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Regent Square: Mixed-Use On Allen Parkway At Dunlavy St.


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5 hours ago, shasta said:

How in the world did GID let Hanover outhustle them on this project?

GID did all of the leg work back in 2005/6 that this area CAN support a high quality, high design, matered plan mixed use district?

Then the put that vision on hold...scraped it, replaced it with a LOW quality project and then Hanover stole their playback and is reaping the REWARDS while all of the retail spaces in RS sit vacant.

RD  IS a valued engineered project, anyone with any architectural/real estate development can see that.

How did they let this happen?


If GID continues to mail it in with this project then YES please sell it to a developer that knows what they are doing. It's handed to you on a silver platter

I noticed that GID is doing some roof work on the Allen House units off of Rochow. They have no interest in building the new tower anytime soon...

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