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Cinder Block Construction On Algregg - Yikes!

Guest Malvoe

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The interior we did. The house was designed by Brooks Broyles & Thacher Focke.

rlf715--Have you had any water penetration issues? What about efflorescence on the exterior or interior? On the interior walls where there is sheetrock, did you put any waterproofing on the interior face of the CMU?



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The only water penetration issues we had were during hurricane Ike. The water blew thru the mortar in about 4-5 places, but it was just drips nothing big. The outside is sealed with a penetrating sealer. The inside walls do not have sheet rock on the block. The interior side of the block walls are also sealed. The efflorescence appeared during construction. While we were building the house it rained almost the whole month of January. I think that cause mot of the efflorescence. I had not sealed anything at that point. I tried cleaning it in my closet where nobody could see it and it looked worse. So I just left it alone.

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