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Cold, dark, overcast Houston

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These pics are a reminder of why we dream of Houston...even those of us who are not there at the moment. I like Tampa Bay and all...but damn, Houston can give you everything. A nice slice of Manhattan-Chicago gritty, a nice if varied slice of Florida (around the Clear Lake area), nice slices of that LA style in the Houston way (Galleria, Rice Village, New Chinatown, etc.), Mayberry (Old Town Spring), Venice in Sherwood Forest...

Houston has different moods and I find that appealing. So much more of a place that makes you feel and think compared to San Diego and Tampa Bay, my two other recent homes of late.

I am grateful to those who take these pictures.

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How the hell did I miss the rest of these posted pics. These kick some serious ass Montross. ____.

I missed them too!! Where have I been?? These are great.. especially now with summer in the city.

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