautiful. I love those barrel vaults. Very special. The landscaping is inappropriate however. I don't think she will sell it for $350,000. It seems very overpriced, especially for a rent house. It looks like they have converted the garage into perhaps a new master bedroom and then built another garage next to the original one which throws off the proportoins.

I notice she has no for sale sign in the yard. I bet she does not want the neighbors to know what she is up to. If someone comes in and destroys that house the neighbors will never be friendly to that agent or whomever would live there. Memorial Bend must establish an architectural control committee before it is too late. It's the best collection of mcm houses in Houston. Has anyone considered giving MB a desigination that might aid in the preservation of this beautiful area?

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The photograph doesn't do it justice and the landscaping hides some of the most redeeming architectural features. Nonetheless, it is a unique modern design, the only example in Houston. Floyd utlized three barrel vaults to provide light in the main living areas while maintaining privacy. He also did a great job of using slat screens to add a nice touch to the front entrance and one of the windows. It was Floyd's favorite design in Memorial Bend and a great mid-century house. That's why it is important.

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I don't think I appreciate it either. Someone tell me why I should. Educate me..


It's a bit hard to explain why some people want to preserve pieces of the past. I used to be into baseball cards way back, then classic cars and then that morphed into houses. So, I suppose being of a collector mentality is a factor. Liking history is also related. Having a sort of romantic way of looking at the past. Also, the more you learn about the object, this house for example, the deeper the appreciation for the details, that alone can turn something that might have looked just ugly before into something beautiful.

An analogy for someone altering this house might be someone taking a 66 Corvette convertible and putting a Rolls Royce front end on it., or worse, sending the car to the junkyard because the engine was shot and because it is an old car.

I'm probably not explaining this very well tonight. Bottom line, most people don't see old objects this way so that's why they will always be so rare.

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Has anyone heard the status of this house lately? The barrel roof, the architect, and the neighborhood alone are reason enough for people to be up in arms about it being advertised as the biggest lot in the area (hint hint).

The realtor might consider this her last commission in Memorial Bend if it goes down. I would think it would tarnish her rep pretty bad. Robert and I were talking and it seems like from him that a realtor's reputation is golden and not to be toyed with.

Too bad it's so expensive though... That's what kept us from seeing it. Well, that and the fact that we're in love with another property... More news on that later.


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SpaceAge, I was wondering the same thing. I don't understand why Memorial Bend can't get some sort of designation like some other mod neighborhoods? I believe in California they have one that is protected as a historical area.

I am very surprised that this realtor has offered this as a "lot". I would have hoped she would have been more intent on preservation. I also agree the house price needs to come down quite a bit.

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If she would get more reasonable on the price, I think I could sell it to someone who would save it. I am still feeling the sting of coming so close to getting someone to save the Lars Bang one on Durness, only to have it go to a builder, that I would hate to see this one go the same way.

Anyone who has looked for a mod for themselves will find that the really top-notch ones like this are rare.

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