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Looking for a good headhunter agency

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Strange as it may sound, I regularly use Kelley when I'm between jobs.

They got me a great gig at a chemical company that could have turned into a permanent thing.

They've also placed me in: A Kenwood stereo factory assembling stereos, a medical electronics company assembling heart monitors, a Baptist church as church secretary, a trucking company doing data input, and a market research company gathering information about how likely people are to buy their milk at Wal-Mart as opposed to a regular grocery store.

It's worth looking in to, especially if you're trying to fill odd hours. And you can work two places at once, which I did for a time with the heart monitors and the trucking company. The best part is that you KNOW you're going to get paid. No surprises. No getting cheated by the company just because you're a temp.

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