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Did some quick photoshop during my break of both Hanover and GID put together.   Existing Conditions:     Full Build Out of both Develepments:     Now

New Master plan with a number of tenants in mind   http://www.wordsearch.co.uk/work/regent-square/  

Website finally updated!!   http://regentsquarehouston.com/

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18 hours ago, Urbannizer said:

This right here let's us know that if Houston simply built to meet the needs of pedestrians first, it would thrive much like any other city. Nice to finally see connectivity and walkability.

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There may have been more but I could only see these 2 core sample drilling areas that they did a couple days ago. West side of the apartments.



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The core drilling truck is still onsite. It's parked in the north part of the eastern lot where they store building material. Just north of that is a small fenced off section that may be future parking or storage if/when they start on future work.



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