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Remembering Pearl Harbor

Mark F. Barnes

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It was early morning, December 7,1941. As the sun was just beginning to rise in Oahu, Hawaii, a fleet of Japanese naval air forces were taking off from their respective aircraft carriers in various locations in the Pacific Ocean. Just as many of the islanders were waking up for breakfast, it happened. The Japanese air fleet had arrived with a vengeance. No one was prepared for what was occurring. Pearl Harbor, the United States' center for military action in the Pacific Ocean, was almost completely destroyed. Anger toward the Japanese spread quickly throughout the entire country, and this anger led to the United States' entry into World War II.


Before entering World War II, Japan had many other problems to deal with. It had begun to rely more and more for raw materials (especially oil) from outside sources because their land was so lacking in these. Despite these difficulties, Japan began to build a successful empire with a solid industrial foundation and a good army and navy. The military became highly involved in the government, and this began to get them into trouble. In the early 1930's, the Japanese Army had many small, isolated battles with the Chinese in Manchuria. The Japanese Army prevailed in the series of battles, and Manchuria became a part of the Japanese political system. In 1937, the conflicts began again with the Chinese in the area near Beijing's Marco Polo Bridge. Whether or not these conflicts began inadvertently or whether they were planned is unknown. These led to a full-scale war known as the second Sino-Japanese War. This was one of the bloodiest wars in world history and continued until the final defeat of Japan in 1945.

In 1939, World War II was beginning with a string of victories by German forces. Germany's success included defeats of Poland and France along with bombings of England. Many of the European nations that Germany now controlled had control over important colonial empires such as the East Indies and Singapore in Southeast Asia. These Southeast Asian countries contained many of the natural resources that Japan so desperately needed. Now that these countries were worried about matters over in Europe, Japan felt that it should seize the opportunity to take over some of them.

At the same time in the United States, President Franklin D. Roosevelt wanted to halt the expansion of Germany and Japan, but many others in the government wanted to leave the situation alone. The United States began to supply materials to the countries at war with Germany and Japan, but it wanted to remain neutral to prevent and overseas war. Meanwhile, Germany, Italy, and Japan formed the Axis Alliance in September of 1940. Japan was becoming desperate for more natural resources. In July of 1941, Japan made the decision to secure access to the abundance of the much needed resources in Southeast Asia. It was afraid that it could not defeat the larger and stronger Western powers. It needed to build up its armies in order to stay in the war. It also had to worry, though. about the United States' reaction to their plans to seize Southeast Asia.

Japan began their seizure with southern Indochina. (They already controlled northern Indochina.) The United States was in strict opposition to Japan's plans, and began their reaction with an embargo on the shipment of oil to Japan. Oil was necessary to keep Japan's technology and military progressing. Without it, Japan's industrial and military forces would come to a stop in only a short time. Japan's government viewed the oil embargo as an act of war.

Throughout the next few months of 1941, the United States tried to come to some kind of resolve with Japan to settle their differences. Japan wanted the United States to lift the oil embargo and allow them to attempt a takeover of China. The United States refused to lift the embargo until Japan would back off of their aggression with China. Neither country would budge on their demands, and war seemed to be inescapable.

The United States regarded Japan's adamant refusal to budge on their stance as a sign of hostility. They too realized that war was inevitable. They responded to this potential war with Japan by adding to the military forces stationed in the Pacific. General Douglas MacArthur and his ground forces in the Philippines began to organize into a formidable army. The B-17 was just arriving at many air force bases throughout the country, and was a great confidence to MacArthur upon its arrival. MacArthur became so confident in his forces stationed in the Philippines that on December 5,1941, he said, "Nothing would please me better than if they would give me three months and then attack here."

The most powerful and most crucial part of American defense in the Pacific Ocean was that of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. Usually, this fleet was stationed somewhere along the west coast of the United States, and made a training cruise to Hawaii each year. With war looming, the U.S. Pacific Fleet was moved to the Pearl Harbor naval base in Hawaii. This was the perfect location for the American forces in the Pacific because of its location, halfway between the United States west coast and the Japanese military bases in the Marshall Islands. The Pacific Fleet first arrived at Pearl Harbor naval base on April 2, 1940, and were scheduled to return to the United States mainland around May 9, 1940. This plan was drastically changed because of the increasing activity of Italy in Europe and Japan's attempt at expansion in Southeast Asia. President Roosevelt felt that the presence of the Pacific Fleet in Hawaii would retard any Japanese attempt at a strike on the United States. Admiral James O. Richardson of the Pacific Fleet was in full opposition to the long stay at Pearl Harbor. He felt that the facilities were inadequate to maintain the ships or crews. Admiral Harold R. Stark, Chief of Naval Operations, was the one who originally made the decision to extend the crew's stay in Hawaii; and, in spite of Admiral Richardson's complaints, he maintained that the Pacific Fleet must stay there to keep the Japanese from entering the East Indies. Richardson felt that the Japanese would realize the military disadvantages of being stationed at Pearl Harbor, and would be quick to act on the situation. All of Richardson's objections, in meetings with both the Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox and the President, got him nothing but a dismissal shortly thereafter.

On November 12,1940, British torpedo bombers launched an attack on the Taranto harbor in Italy. This sent worry into United States government officials who were afraid that the same thing could happen to Pearl Harbor. On November 22, Admiral Stark suggested to Richardson the idea of placing anti-torpedo nets in Pearl Harbor. Richardson replied that they were neither necessary nor practical. On February 1,1941, Richardson was officially replaced by Admiral Husband E. Kimmel. Kimmel also did not like the idea of his fleet at Pearl Harbor; but, after seeing what had happened to Richardson, he was very quiet about his objections. The Pacific Fleet was to be used as a defensive measure to direct Japan's attention away from Southeast Asia by: (a) capturing the Caroline and Marshall Islands, (
disrupting Japanese trade routes, and © defending Guam, Hawaii, and the United States mainland. Kimmel was supposed to prepare his fleet for war with Japan.

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, commander-in-chief of Japan's Combined Fleet, had to be careful of his country's position in the Pacific. If he concentrated his forces too much in the Pacific islands, then the mainland would be more susceptible to attack from Europe and even the United States. Yamamoto devised a plan that involved an opening blow to the United States Pacific Fleet at the same time as their offensive against British, American, and Dutch forces in Southeast Asia. He planned to cripple the United States while he quickly conquered much of Southeast Asia and gathered their natural resources. He hoped that his attack against the Pacific Fleet would demoralize the American forces and get them to sign a peace settlement allowing Japan to remain as the power in the Pacific. A month after the British attack on Taranto harbor, Yamamoto decided that if war with the United States was unavoidable he would launch a carrier attack on Pearl Harbor. In January of 1941, Yamamoto first began to commit to this strategy by planning out his attack and showing it to other Japanese officials. Yamamoto developed the following eight guidelines for the attack: (1) surprise was crucial, (2) American aircraft carriers there should be the primary targets, (3) U.S. aircraft there must be destroyed to prevent aerial opposition, (4) all Japanese aircraft carriers available should be used, (5) all types of bombing should be used in the attack, (6) a strong fighter element should be included in the attack for air cover for the fleet, (7) refueling at sea would be necessary, and (8) a daylight attack promised best results, especially in the sunrise hours. Many of Japan's Navy General Staff were in opposition to Yamamoto's plan, but they continued to prepare for the attack. All of the necessary training was given to troops, and all of the fighters and submarines were prepared.


There were peace talks occurring up until about November 27, 1941. At that time, negotiations had come to a halt. The United States put its troops on alert. On December 6, 1941, President Roosevelt made an appeal for peace to the Emperor of Japan. Not until late that day did the U.S. decode thirteen parts of a fourteen part message that presented the possibility of a Japanese attack. Approximately 9 a.m.(Washington time) on December 7,1941, the last part of the fourteen part message was decoded stating a severance of ties with the United States. An hour later, a message from Japan was decoded as instructing the Japanese embassy to deliver the fourteen part message at 1 p.m. (Washington time). The U.S., upon receiving this message sent a commercial telegraph to Pearl Harbor because radio communication had been down.

At 6 a.m.(Hawaiian time) on December 7,1941, the first Japanese attack fleet of 183 planes took off from aircraft carriers 230 miles north of Oahu. At 7:02 a.m., two Army operators at a radar station on Oahu's north shore picked up Japanese fighters approaching on radar. They contacted a junior officer who disregarded their sighting, thinking that it was B-17 bombers from the United States west coast. The first Japanese bomb was dropped at 7:55 a.m. on Wheeler Field, eight miles from Pearl Harbor. The crews at Pearl Harbor were on the decks of their ships for morning colors and the singing of The Star-Spangled Banner. Even though the band was interrupted in their song by Japanese planes gunfire, the crews did not move until the last note was sung. The telegraph from Washington had been too late. It arrived at headquarters in Oahu around noon (Hawaiian time), four long hours after the first bombs were dropped.


Of the approximately 100 U.S. Navy ships present in the harbor that day, eight battleships were damaged with five sunk. Eleven smaller ships including cruisers and destroyers were also badly damaged. Among those killed were 2,335 servicemen and 68 civilians. The wounded included 1,178 people. The U.S.S. Arizona was dealt the worst blow of the attack. A 1,760-pound bomb struck it, and the ammunition on board exploded killing 1,177 servicemen. Today, there is a memorial spanning the sunken remains of the Arizona dedicated to the memory of all those lost in the bombing.

News of the attack was a shock to the entire nation. The bombing rallied the United States behind the President in declaring war on Japan. On December 11, Germany and Italy declared war on the U.S., bringing about a global conflict. The United States would later drop two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bringing Japan to complete surrender on August 14, 1945.

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God Bless you boys ! My grandfather was a Colonel in the U.S. Army Medical Corps, and was immediatley dispatched to Oahu the next day,after the attacks, he was in the Phillipines hoppin around the islands with Gen.MacArthur. A woman who was a Lt.Major, and a nurse in the Army, was also dispatched, that woman would become my Grandmother about a year later in 1942. They both recall the carnage and the catastrophic amount of wounded they had to tend to in those first few days. My grandmother had told me about the whole odeal once, back when I was in Highschool and we were studying this event. They had pictures of the ships still smoldering for a couple of days after the attack, and memories of how mad everyone was, kind of like after the 9/11 attacks, everyone was asking "How this could happen ?" I have some pictures of boys recieving purple hearts from a 3 star general, and my Grandfather is standing there with him. I will try to find them and post'em here.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Day of Infamy" Speech

To the Congress of the United States:

Yesterday, December 7, 1941 -- a date which will live in infamy -- the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.

The United States was at peace with that Nation and, at the solicitation of Japan, was still in conversation with its Government and its Emperor looking toward the maintenance of peace in the Pacific. Indeed, one hour after Japanese air squadrons had commenced bombing in Oahu, the Japanese Ambassador to the United States and his colleague delivered to the Secretary of State of form reply to a recent American message. While this reply stated that it seemed useless to continue the existing diplomatic negotiations, it contained no threat or hint of war or armed attack.

It will be recorded that the distance of Hawaii from Japan makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks ago. During the intervening time the Japanese Government had deliberately sought to deceive the United States by false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace.

The area highlighted in red rings true today with current and potential conflicts with other nations.....

The entire speech here http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/PTO/EastWind/Infamy.html

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Pearl Harbor day is why I'm going to Fort Worth to visit my grampal grave who fought face to face with the Japanese in the "war to end all wars", this weekend.

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Pearl Harbor day is why I'm going to Fort Worth to visit my grampal grave who fought face to face with the Japanese in the "war to end all wars", this weekend.

Well shake his hand for me and tell him thank you.

And Marty try and stay sober because you know who's watching you!!call911makeacopcome8wy.gif

Great pictures!!!!! Leave it to the USN to ALWAYS do the right thing and ALWAYS shine. USN, best branch of the US Military Juggernaut. Im not biased one bit :D:D:D:D:D

Here's a better one for you straight from the "Honest Abe"


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Now Mark, from what I remember reading, aren't there still remains of some in the Arizona, that there is just no way to get to them ?
There are still remains inside the ship, and they could have been extricated. But, a few days after the attack, the decision was made to leave the remains where they were and make a memorial out of the ship.

Also, there are more remains there today than there were after December 7. Many of those who survived the attack are cremated upon death, their ashes taken to the memorial, and, in a private ceremony, the boxed ashes are placed inside the Arizona to join their comrades.

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USS Arizona Losses on December 7 1941

Name Rank Service Home

AARON, Hubert Charles Titus F2c USN Arkansas

ABERCROMBIE, Samuel Adolphus S1c USN Texas

ADAMS, Robert Franklin S1c USN Alabama

ADKISON, James Dillion S1c USN Texas

AGUIRRE, Reyner Aceves S2c USN

AGUON, Gregorio San N. MATT1c USN Guam

AHERN, Richard James F1c USN California

ALBEROVSKY, Francis Severin BMKR1c USN California

ALBRIGHT, Galen Winston S1c USN Indiana

ALEXANDER, Elvis Author S2c USN Arkansas

ALLEN, Robert Lee SF3c USN Texas

ALLEN, William Clayborn EM1c USN California

ALLEN, William Lewis SK2c USNR Texas

ALLEY, Jay Edgar GM1c USN

ALLISON, Andrew K. F1c USN Missouri


ALTEN, Ernest Mathew S2c USN California

AMON, Frederick Purdy S1c USN


ANDERSON, Charles Titus CM2c USN California

ANDERSON, Delbert Jake BM2c USN Minnesota

ANDERSON, Donald William SM3c USN

ANDERSON, Harry S1c USN California

ANDERSON, Howard Taisey F1c USN Maryland

ANDERSON, James Pickins Jr. S1c USN

ANDERSON, Lawrence Donald ENS USNR

ANDERSON, Robert Adair GM3c USN Missouri

ANDREWS, Brainerd Wells CCMP USN Vermont

ANGLE, Earnest Hersea F2c USN West Virginia

ANTHONY, Glenn Samuel S1c USN California

APLIN, James Raymond CWTP USN California

APPLE, Robert William F1c USN Illinois

APREA, Frank Anthony COX USN

ARLEDGE, Eston SM2c USN Louisiana

ARNAUD, Achilles F3c USN Louisiana

ARNEBERG, William Robert F2c USN

ARNOLD, Claude Duran Jr. F3c USN Louisiana

ARNOLD, Thell SC1c USN Arkansas

ARRANT, John Anderson MM1c USN Florida

ARVIDSON, Carl Harry CMMP USN Washington

ASHMORE, Wilburn James S2c USN Louisiana

ATCHISON, John Calvin PVT USMC Missouri

ATKINS, Gerald Arthur HA1c USN Nebraska

AUSTIN, Laverne Alfred S1c USN New York

AUTRY, Eligah T. Jr. COX USN Arkansas

AVES, Willard Charles F2c USN

AYDELL, Miller Xavier WT2c USN Louisiana

AYERS, Dee Cumpie S2c USN

BADILLA, Manuel Domonic F1c USN

BAILEY, George Richmond PFC USMC California

BAIRD, Billy Bryon S1c USN Indiana

BAJORIMS, Joseph S1c USN Illinois

BAKER, Robert Dewey CMM USN

BALL, William V. S1c USN

BANDY, Wayne Lynn MUS2c USN Missouri

BANGERT, John Henry FC1c USN

BARAGA, Joseph SGT USMC Michigan

BARDON, Charles Thomas S2c USN Oklahoma

BARKER, Loren Joe COX USN Iowa

BARNES, Charles Edward Y3c USN Missouri

BARNES, Delmar Hayes LTJG USNR California

BARNES, Walter Ray S2c USN Texas

BARNETT, William Thermon S2c USN Arkansas

BARTLETT, David William CPL USMC California

BARTLETT, Paul Clement MM1c USN Texas

BATES, Edward Munroe Jr. ENS USNR New York

BATES, Tobert Alvin PHM3c USN Texas

BATOR, Edward F1c USN New York

BAUER, Harold Walter RM3c USN Kansas

BEATON, Freddie PVT USMC California

BEAUMONT, James Ammon S2c USN Texas

BECK, George Richard S1c USN California

BECKER, Marvin Otto GM3c USN Kansas

BECKER, Wesley Paulson S1c USN Kansas

BEDFORD, Purdy Renaker F1c USN Kentucky

BEERMAN, Henry Carl CM3c USN Washington

BEGGS, Harold Eugene F1c USN Missouri

BELL, Hershel Homer FC2c USN Illinois

BELL, Richard Leroy S2c USN California

BELLAMY, James Curtis OS3c USN California

BELT, Everett Ray Jr. PFC USMC Missouri

BENFORD, Sam Austin BKR2c USN Minnesota

BENNETT, William Edmond Jr. Y3c USN Illinois

BENSON, James Thomas S1c USN Alabama

BERGIN, Roger Joseph F2c USN Canada

BERKANSKI, Albert Charles COX USN Pennsylvania

BERNARD, Frank Peter SF2c USN

BERRY, Gordon Eugene F2c USN Colorado

BERRY, James Winford F2c USN California

BERTIE, George Allan Jr. S2c USN Arizona

BIBBY, Charles Henry F2c USN Alabama

BICKEL, Kenneth Robert F1c USN Nebraska

BICKNELL, Dale Deen S1c USN Washington

BIRCHER, Frederick Robert RM3c USN Pennsylvania

BIRDSELL, Rayon Delois F2c USN Missouri

BIRGE, George Albert S1c USN New York

BISHOP, Grover Barron MM1c USN Texas

BISHOP, Millard Charles F3c USN Alabama

BISHOP, Wesley Horner Jr. RM3c USNR New York

BLACK, James Theron PVT USMC Alabama

BLAIS, Albert Edward RM3c USNR New York

BLAKE, James Monroe F2c USN Missouri

BLANCHARD, Albert Richard COX USN Minnesota

BLANKENSHIP, Theron A. S1c USN Alabama

BLANTON, Atticus Lee SF3c USN Florida

BLIEFFERT, Richmond Frederick S1c USN Washington

BLOCK, Ivan Lee PHM2c USN New Mexico

BLOUNT, Wayman Boney S1c USN Texas

BOGGESS, Roy Eugene SF2c USN California

BOHLENDER, Sam GM2c USN Colorado

BOLLING, Gerald Revese S1c USN Arkansas

BOLLING, Walter Karr F3c USN Kentucky

BOND, Burnis Leroy CPL USMC Missouri

BONEBRAKE, Buford Earl F2c USN Kansas

BONFIGLIO, William John EM1c USN New York

BOOTH, Robert Sinclair ENS USNR

BOOZE, Asbury Legare BM1c USN Georgia

BORGER, Richard CMMA USN California

BOROVICH, Joseph John S1c USN California

BORUSKY, Edwin Charles CPL USMC North Dakota

BOSLEY, Kenneth Leroy EM3c USN Missouri

BOVIALL, Walter Robert AMM2c USN Wisconsin

BOWMAN, Howard Alton S2c USN Iowa

BOYD, Charles Andrew CM3c USN Alabama

BOYDSTUN, Don Jasper S2c USN Texas


BRABBZSON, Oran Merrill MUS2c USN New York

BRADLEY, Bruce Dean S2c USN Illinois

BRAKKE, Kenneth Gay F3c USN Washington


BRIDGES, James Leon S1c USN Tennessee

BRIDGES, Paul Hyatt S1c USN Arkansas

BRIDIE, Robert Maurice F1c USN

BRIGNOLE, Erminio Joseph S2c USN California

BRITTAN, Charles Edward S2c USN Claifornia

BROADHEAD, Johnnie Cecil F2c USN Alabama

BROCK, Walter Pershing S1c USN Kentucky

BROMLEY, George Edward SM3c USN Washington


BROOKS, Robert Neal ENS USNR Washington

BROOME, Loy Raymond SM3c USN Oklahoma

BROONER, Allen Ottis S1c USN Indiana

BROPHY, Myron Alonzo F2c USN Vermont

BROWN, Charles Martin S2c USN California

BROWN, Elwyn Leroy EM3c USN Kansas

BROWN, Frank George QM3c USN Oregon

BROWN, Richard Corbett S1c USN California

BROWN, William Howard S2c USN Oregon

BROWNE, Harry Lamont CMMA USN California

BROWNING, Tilmon David S1c USN West Virginia

BRUNE, James William RM3c USNR Missouri

BRYAN, Leland Howard S1c USN Texas

BRYANT, Lloyd Glenn BM2c USN California

BUCKLEY, Jack C. FC3c USN Kentucky

BUDD, Robert Emile F2c USN Michigan

BUHR, Clarence Edward S1c USN New Mexico

BURDEN, Ralph Leon RM3c USN Ohio

BURDETTE, Ralph Warren MUS2c USN New Jersey

BURKE, Frank Edmond Jr. SK2c USN Tennessee

BURNETT, Charlie Leroy S2c USN

BURNS, John Edward F1c USN Pennsylvania

BUSICK, Dewey Olney F3c USN Ohio

BUTCHER, David Adrian F2c USN Washington

BUTLER, John Dabney F1c USN Texas

BYRD, Charles Dewitt S1c USN Tennessee

CABAY, Louis Clarence S1c USN Illinois

CADE, Richard Esh S2c USN Washington

CALDWELL, Charles Jr. F3c USN Missouri

CALLAGHAN, James Thomas BM2c USN Colorado

CAMDEN, Raymond Edward S2c USN Oklahoma

CAMM, William Fielden Y2c USN Arkansas

CAMPA, Ralph S1c USN California

CAMPBELL, Burdette Charles S1c USN California

CAPLINGER, Donald William SC3c USN Ohio

CAREY, Francis Lloyd SK3c USN New York

CARLISLE, Robert Wayne S1c USNR Texas

CARLSON, Harry Ludwig SK3c USN Connecticut

CARMACK, Harold Milton F2c USN Colorado

CARPENTER, Robert Nelson MATT1c USN Virginia

CARROLL, Robert Lewis S1c USN

CARTER, Burton Lowell S2c USN California

CARTER, Paxton Turner WO(PYCLK) USN California

CASEY, James Warren S1c USN

CASILAN, Epifanio Miranda OS3c USN New York

CASKEY, Clarence Merton S1c USN Washington

CASTLEBERRY, Claude W. Jr. S1c USN Texas

CATSOS, George F1c USN California

CHACE, Raymond Vincent CSKP USN California

CHADWICK, Charles Bruce MM2c USN Mississippi

CHADWICK, Harold MATT1c USN California

CHANDLER, Donald Ross PVT USMC Alabama

CHAPMAN, Naaman N. S1c USN Nebraska

CHARLTON, Charles Nicholas WT1c USNR California

CHERNUCHA, Harry Gregory MUS2c USN New York

CHESTER, Edward S1c USN Kansas

CHRISTENSEN, Elmer Emil MM2c USN Wyoming

CHRISTENSEN, Lloyd Raymond F1c USN Nebraska

CHRISTIANSEN, Edward Lee BKR3c USN Wyoming

CIHLAR, Lawrence John PHM3c USN Minnesota

CLARK, George Francis GM3c USN Illinois

CLARK, John Crawford Todd F3c USN California

CLARK, Malcolm BKR3c USN Louisiana

CLARK, Robert William Jr. FC3c USN Pennsylvania

CLARKE, Robert Eugene S1c USN Kansas

CLASH, Donald F2c USN Michigan

CLAYTON, Robert Roland COX USN Missouri

CLEMMENS, Claude Albert S1c USN Oklahoma

CLIFT, Ray Emerson COX USN Missouri

CLOUES, Edward Blanchard ENS USN New Hampshire

CLOUGH, Edward Hay GM1c USN Nebraska

COBB, Ballard Burgher S1c USN Texas

COBURN, Walter Overton S1c USN Oklahoma

COCKRUM, Kenneth Earl MM1c USN Indiana

COFFIN, Robert SF3c USN Washington

COFFMAN, Marshall Herman GMec USN Indiana

COLE, Charles Warren SGT USMC Washington

COLE, David Lester ENS USNR California

COLEGROVE, Willett S. Jr. S2c USN Washington

COLLIER, John F2c USN Oregon

COLLIER, Linald Long Jr. BKR3c USN Texas


COLLINS, Billy Murl S1c USN California

CONLIN, Bernard Eugene S2c USN Illinois

CONLIN, James Leo F2c USN Illinois

CONNELLY, Richard Earl CQMA USN California

CONRAD, Homer Milton Jr. S1c USN Ohio

CONRAD, Robert Frank S2c USN California

CONRAD, Walter Ralph QM2c USN

COOPER, Clarence Eugene F2c USN

COOPER, Kenneth Erven F2c USN

CORCORAN, Gerard John S1c USN New York

COREY, Ernest Eugene PHM3c USN Washington


CORNING, Russell Dale RM3c USN

COULTER, Arthur Lee S1c USN Oklahoma

COWAN, William COX USN Missouri

COWDEN, Joel Beman S2c USN Oregon

COX, Gerald Blinton MUS2c USN Illinois

COX, William Milford S1c USN Kentucky

CRAFT, Harley Wade CM3c USN Oregon

CRAWLEY, Wallace Dewight COX USN Indiana

CREMEENS, Louis Edward S1c USN Arizona

CRISCUOLO, Michael Y2c USN California

CRISWELL, Wilfred John S1c USN Indiana

CROWE, Cecil Thomas GM2c USN Kentucky

CROWLEY, Thomas Ewing LCDR(DC) USN California

CURRY, William Joseph WT2c USN Oregon

CURTIS, Lloyd B. S1c USN Missouri

CURTIS, Lyle Carl RM2c USN Wisconsin

CYBULSKI, Harold Bernard S1c USN

CYCHOSZ, Francis Anton S1c USN Michigan

CZARNECKI, Stanley F1c USN Michigan

CZEKAJSKI, Theophil SM3c USNR Michigan

DAHLHEIMER, Richard Norbert S1c USN Minnesota

DANIEL, Lloyd Naxton Y1c USN Montana

DANIK, Andrew Joseph S2c USN Ohio

DARCH, Phillip Zane S1c USN Massachusetts

DAUGHERTY, Paul Eugene Em3c USN Ohio

DAVIS, John Quitman S1c USN Louisiana

DAVIS, Milton Henry S1c USN Kansas

DAVIS, Murle Melvin RM2c USN Ohio

DAVIS, Myrle Clarence F3c USNR Iowa

DAVIS, Thomas Ray SF1c USN California

DAVIS, Virgil Denton PVT USMC Missouri

DAVIS, Walter Mindred F2c USN Missouri

DAWSON, James Berkley PVT USMC Kentucky

DAY, William John S2c USN Washington

DE ARMOUN, Donald Edwin GM3c USN California


DEAN, Lyle Bernard COX USN

DELONG, Frederick Eugene CPL USMC Ohio

DERITIS, Russell Edwin S1c USN


DIAL, John Buchanan S1c USN

DICK, Ralph R. GM1c USN California

DINE, John George F2c USN California

DINEEN, Robert Joseph S1c USN Pennsylvania

DOBEY, Milton Paul Jr. S1c USN Texas

DOHERTY, George Walter S2c USN California

DOHERTY, John Albert MM2c USN California

DONOHUE, Ned Burton F1c USN

DORITY, John Monroe S1c USN California

DOUGHERTY, Ralph McClearn FC1c USN Massachusetts

DOYLE, Wand B. COX USN Kentucky

DREESBACH, Herbert Allen PFC USMC Illinois

DRIVER, Bill Lester RM3c USN California

DUCREST, Louis Felix S1c USN Louisiana

DUKE, Robert Edward CCSTDA USN California

DULLUM, Jerald Fraser EM3c USN Montana

DUNAWAY, Kenneth Leroy EM3c USN Oklahoma

DUNHAM, Elmer Marvin S1c USN

DUNNAM, Robert Wesley PVT USMCR Texas

DUPREE, Arthur Joseph F2c USN Missouri

DURHAM, William Teasdale S1c USN North Carolina

DURIO, Russell PFC USMC Louisiana

DUVEENE, John 1SGT USMC California

DVORAK, Alvin Albert BM2c USN Minnesota

EATON, Emory Lowell F3c USN Oklahoma

EBEL, Walter Charles CTCP USN California

EBERHART, Vincent Henry COX USN Minnesota

ECHOLS, Charles Louis Jr. EM3c USN Tennessee

ECHTERNKAMP, Henry Clarence S1c USN Michigan

EDMUNDS, Bruce Roosevelt Y2c USN New Hampshire

EERNISSE, William Frederick PTR1c USN California

EGNEW, Robert Ross S1c USN Illinois

EHLERT, Casper SM3c USN Wisconsin

EHRMANTRAUT, Frank Jr. S1c USN Indiana

ELLIS, Francis Arnold Jr. EM3c USN Canada

ELLIS, Richard Everrett S2c USN Nebraska

ELLIS, Wilbur Danner RM2c USN California

ELWELL, Royal S1c USN Texas

EMBREY, Bill Eugene F3c USN California

EMERY, Jack Marvin ENS USN California

EMERY, John Marvin GM3c USN North Dakota

EMERY, Wesley Vernon SK2c USN Indiana

ENGER, Stanley Gordon GM3c USN Minnesota


ERSKINE, Robert Charles PFC USMC Illinois

ERWIN, Stanley Joe MM1c USN Texas

ERWIN, Walton Aluard S1c USN Texas

ESTEP, Carl James S1c USN Texas

ESTES, Carl Edwen S1c USN Texas

ESTES, Forrest Jesse F1c USN California

ETCHASON, Leslie Edgar S1c USN Illinois

EULBERG, Richard Henry FC2c USN Iowa

EVANS, David Delton PVT USMC Louisiana

EVANS, Evan Frederick ENS USNR California

EVANS, Mickey Edward S1c USN Missouri

EVANS, Paul Anthony S1c USN Illinois

EVANS, William Orville S2c USN Idaho

EWELL, Alfred Adam WT1c USN

EYED, George SK3c USN Indiana

FALLIS, Alvin E. PHM2c USN California

FANSLER, Edgar Arthur S1c USN Oklahoma

FARMER, John Wilson COX USN Tennessee

FEGURGUR, Nicolas San Nicolas MATT2c USN Guam

FESS, John Junior F1c USN California


FIELDS, Reliford MATT2c USN Florida

FIFE, Ralph Elmer S1c USN California

FILKINS, George Arthur COX USN Minnesota

FINCHER, Allen Brady ACK USMC Texas

FINCHER, Dexter Wilson SGT USMC Oregon

FINLEY, Woodrow Wilson PFC USMC Tennessee

FIRTH, Henry Amis F3c USN

FISCHER, Leslie Henry S1c USN Washington

FISHER, Delbert Ray S1c USN Wyoming

FISHER, James Anderson MATT1c USN Virginia

FISHER, Robert Ray S2c USN California

FISK, Charles Porter III Y1c USN California

FITCH, Simon MATT1c USN Texas


FITZSIMMONS, Eugene James F3c USN Illinois

FLANNERY, James Lowell SK3c USN Ohio

FLEETWOOD, Donald Eugene PFC USMC Iowa

FLOEGE, Frank Norman MUS2c USN Illinois

FLORY, Max Edward S2c USN Indiana

FONES, George Everett FC3c USN Washington

FORD, Jack C. S1c USN California

FORD, William Walker EM3c USN Kentucky

FOREMAN, Elmer Lee F2c USN Indiana

FORTENBERRY, Alvie Charles COX USN Mississippi

FOWLER, George Parten S2c USN Texas

FOX, Daniel Russell LTCOL USMC California

FRANK, Leroy George S1c USN Arkansas

FREDERICK, Charles Donald EM2c USN Louisiana

FREE, Thomas Augusta MM1c USN Texas

FREE, William Thomas S2c USN Texas

FRENCH, John Edmund LCDR USN Washington, D.C.

FRIZZELL, Robert Niven S2c USN Alabama

FULTON, Robert Wilson AMSMTH1c USN Missouri

FUNK, Frank Francis BM2c USN Missouri

FUNK, Lawrence Henry S1c USN Wisconsin

GAGER, Roy Arthur S2c USN Kansas

GARGARO, Ernest Russell S2c USN

GARLINGTON, Raymond Wesley S1c USN California

GARRETT, Orville Wilmer SF2c USN Missouri

GARTIN, Gerald Ernest S1c USN California

GAUDETTE, William Frank S1c USN Washington

GAULTNEY, Ralph Martin Em3c USN Illinois

GAZECKI, Philip Robert ENS USNR Wisconsin

GEBHARDT, Kenneth Edward S1c USN North Dakota

GEER, Kenneth Floyd S2c USN California

GEISE, Marvin Frederick S1c USN Wisconsin

GEMIENHARDT, Samuel Henry Jr. MM2c USN Ohio

GHOLSTON, Roscoe Y2c USN Texas

GIBSON, Billy Edwin S1c USN West Virginia

GIESEN, Karl Anthony Y2c USN Iowa

GILL, Richard Eugene S1c USN Nevada

GIOVENAZZO, Michael James WT2c USN Illinois

GIVENS, Harold Reuben Y3c USN

GOBBIN, Angelo SC1c USN California

GOFF, Wiley Coy S2c USN Oklahoma

GOMEZ, Edward Jr. S1c USN Colorado

GOOD, Leland S2c USN Illinois

GOODWIN, William Arthur S2c USN Colorado

GORDON, Peter Charles Jr. F1c USN Colorado

GOSSELIN, Edward Webb ENS USNR Illinois

GOSSELIN, Joseph Adjutor RM1c USN Massachuttes

GOULD, Harry Lee S1c USN Illinois

GOVE, Rupert Clair S1c USN California

GRANGER, Raymond Edward F3c USN Iowa

GRANT, Lawrence Everett Y3c USN Missouri

GRAY, Albert James S1c USN Washington

GRAY, Lawrence Moore F1c USN Missouri

GRAY, William James Jr. S1c USN California

GREEN, Glen Hubert S1c USN Mississippi

GREENFIELD, Carroll Gale S1c USN Oregon

GRIFFIN, Lawrence J. PFC USMC Louisiana

GRIFFIN, Reese Olin EM3c USN Texas

GRIFFITHS, Robert Alfred EM3c USN California

GRISSINGER, Robert Beryle S2c USN Illinois

GROSNICKLE, Warren Wilbert EM2c USN Iowa

GROSS, Milton Henry CSKA USN California

GRUNDSTROM, Richard Gunner S2c USN Iowa

GURLEY, Jesse Herbert SK3c USN Illinois

HAAS, Curtis Junior MUS2c USN Missouri

HADEN, Samuel William COX USN Kansas

HAFFNER, Floyd Bates F1c USN Illinois

HAINES, Robert Wesley S2c USN California

HALL, John Rudolph CBMP USN Arkansas

HALLORAN, William Ignatius ENS USNR Ohio

HAMEL, Don Edgar FLDMUS USMCR Illinois

HAMILTON, Clarence James MM1c USN Washington

HAMILTON, Edwin Carrell S1c USN

HAMILTON, William Holman GM3c USN Oklahoma

HAMMERUD, George Winston S1c USN North Dakota

HAMPTON, "J" "D" F1c USN Kansas

HAMPTON, Ted "W" Jr. S1c USN Oklahoma

HAMPTON, Walter Lewis BM2c USN Pennsylvania

HANNA, David Darling EM3c USN Texas

HANSEN, Carlyle B. MM2c USN

HANSEN, Harvey Ralph S1c USN Wisconsin

HANZEL, Edward Joseph WT1c USN Michigan

HARDIN, Charles Eugene S1c USN Missouri

HARGRAVES, Kenneth William S2c USN Washington

HARMON, William D. PFC USMC Oregon

HARRINGTON, Keith Homer S1c USN Missouri

HARRIS, George Ellsworth MM1c USN Illinois

HARRIS, Hiram Dennis S1c USN Georgia

HARRIS, James William F1c USN Michigan

HARRIS, Noble Burnice COX USN Missouri

HARRIS, Peter John COX USN Nebraska

HARTLEY, Alvin GM3c USN Oklahoma

HARTSOE, Max June GM3c USN Missouri

HARTSON, Lonnie Moss SM3c USN Texas

HASL, James Thomas F1c USN Nebraska


HAVINS, Harvey Linfille S1c USN

HAWKINS, Russell Dean SM3c USN Illinois

HAYES, John Doran BM1c USN California

HAYES, Kenneth Merle F1c USN California

HAYNES, Curtis James QM2c USN Idaho

HAYS, William Henry SK3c USN Kansas

HAZDOVAC, Jack Claudius S1c USN California

HEAD, Frank Bernard CYA USN California

HEATER, Verrell Roy S1c USN Oregon

HEATH, Alfred Grant S1c USN Wisconsin

HEBEL, Robert Lee SM3c USNR Illinois


HEDGER, Jess Laxton S1c USN California

HEDRICK, Paul Henry BM1c USN California

HEELY, Leo Shinn S2c USN Colorado

HEIDT, Edward Joseph F1c USN California

HEIDT, Wesley John MM2c USN California

HELM, Merritt Cameron S1c USN Minnesota

HENDERSON, William Walter S2c USN

HENDRICKSEN, Frank F2c USN Michigan

HERRICK, Paul Edward PVT USMC Wisconsin

HERRING, James Jumior SM3c USN Iowa

HERRIOTT, Robert Asher Jr. S1c USN Texas

HESS, Darrel Miller FC1c USN Utah

HESSDORFER, Anthony Joseph MM2c USN Washington

HIBBARD, Robert Arnold BKR2c USN

HICKMAN, Arthur Lee SM3c USN

HICKS, Elmer Orville GM3c USN Washington

HICKS, Ralph Dueard PTR2c USNR Missouri

HILL, Bartley Talor AOM3c USN California

HILTON, Wilson Woodrow GM1c USN

HINDMAN, Frank Weaver S1c USN Alabama

HODGES, Garris Vada F2c USN Texas

HOELSCHER, Lester John HA1c USN Nebraska

HOLLAND, Claude Herbert Jr. S2c USN Alabama

HOLLENBACH, Paul Zepp S1c USN New York

HOLLIS, Ralph LTJG USNR California

HOLLOWELL, George Sanford COX USN Arizona

HOLMES, Lowell D. F3c USN Alabama


HOMER, Henry Vernon S1c USN Michigan

HOPE, Harold W. PVT USMC Illinois

HOPKINS, Homer David S1c USN Michigan

HORN, Melvin Freeland F3c USN Ohio

HORRELL, Harvey Howard SM1c USN

HORROCKS, James William CGMP USN Arizona

HOSLER, John Emmet S1c USN Ohio

HOUSE, Clem Raymond CWTP USN California

HOUSEL, John James SK1c USN Missouri

HOWARD, Elmo S1c USN Kentucky

HOWARD, Rolan George GM3c USN Minnesota

HOWE, Darrell Robert S2c USN Oregon

HOWELL, Leroy COX USN Indiana

HUBBARD, Haywood Jr. MATT2c USN Virginia

HUDNALL, Robert Chilton PFC USMC Texas

HUFF, Robert Glenn PVT USMC Texas

HUFFMAN, Clyde Franklin F1c USN Ohio

HUGHES, Bernard Thomas MUS2c USN Pennsylvania

HUGHES, Lewis Burton Jr. S1c USN Alabama

HUGHES, Marvin Austin PVT USMCR Texas

HUGHEY, James Clynton S1c USN

HUIE, Doyne Conley HA1c USN Missouri

HULTMAN, Donald Standly PFC USMC Minnesota

HUNTER, Robert Fredrick S1c USN Ohio

HUNTINGTON, Henry Louis S2c USN California

HURD, Willard Hardy MATT2c USN Tennessee

HURLEY, Wendell Ray MUS2c USN Indiana

HUVAL, Ivan Joseph S1c USN Louisiana

HUX, Leslie Creade PFC USMC Louisiana

HUYS, Arthur Albert S1c USN Indiana

HYDE, William Hughes COX USN Missouri

IAK, Joseph Claude Y3c USN

IBBOTSON, Howard Burt F1c USN California

INGALLS, Richard Fitch SC3c USN New York

INGALLS, Theodore "A" SC3c USN New York

INGRAHAM, David Archie FC3c USN

ISHAM, Orville Adalbert CGMA USN Hawaii

ISOM, Luther James S1c USN Alabama

IVERSEN, Earl Henry S2c USN California

IVERSEN, Norman Kenneth S2c USN California

IVEY, Charles Andrew Jr. S2c USN California

JACKSON, David Paul Jr. S1c USN Texas

JACKSON, Robert Woods Y3c USN Iowa

JAMES, John Burditt S1c USN Texas

JANTE, Edwin Earl Y3c USN

JANZ, Clifford Thurston LT USN California

JASTRZEMSKI, Edwin Charles S1c USN Michigan

JEANS, Victor Lawrence WT2c USN Oregon

JEFFRIES, Keith COX USN Pennsylvania

JENKINS, Robert Henry Dawson S2c USN Texas

JENSEN, Keith Marlow EM3c USN Utah

JERRISON, Donald D. CPL USMC California

JOHANN, Paul Frederick GM3c USN Iowa

JOHNSON, David Andrew Jr. OC2c USN Virginia

JOHNSON, Edmund Russell MM1c USN California

JOHNSON, John Russell RM3c USN Massachuttes

JOHNSON, Samuel Earle CDR(MC) USN Alabama

JOHNSON, Sterling Conrad COX USN Washington

JOLLEY, Berry Stanley S2c USNR Idaho

JONES, Daniel Pugh S2c USN Alabama

JONES, Edmon Ethmer S1c USN Colorado

JONES, Floyd Baxter MATT2c USN

JONES, Harry Cecil GM3c USN Kansas

JONES, Henry Jr. MATT1c USN California

JONES, Homer Lloyd S1c USN Colorado

JONES, Hugh Junior S2c USN California

JONES, Leland S1c USN Tennessee

JONES, Quincy Eugene PFC USMC Texas

JONES, Thomas Raymond ENS USNR Louisiana

JONES, Warren Allen Y3c USN Nebraska

JONES, Willard Worth S1c USN Tennessee

JONES, Woodrow Wilson S2c USN Alabama

JOYCE, Calvin Wilbur F2c USN Ohio

JUDD, Albert John COX USN Michigan

KAGARICE, Harold Lee CSKA USN California

KAISER, Robert Oscar F1c USN Missouri


KATT, Eugene Louis S2c USN California

KEEN, Billy Mack PVT USMC Texas

KELLER, Paul Daniel MLDR2c USN Michigan

KELLEY, James Dennis SF3c USN Oklahoma

KELLOGG, Wilbur Leroy F1c USN Iowa

KELLY, Robert Lee CEMA USN California

KENISTON, Donald Lee S2c USN Ohio

KENISTON, Kenneth Howard F3c USN Ohio

KENNARD, Kenneth Frank GM3c USN Idaho

KENNINGTON, Charles Cecil S1c USN Tennessee

KENNINGTON, Milton Homer S1c USN Tennessee

KENT, Texas Thomas Jr. S2c USN Arkansas

KIDD, Isaac Campbell RADM USN

KIEHN, Ronald William MM2c USN California

KIESELBACH, Charles Ermin CM1c USN California

KING, Gordon Blane S1c USN Tennessee

KING, Leander Cleaveland S1c USN Texas

KING, Lewis Meyer F1c USN

KING, Robert Nicholas Jr. ENS USNR New York

KINNEY, Frederick William MUS1c USN Washington

KINNEY, Gilbert Livingston QM2c USN California

KIRCHHOFF, Wilbur Albert S1c USN Missouri

KIRKPATRICK, Thomas Larcy CAPT(CHC) USN Missouri

KLANN, Edward SC1c USN Michigan

KLINE, Robert Edwin GM2c USN New York

KLOPP, Francis Lawrence GM3c USN Ohio

KNIGHT, Robert Wagner EM3c USN Ohio

KNUBEL, William Jr. S1c USN Missouri

KOCH, Walter Ernest S1c USN Minnesota

KOENEKAMP, Clarence D. F1c USN Washington

KOEPPE, Herman Oliver SC3c USN Illinois

KOLAJAJCK, Brosig S1c USN Texas

KONNICK, Albert Joseph CM3c USN Pennsylvania

KOSEC, John Anthony BM2c USN California

KOVAR, Robert S1c USN Illinois

KRAHN, James Albert PFC USMC North Dakota

KRAMB, James Henry S1c USN New York

KRAMB, John david MSMTH1c USN New York

KRAMER, Robert Rudolph GM2c USN Indiana

KRAUSE, Fred Joseph S1c USN Minnesota

KRISSMAN, Max Sam S2c USN California

KRUGER, Richard Warren QM2c USN California

KRUPPA, Adolph Louis S1c USN Texas

KUKUK, Howard Helgi S1c USN New York

KULA, Stanley SC3c USN Nebraska

KUSIE, Donald Joseph RM3c USN New York

LA FRANCEA, William Richard S1c USN Michigan

LA MAR, Ralph "B" FC3c USN California

LA SALLE, Willard Dale S1c USN Washington

LADERACH, Robert Paul FC2c USN West Virginia

LAKE, John Ervin Jr. WO(PYCLK) USN California

LAKIN, Donald Lapier S1c USN California

LAKIN, Joseph Jordan S1c USN California

LAMB, George Samuel CSFA USN California

LANDMAN, Henry AM2c USN Michigan

LANDRY, James Joseph Jr. BKR2c USN Massachusetts

LANE, Edward Wallace COX USN

LANE, Mancel Curtis S1c USN Oklahoma

LANGE, Richard Charles S1c USN California


LANOUETTE, Henry John COX USN Connecticut

LARSON, Leonard Carl F3c USN Washington

LATTIN, Bleecker RM3c USN

LEE, Carroll Volney Jr. S1c USN Texas

LEE, Henry Lloyd S1c USN South Carolina

LEEDY, David Alonzo FC2c USN Iowa

LEGGETT, John Goldie BM2c USN Washington

LEGROS, Joseph McNeil S1c USN Louisiana

LEIGH, Malcolm Hedrick GM3c USN North Carolina

LEIGHT, James Webster S2c USN California

LEOPOLD, Robert Lawrence ENS USNR Kentucky

LESMEISTER, Steve Louie EM3c USN North Dakota

LEVAR, Frnak CWTP USNR Washington

LEWIS, Wayne Alman CM3c USN South Carolina

LEWISON, Neil Stanley FC3c USN Wisconsin


LINBO, Gordon Ellsworth GM1c USN Washington

LINCOLN, John William F1c USN Iowa

LINDSAY, James E. PFC USMC California

LINDSAY, James Mitchell SF2c USN Colorado

LINTON, George Edward F2c USN

LIPKE, Clarence William F2c USN Michigan

LIPPLE, John Anthony SF1c USN Iowa

LISENBY, Daniel Edward S1c USN

LIVERS, Raymond Edward S1c USN New Mexico

LIVERS, Wayne Nicholas F1c USN New Mexico

LOCK, Douglas A. S1c USN New York

LOHMAN, Earl Wynne S1c USN

LOMAX, Frank Stuart ENS USN Nebraska

LOMIBAO, Marciano OS1c USN Philipines

LONG, Benjamin Franklin CYP USN North Carolina

LOUNSBURY, Thomas William S2c USN Illinois

LOUSTANAU, Charles Bernard S1c USN Iowa

LOVELAND, Frank Crook S2c USN Idaho

LOVSHIN, William Joseph PFC USMC Minnesota

LUCEY, Neil Jermiah S1c USN New Jersey

LUNA, James Edward S2c USN Oklahoma

LUZIER, Ernest Burton MM2c USN

LYNCH, Emmett Isaac MUS2c USN Washington

LYNCH, James Robert Jr. GM3c USN Texas

LYNCH, William Joseph Jr. S1c USN Texas

MADDOX, Raymond Dudley CEMP USN California

MADRID, Arthur John S2c USN California

MAFNAS, Francisco Reyes MATT2c USN Guam

MAGEE, Gerald James SK3c USN New York

MALECKI, Frank Edward CYP USN California

MALINOWSKI, John Stanley SM3c USNR Michigan

MALSON, Harry Lynn SK3c USN Indiana

MANION, Edward Paul S2c USN Illinois

MANLOVE, Arthur Cleon WO(ELEC) USN California

MANN, William Edward GM3c USN Washington

MANNING, Leroy S2c USN Kentucky

MANSKE, Robert Francis Y2c USN Iowa


MARIS, Elwood Henry S1c USN

MARLING, Joseph Henry S2c USN Montana

MARLOW, Urban Herschel COX USN Missouri

MARSH, Benjamin Raymond Jr. ENS USNR Michigan

MARSH, William Arthur S1c USN

MARSHALL, Thomas Donald S2c USN California

MARTIN, Hugh Lee Y3c USN Utah

MARTIN, James Albert BM1c USN Texas

MARTIN, James Orrwell S2c USN California

MARTIN, Luster Lee F3c USN Arkansas

MASON, Byron Dalley S2c USN Idaho

MASTEL, Clyde Harold S2c USN California

MASTERS, Dayton Monroe GM3c USN Texas

MASTERSON, Cleburne E. Carl PHM1c USN California

MATHEIN, Harold Richard BMKR2c USN Illinois

MATHISON, Charles Harris S1c USN Wisconsin

MATNEY, Vernon Merferd F1c USN Wisconsin

MATTOX, James Durant AM3c USN Florida

MAY, Louis Eugene SC2c USN Kansas

MAYBEE, George Frederick RM2c USNR California

MAYFIELD, Lester Ellsworth F1c USN Colorado

MAYO, Rex Haywood EM2c USN Florida

MEANS, Louis MATT1c USN Texas

MEARES, John Morgan S2c USN South Carolina

MENEFEE, James Austin S1c USN Mississippi

MENO, Vicente Gogue MATT2c USN


MERRILL, Howard Deal ENS USN Utah

MILES, Oscar Wright S1c USN Arkansas

MILLER, Chester John F2c USN Michigan

MILLER, Doyle Allen COX USN Arkansas

MILLER, Forrest Newton CEMP USN California

MILLER, George Stanley S1c USN Ohio

MILLER, Jessie Zimmer S1c USN Ohio

MILLER, John David S1c USN

MILLER, William Oscar SM3c USN Illinois

MILLIGAN, Weldon Hawvey S1c USN Texas

MIMS, Robert Lang S1c USN Georgia


MLINAR, Joseph COX USN Pennsylvania

MOLPUS, Richard Preston CMSMTHP USN California

MONROE, Donald MATT2c USN Missouri

MONTGOMERY, Robert E. S2c USN California

MOODY, Robert Edward S1c USN Mississippi

MOORE, Douglas Carlton S1c USN South Carolina

MOORE, Fred Kenneth S1c USN Texas

MOORE, James Carlton SF3c USN South Carolina

MOORHOUSE, William Starks MUS2c USN Kansas

MOORMAN, Russell Lee S2c USN California

MORGAN, Wayne S1c USN California

MORGAREIDGE, James Orries F2c USN Wyoming

MORLEY, Eugene Elvis F2c USN Illinois

MORRIS, Owen Newton S1c USN Alabama

MORRISON, Earl Leroy S1c USN Montana

MORSE, Edward Charles S2c USN Michigan

MORSE, Francis Jerome BM1c USN California

MORSE, George Robert S2c USN Montana

MORSE, Norman Roi WT2c USN Virginia

MOSS, Tommy Lee MATT2c USN Kentucky

MOSTEK, Francis Clayton PFC USMC Idaho

MOULTON, Gordon Eddy F1c USN California

MUNCY, Claude MM2c USN California

MURDOCK, Charles Luther WT1c USN Alabama

MURDOCK, Melvin Elijah WT2c USN Alabama

MURPHY, James Joseph S1c USN Arizona

MURPHY, James Palmer F3c USN Ohio

MURPHY, Jessie Huell S1c USN Louisiana

MURPHY, Thomas J. Jr. SK1c USN Virginia

MYERS, James Gernie SK1c USN Missouri

McCARRENS, James Francis CPL USMC Illinois

McCARY, William Moore S2c USN Alabama

McCLAFFERTY, John Charles BM2c USN Ohio

McCLUNG, Harvey Manford ENS USNR Pennsylvania

McFADDIN, Lawrence James Y2c USN California

McGLASSON, Joe Otis GM3c USN Illinois

McGRADY, Samme Willie Genes MATT1c USN Alabama

McGUIRE, Francis Raymond SK2c USN Michigan

McHUGHES, John Breckenridge CWTA USN Washington

McINTOSH, Harry George S1c USN Virginia


McKOSKY, Michael Martin S1c USN Oklahoma

McPHERSON, John Blair S1c USN Tennessee

NAASZ, Erwin H. SF2c USN Kansas

NADEL, Alexander Joseph MUS2c USN New York

NATIONS, James Garland FC2c USN South Carolina

NAYLOR, "J" "D" SM2c USN Louisiana

NEAL, Tom Dick S1c USN Texas

NECESSARY, Charles Raymond S1c USN Missouri

NEIPP, Paul S2c USN California

NELSEN, George SC2c USN Washington

NELSON, Harl Coplin S1c USN Arkansas

NELSON, Henry Clarence BM1c USN Minnesota

NELSON, Lawrence Adolphus CTCP USN California

NELSON, Richard Eugene F3c USN North Dakota

NICHOLS, Alfred Rose S1c USN Alabama

NICHOLS, Bethel Allan S1c USN Washington

NICHOLS, Clifford Leroy TC1c USN

NICHOLS, Louis Duffie S2c USN Alabama

NICHOLSON, Glen Eldon EM3c USN North Dakota

NICHOLSON, hancel Grant S1c USN

NIDES, Thomas James EM1c USN California

NIELSEN, Floyd Theadore CM3c USN Utah

NOLATUBBY, Henry Ellis PFC USMC California

NOONAN, Robert Harold S1c USN Michigan

NOWOSACKI, Theodore Lucian ENS USNR New York

NUSSER, Raymond Alfred GM3c USN

NYE, Frank Erskine S1c USN California

O'BRIEN, Joseph Bernard PFC USMC Illinois

O'BRYAN, George David FC3c USN Massachusetts

O'BRYAN, Joseph Benjamin FC3c USN Massachusetts

O'NEALL, Rex Eugene S1c USN Colorado

O'NEILL, William Thomas Jr. ENS USNR Connecticut

OCHOSKI, Henry Francis GM2c USN Washington

OFF, Virgil Simon S1c USN Colorado

OGLE, Victor Willard S2c USN Oklahoma

OGLESBY, Lonnie Harris S2c USN Mississippi

OLIVER, Raymond Brown S1c USN California

OLSEN, Edward Kern ENS USNR Kansas

OLSON, Glen Martin S2c USN Washington

ORR, Dwight Jerome S1c USN California

ORZECH, Stanislaus Joseph S2c USN Connecticut

OSBORNE, Mervin Eugene F1c USN Kentucky

OSTRANDER, Leland Grimstead PHM3c USN Minnesota

OTT, Peter Dean S1c USN Ohio

OWEN, Fredrick Halden S2c USN Texas

OWENS, Richard Allen SK2c USN Colorado

OWSLEY, Thomas Lea SC2c USN Idaho

PACE, Amos Paul BM1c USN California

PARKES, Harry Edward BM1c USN California

PAROLI, Peter John BKR3c USN California


PATTERSON, Harold Lemuel S1c USN Texas

PATTERSON, Richard Jr. SF3c USN Connecticut

PAULMAND, Hilery OS2c USN Philippines

PAVINI, Bruno S1c USN California

PAWLOWSKI, Raymond Paul S1c USN New York

PEARCE, Alonzo Jr. S1c USN

PEARSON, Norman Cecil S2c USN California

PEARSON, Robert Stanley F3c USN Montana

PEAVEY, William Howard QM2c USN Iowa

PECKHAM, Howard William F2c USN Missouri

PEDROTTI, Francis James PVT USMC Missouri

PEERY, Max Valdyne S2c USN California

PELESCHAK, Michael S1c USN Alabama

PELTIER, John Arthur EM3c USN Ohio

PENTON, Howard Lee S1c USN Alabama

PERKINS, George Ernest F1c USN Rhode Island

PETERSON, Albert H. Jr. FC3c USN New Jersey

PETERSON, Elroy Vernon FC2c USN California

PETERSON, Hardy Wilbur FC3c USN Washington

PETERSON, Roscoe Earl S2c USN California

PETTIT, Charles Ross CRMP USN California

PETYAK, John Joseph S1c USN Tennessee

PHELPS, George Edward S1c USN New York

PHILBIN, James Richard S1c USN Colorado

PIASECKI, Alexander Louis CPL USMC

PIKE, Harvey Lee EM3c USN Georgia

PIKE, Lewis Jackson S1c USN Georgia

PINKHAM, Albert Wesley S2c USN North Carolina

PITCHER, Walter Giles GM1c USN California

POOL, Elmer Leo S1c USN Indiana

POOLE, Ralph Ernest S1c USN Ohio

POST, Darrell Albert CMMA USN California

POVESKO, George S1c USN Connecticut

POWELL, Jack Speed PFC USMC California

POWELL, Thomas George S1c USN Illinois

POWER, Abner Franklin PVT USMC

PRESSON, Wayne Harold S1c USN Ohio

PRICE, Arland Earl RM2c USN Oregon

PRITCHETT, Robert Leo Jr. S1c USN Louisiana

PUCKETT, Edwin Lester SK3c USN Kentucky

PUGH, John Jr. SF3c USN California

PUTNAM, Avis Boyd SC3c USN Alabama

PUZIO, Edward S1c USN Pennsylvania

QUARTO, Mike Joseph S1c USN Connecticut

QUINATA, Jose Sanchez MATT2c USN Guam

RADFORD, Neal Jason MUS2c USN Nebraska

RASMUSSEN, Arthur Severin CM1c USN California

RASMUSSON, George Vernon F3c USN Minnesota

RATKOVICH, William WT1c USN California

RAWHOUSER, Glen Donald F3c USN Oregon

RAWSON, Clyde Jackson BM1c USN Maryland

RAY, Harry Joseph BM2c USN California

REAVES, Casbie S1c USN Arkansas

RECTOR, Clay Cooper SK3c USN Kentucky

REECE, John Jeffris S2c USN Oklahoma

REED, James Buchanan Jr. SK1c USN California

REED, Ray Ellison S2c USN Oklahoma

REGISTER, Paul James LCDR USN North Dakota

REINHOLD, Rudolph Herbert PVT USMC Utah

RESTIVO, Jack Martin Y2c USN Maryland

REYNOLDS, Earl Arthur S2c USN Colorado

REYNOLDS, Jack Franklyn S1c USN

RHODES, Birb Richard F2c USN Tennessee

RHODES, Mark Alexander S1c USN North Carolina

RICE, William Albert S2c USN Washington

RICH, Claude Edward S1c USN Florida

RICHAR, Raymond Lyle S1c USN

RICHARDSON, Warren John COX USN Pennsylvania

RICHISON, Fred Louis GM3c USN California

RICHTER, Albert Wallace COX USN

RICO, Guadalupe Augustine S1c USN California

RIDDEL, Eugene Edward S1c USN Michigan

RIGANTI, Fred SF3c USN California

RIGGINS, Gerald Herald S1c USN California

RIVERA, Francisco Unpingoo MATT2c USN Guam

ROBERTS, Dwight Fisk F1c USN Kansas

ROBERTS, Kenneth Franklin BM2c USN

ROBERTS, McClellan Taylor CPHMP USN California

ROBERTS, Walter Scott Jr. RM1c USN Missouri

ROBERTS, Wilburn Carle BKR3c USN Louisiana

ROBERTS, William Francis S2c USN

ROBERTSON, Edgar Jr. MATT3c USN Virginia

ROBERTSON, James Milton MM1c USN Tennessee

ROBINSON, Harold Thomas S2c USN California

ROBINSON, James William S2c USN California

ROBINSON, John James EM1c USN Oregon

ROBINSON, Robert Warren PHM3c USN West Virginia

ROBY, Raymond Arthur S1c USN California

RODGERS, John Dayton S1c USN Pennsylvania

ROEHM, Harry Turner MM2c USN Illinois

ROGERS, Thomas Sprugeon CWTP USN Alabama

ROMANO, Simon OC1c USN Virginia

ROMBALSKI, Donald Roger S2c USN Washington

ROMERO, Vladimir M. S1c USN Virginia

ROOT, Melvin Lenord S1c USN Ohio

ROSE, Chester Clay BM1c USN Kentucky

ROSENBERY, Orval Robert SF2c USN Illinois

ROSS, Deane Lundy S2c USN New York

ROSS, William Fraser GM3c USN New York

ROWE, Eugene Joseph S1c USN New Jersey

ROWELL, Frank Malcom S2c USN Texas

ROYALS, William Nicholas F1c USN Virginia

ROYER, Howard Dale GM3c USN Ohio

ROZAR, John Frank WT2c USN California

ROZMUS, Joseph Stanley S1c USN New Hampshire

RUDDOCK, Cecil Roy S1c USN


RUNCKEL, Robert Gleason BUG1c USN

RUNIAK, Nicholas S1c USN New Jersey

RUSH, Richard Perry S1c USN Texas

RUSHER, Orville Lester MM1c USN Missouri

RUSKEY, Joseph John CBMP USN California

RUTKOWSKI, John Peter S1c USN New York

RUTTAN, Dale Andrew EM3c USN Florida

SAMPSON, Sherley Rolland RM3c USN Minnesota

SANDALL, Merrill Deith SF3c USN Illinois

SANDERS, Eugene Thomas ENS USN New York

SANDERSON, James Harvey MUS2c USN California

SANFORD, Thomas Steger F3c USN

SANTOS, Filomeno OC2c USN California

SATHER, William Ford PMKR1c USN California

SAVAGE, Walter Samuel Jr. ENS USNR Louisiana

SAVIN, Tom RM2c USN Nebraska

SAVINSKI, Michael S1c USN Pennsylvania


SCHEUERLEIN, George Albert GM3c USN Pennsylvania

SCHILLER, Ernest S2c USN Texas

SCHLUND, Elmer Pershing MM1c USN Nebraska

SCHMIDT Vernon Joseph S1c USN Minnesota


SCHRANK, Harold Arthur BKR1c USN Texas

SCHROEDER, Henry BM1c USN New Jersey

SCHUMAN, Herman Lincoln SK1c USN California

SCHURR, John EM2c USN Kansas

SCILLEY, Harold Hugh SF2c USN Montana


SCOTT, Crawford Edward PFC USMC

SCOTT, George Harrison PFC USMC

SCRUGGS, Jack Leo MUS2c USN California

SEAMAN, Russell Otto F1c USN Iowa

SEELEY, William Eugene S1c USN Connecticut

SEVIER, Charles Clifton S1c USN California

SHANNON, William Alfred S1c USN Idaho

SHARBAUGH, Harry Robert GM3c USN Pennsylvania

SHARON, Lewis Purdie MM2c USN California

SHAW, Clyde Donald S1c USN Ohio

SHAW, Robert K. MUS2c USN Texas

SHEFFER, George Robert S1c USN Indiana

SHERRILL, Warren Joseph Y2c USN Texas

SHERVEN, Richard Stanton EM3c USN North Dakota

SHIFFMAN, Harold Ely RM3c USN Michigan

SHILEY, Paul Eugene S1c USN Pennsylvania

SHIMER, Melvin Irvin S1c USN

SHIVE, Gordon Eshom PFC USMC California

SHIVE, Malcolm Holman RM3c USNR California

SHIVELY, Benjamin Franklin F1c USN Michigan

SHORES, Irland Jr. S1c USN Alabama

SHUGART, Marvin John S1c USN Colorado

SIBLEY, Delmar Dale S1c USN New York

SIDDERS, Russell Lewis S1c USN Ohio

SIDELL, John Henry GM2c USN Illinois

SILVEY, Jesse MM2c USN Texas

SIMENSEN, Carleton Elliott 2LT USMC

SIMON, Walter Hamilton S1c USN New Jersey

SIMPSON, Albert Eugene S1c USN

SKEEN, Harvey Leroy S2c USN Arizona

SKILES, Charley Jackson Jr. S2c USN Virginia

SKILES, Eugene S2c USN

SLETTO, Earl Clifton MM1c USN Minnesota

SMALLEY, Jack G. S1c USN Ohio

SMART, George David COX USN Montana

SMESTAD, Halge Hojem RM2c USN Minnesota

SMITH, Albert Joseph LTJG USN Virginia

SMITH, Earl Jr. S1c USN Missouri

SMITH, Earl Walter FC3c USN Florida

SMITH, Edward GM3c USN Illinois

SMITH, Harry S2c USNR California

SMITH, John A. SF3c USN Ohio

SMITH, John Edward S1c USN California

SMITH, Luther Kent S1c USN Tennessee

SMITH, Mack Lawrence S1c USN Arkansas

SMITH, Marvin Ray S1c USN Texas

SMITH, Orville Stanley ENS USN Oklahoma

SMITH, Walter Tharnel MATT2c USN Mississippi

SNIFF, Jack Bertrand CPL USMC

SOENS, Harold Mathias SC1c USN California

SOOTER, James Fredrick RM3c USN

SORENSEN, Holger Earl S1c USN New Mexico

SOUTH, Charles Braxton S1c USN Alabama

SPENCE, Merle Joe S1c USN Tennessee

SPOTZ, Maurice Edwin F1c USN Illinois

SPREEMAN, Robert Lawrence GM3c USN Michigan

SPRINGER, Charles Harold S2c USN California

STALLINGS, Kermit Braxton F1c USN North Carolina

STARKOVICH, Charles EM3c USN Washington

STARKOVICH, Joseph Jr. F2c USN Washington

STAUDT, Alfred Parker F3c USN Washington

STEFFAN, Joseph Philip BM2c USN Illinois


STEINHOFF, Lloyd Delroy S1c USN California

STEPHENS, Woodrow Wilson EM1c USN Washington

STEPHENSON, Hugh Donald S1c USN New York

STEVENS, Jack Hazelip S1c USN Texas

STEVENS, Theodore R. AMM2c USN California


STEWART, Thomas Lester SC3c USN Arkansas


STOCKMAN, Harold William FC3c USN Idaho

STOCKTON, Louis Alton S2c USN California

STODDARD, William Edison S1c USN Louisiana

STOPYRA, Julian John RM3c USN Massachusetts

STORM, Laun Lee Y1c USN California


STRANGE, Charles Orval F2c USN

STRATTON, John Raymond S1c USN Indiana

SUGGS, William Alfred S1c USN Florida

SULSER, Frederick Franklin GM3c USN Ohio

SUMMERS, Glen Allen Y1c USN Washington

SUMMERS, Harold Edgar SM2c USN Ohio

SUMNER, Oren S2c USN New Mexico

SUTTON, Clyde Westly CCSTDP USN California

SUTTON, George Woodrow SK1c USN Kentucky

SWIONTEK, Stanley Stephen FLDCK USN Illinois

SWISHER, Charles Elijah S1c USN California

SYMONETTE, Henry OC1c USN California

SZABO, Theodore Stephen PVT USMCR

TAMBOLLEO, Victor Charles SF3c USN Maryland

TANNER, Russell Allen GM3c USN Washington

TAPIE, EDward Casamiro MM2c USN California

TAPP, Lambert Ray GM3c USN Kentucky

TARG, John CWTP USN California

TAYLOR, Aaron Gust MATT1c USN California

TAYLOR, Charles Benton EM3c USN Illinois

TAYLOR, Harry Theodore GM2c USN Indiana

TAYLOR, Robert Denzil COX USN Iowa

TEELING, Charles Madison CPRTP USNR California

TEER, Allen Ray EM1c USN California

TENNELL, Raymond Clifford S1c USN Texas

TERRELL, John Raymond F2c USN Arkansas

THEILLER, Rudolph S1c USN California

THOMAS, Houston O'Neal COX USN Texas

THOMAS, Randall James S1c USN West Virginia

THOMAS, Stanley Horace F3c USN

THOMAS, Vincent Duron COX USN California

THOMPSON, Charles Leroy S1c USN Illinois

THOMPSON, Irven Edgar S1c USN Ohio

THOMPSON, Robert Gary SC1c USN California

THORMAN, John Christopher EM2c USN Iowa

THORNTON, George Hayward GM3c USN Mississippi

TINER, Robert Reaves F2c USN Texas

TISDALE, William Esley CWTP USN California

TRIPLETT, Thomas Edgar S1c USN California

TROVATO, Tom S1c USN California

TUCKER, Raymond Edward COX USN Indiana

TUNTLAND, Earl Eugene S1c USN North Dakota

TURNIPSEED, John Morgan F3c USN Arkansas

TUSSEY, Lloyd Harold EM3c USN North Carolina

TYSON, Robert FC3c USN Louisiana

UHRENHOLDT, Andrew Curtis ENS USNR Wisconsin

VALENTE, Richard Dominic GM3c USN California

VAN ATTA, Garland Wade MM1c USN California

VAN HORN, James Randolf S2c USN Arizona


VARCHOL, Brinley GM2c USN Pennsylvania

VAUGHAN, William Frank PHM2c USN

VEEDER, Gordon Elliott S2c USN Idaho

VELIA, Galen Steve SM3c USN Kansas

VIEIRA, Alvaro Everett S2c USN Rhode Island

VOJTA, Walter Arnold S1c USN Minnesota

VOSTI, Anthony August GM3c USN California

WAGNER, Mearl James SC2c USN California

WAINWRIGHT, Silas Alonzo PHM1c USN New York

WAIT, Wayland Lemoyne S1c USN

WALKER, Bill S1c USN Texas

WALLACE, Houston Oliver WT1c USN Arkansas

WALLACE, James Frank S1c USN Wisconsin

WALLACE, Ralph Leroy F3c USN Oregon

WALLENSTIEN, Richard Henry S1c USN

WALTERS, Clarence Arthur S2c USN California

WALTERS, William Spurgeon Jr. FC3c USN New Mexico

WALTHER, Edward Alfred FC3c USN

WALTON, Alva Dowding Y3c USN Utah

WARD, Albert Lewis S1c USN Oklahoma

WARD, William E. COX USN Illinois

WATKINS, Lenvil Leo F2c USN Kentucky

WATSON, William Lafayette F3c USN Florida

WATTS, Sherman Maurice HA1c USN Arkansas

WATTS, Victor Ed GM3c USN Texas

WEAVER, Richard Walter S1c USN Nevada

WEBB, Carl Edward PFC USMC

WEBSTER, Harold Dwayne S2c USN Colorado

WEEDEN, Carl Alfred ENS USN Colorado

WEIDELL, William Peter S2c USN Minnesota

WEIER, Bernard Arthur PVT USMC Illinois

WELLER, Ludwig Fredrick CSKP USN California

WELLS, Floyd Arthur RM2c USN

WELLS, Harvey Anthony SF2c USN California

WELLS, Raymond Virgil Jr. S1c USN Missouri

WELLS, William Bennett S1c USN Missouri

WEST, Broadus Franklin S1c USN South Carolina

WEST, Webster Paul S1c USN Arkansas

WESTCOTT, William Percy Jr. S1c USN Indiana

WESTERFIELD, Ivan Ayers S1c USN California

WESTIN, Donald Vern F3c USN Oregon

WESTLUND, Fred Edwin BM2c USN California


WHITAKER, John William Jr. S1c USN Louisiana

WHITCOMB, Cecil Eugene EM3c USN Michigan

WHITE, Charles William MUS2c USN

WHITE, James Clifton F1c USN Texas

WHITE, Vernon Russell S1c USN South Carolina

WHITE, Volmer Dowin S1c USN Mississippi

WHITEHEAD, Ulmont Irving Jr. ENS USN Conneticut

WHITLOCK, Paul Morgan S2c USN Texas

WHITSON, Ernest Hubert Jr. MUS2c USN California

WHITT, William Byron GM3c USN Kentucky

WHITTEMORE, Andrew Tiny MATT2c USN Tennessee

WICK, Everett Morris FC3c USN Oregon

WICKLUND, John Joseph S1c USN Minnesota

WILCOX, Arnold Alfred QM2c USN Iowa

WILL, Joseph William S2c USN Colorado

WILLETTE, Laddie James S2c USN Michigan

WILLIAMS, Adrian Delton S1c USN Louisiana

WILLIAMS, Clyde Richard MUS2c USN Oklahoma

WILLIAMS, George Washington S1c USN Virginia

WILLIAMS, Jack Herman RM3c USNR South Carolina

WILLIAMS, Laurence "A" ENS(AV) USNR Ohio


WILLIAMSON, William Dean RM2c USNR California

WILLIS, Robert Kenneth Jr. S1c USN Louisiana

WILSON, Bernard Martin RM3c USNR New York

WILSON, Comer A. CBMP USN Alabama

WILSON, Hurschel Woodrow F2c USN Ohio

WILSON, John James S1c USN California

WILSON, Neil Mataweny CWO(MACH) USN California

WILSON, Ray Milo RM3c USNR Iowa

WIMBERLY, Paul Edwin GM3c USN Tennessee

WINDISH, Robert James PVT USMC Missouri

WINDLE, Robert England PFC USMC Illinois

WINTER, Edward WO(MACH) USNR Washington


WOJTKIEWICZ, Frank Peter CMMP USN California

WOLF, George Alexanderson Jr. ENS USNR Pennsylvania

WOOD, Harold Baker BM2c USN Colorado

WOOD, Horace Van S1c USN Texas

WOOD, Roy Eugene F1c USN Arizona

WOODS, Vernon Wesley S1c USN Texas

WOODS, William Anthony S2c USN New York

WOODWARD, Ardenne Allen MM2c USN California

WOODY, Harlan Fred S2c USN

WOOLF, Norman Bragg CWTP USN Alabama

WRIGHT, Edward Henry S2c USN Illinois

WYCKOFF, Robert Leroy F1c USN New Jersey

YATES, Elmer Elias SC3c USN Nebraska

YEATS, Charles Jr. COX USN Illinois

YOMINE, Frank Peter F2c USN Illinois

YOUNG, Eric Reed ENS USN Colorado

YOUNG, Glendale Rex S1c USN

YOUNG, Jay Wesley S1c USN Utah

YOUNG, Vivan Louis WT1c USN Virginia

ZEILER, John Virgel S1c USN Colorado

ZIEMBRICKE, Steve A. S1c USN New York

ZIMMERMAN, Fred Cox USN North Dakota

ZIMMERMAN,Lloyd McDonald S2c USN Missouri

ZWARUN, Jr. Michael S1c(S2c) USN New Jersey

1,177 sailors and marines died on the USS Arizona.


DECEMBER 7, 1941

United States Navy

Charles A. Amacher, Sea1c

John D. Anderson, BM2c

Walter F. Bagby, SF3c

Masten A. Ball, F1c

Galen O. Ballard, F1c

DeWayne Barth, BM1c

Edward F. Bass, F2c

William N. Baumeister, ACMM

Harvey H. Becker, GM2c

Edwin W. Bemis, Sea1c

Earl D. Bennett, GM3c

George A. Berdollt, FC3c

Leroy A. Bird, CTC

Estelle Birdsell, MM1

Daniel T. Birtwell, Lt. Comdr.

Edward R. Bodey, BM2c

Andrew J. Bowen, Jr., CMM

Harry F. Bradshaw, Sea1c

John Braydis, Sea1c

Gene R. Brown,Sea1c

Robert J. Browning, Sea2c

John F. Bruce, GM3c

Lauren F. Bruner, FC3c

Martin B. Bruns, Y2c

Herbert V. Buehl, F3c

Jimmie C. Burcham, Sea1c

Leland Burk, GM3c

William J. Bush, Ens

Ralph D. Byard, CCStd

Frank M. Campbell, Ens

George K. Campbell, CTC

Ray C. Carlson, Sea2c

Carl M. Carson, Sea1c

Edwin R. Chandler, Sea1c

Noel B. Chapman, Sea2c

William R. Chappell, Sea1c

Harlan C. Christinasen, Sea2c

Gordon P. Chung-Hoon, Lt.

Marion H. Clouser, GM1c

George W. Coburn, Sea1c

Charles W. Coker, Lt.

Clyde J. Combs, Sea1c

Daniel J. Condon, Lt(jg)

Louis A. Conter, QM3c

Lonnie D. Cook, Sea1c

Lloyd E. Coole, Sea1c

Norman W. Coplin, Sea1c

Ralph V. L. Corbin, Sea1c

Lyle R. Cornelius, Sea2c

Ray C. Cosby, Sea1c

John M. Cox, Jr., Lt. Comdr.

Francis B. G. Cozad, Sea2c

Lee R. Crothers, BM1c

Henry M. Cruz, MAtt1c

Donald A. Culp, Sea2c

Anthony F. Czarnecki, MM1c

Alfred E. Daniel, GM1c

James A. Dare, Ens.

Carl E. Davis, GM3c

Elvin C. Davis, Sea1c

Henry D. Davison, Ens.

William E. Dean, BM1c

John D. Dearing, WT2c

Deward Decker, Cox

Joseph C. Deserano, Mldr1c

William C. A. Dickerson, RM2c

Merle E. Dickinson, GM3c

Clarence J. Dobson, GM3c

John A. Doherty, CGM

Timothy A. Donegan, Prtr1c

John W. Doucett, GM3c

Henry B. Duncan, FC3c

Tommie W. Duncan, BM2c

Kenneth E. Edmondson, Cox

Paul H. Egan, FC3c

Merle Elkins, Sea1c

Lawrence E. Elliott, MM1c

George W. Ellis, SC1c

James R. Enos, Sea2c

Weldon V. Eskew, MM1c

John W. Evans, Sea1c

Elmer E. Eversole, Sea1c

Lawrence O. Eyman, Sea1c

Francis M. Falge, Lt.

Lawrence A. Farquhar, FC2c

Paul H. Faulkner, Sea1c

Lawrence E. Fay, GM3c

Nathaniel Felton, MAtt1c

Jennings P. Field, Ens.

William R. Finger, SM1c

Harry L. Fitch, Ens.

Guy S. Flanagan, Jr., Ens.

Wendell L. Flannery, Cox

Dale F. Flory, WT2c

James L. Forbis, Cox

James P. Foster, Jr., Sea1c

Ralph E. Fowler, BM1c

Robert D. Fowler, Sea2c

Glen Frazier, CGM

Everett E. Frye, Sea1c

Samuel G. Fuqua, Lt. Comdr.

William F. Gallagher, CEM

Jerome H. Garfield, Ens.

Walter J. Gaskins, Sea1c

Harold W. Gaut, Sea1c

Ellis H. Geiselman, Comdr.

Claud C. Gibson, Sea1c

Arthur B. Gilbert, Sea1c

Charles M. Gillem, Sea1c

Charles E. Gillenwater, Sea1c

David W. Gillespie, Sea1c

Richard C. Glenn, Ens.

William J. Goldsberry, Sea1c

Donald E. Gordon, GM2c

William E. Goshen, Sea1c

Leon Grabowsky, Ens.

Donald A. Graham, AMM1c

James V. Gray, Sea1c

Clay D. Green, Jr., Sea1c

James W. Green, GM3c

George E. Grim, GM1c

Charles W. Guerin, Jr., Sea1c

Andrew Guna, BM1c

Howard G. Haerling, BM1c

Raymond J. Haerry, Cox

Elsworth F. Hamilton, ACMM

James E. Hamilton, Sea1c

Vernon Hand, Sea1c

Paul E. Hargis, Y3c

Oliver V. Harr, MM1c

Allen B. Harrell, Sea1c

Henry S. Harris, Sea1c

John D. Harris, Sea1c

James W. Hart, F1c

Alfred J. Hartland, Sea1c

Richard Hauff, GM3c

Douglas Hein, Ens.

Robert H. Heinz, Sea1c

Robert M. Hendon, CGM

John W. Henry, Ens.

Clarendon R. Hetrick, Sea1c

Richard H. Hill, Y2c

John H. Hinton, CSM

Clarence O. Hjelle, Sea2c

Fred M. Holland, Sea1c

Roy W. Holmes, Sea1c

Alfred J. Homann, Lt.

Woodrow R. Hooks, Sea2c

Clifford C. Hooper, RM2c

John P. Howatt, Ens.

James C. Hughes, Sea1c

Lester D. Hull, Sea1c

Milton T. Hurst, AMM3c

Edward F. Hutchins, Lt.

Peter Huzar, WT1c

Charles E. Hyslope, F1c

Donald Inselman, Sea1c

Edward J. Janikowski, Cox

Warren E. Jeffers, Sea1c

Donald R. Johnson, Sea1c

Neil F. Johnson, Cox

Brooxey J. Johnston, Jr., GM3c

Hubert H. Jones, CWT

Joe F. Karb, CWT

C. H. Keener, GM3c

Carl E. Keffer, Sea1c

Bruce K. Kelley, Lt. Comdr

Guy D. Kirk, Sea1c

Walter M. Kissinger, MM1c

Harold J. Kuhn, Sea1c

Stanley R. Kurtz, Sea1c

James D. Lancaster, Sea1c

Ralph W. Landreth, GM2c

Glenn H. Lane, RM3c

Joseph K. Langdell, Ens.

Thomas H. Lawrence, Sea1c

James L. Lawson, GM3c

Leonard G. Lawson, Sea1c

Lindsay R. Leighton, WT1c

Louis Lencses, GM3c

George B. Lenning, Ens.

Curtis J. Leopard, BM1c

William E. Lewis, Lt.(jg)(MC)

Jack L. Lindsey, Sea1c

Russell A. Lott, Sea1c

Steven J. Lukasavitz, Sea1c

Donald E. MacQueen, Ens.

Billy B. Mainwaring, F3c

John Malaski, Sea1c

Everett A. Malcolm, Ens.

Joseph Mancuso, Sea1c

Charles C. Mann, Lt.

Harry B. Marcum, CEM

Edward J. Marks, Cox

Kleber S. Masterson, Lt.

Herbert Mattlage, Ens.

John H. McCarron, GM2c

Don E. McDonald, Sea1c

Charles W. McFall, GM1c

Kenneth K. McKenna, SM1c

Earle T. Melvin, CFC

John H. Metcalf, Sea2c

Thomas W. Migliaccio, Sea2c

Harvey H. Milhorn, GM3c

Jim D. Miller, Ens.

Donald H. Millikin, Sea2c

James H. Mini, Lt.(jg)

Stanley R. Mode, EM1c

Rolland E. Mommer, BM2c

Thomas D. Murdock, CY

Clay H. Musick, Sea1c

Jack C. Mylan, SM2c

Grady L. Nelson, Jr., Sea2c

Bobby E. Newell, Sea2c

John E. Nichols, RM1c

Stanley J. Niemara, Sea1c

Edward F. J. O

Edited by Mark F. Barnes
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Mark, I was gonna do a search for Arizona personnel, so thanks for doing the legwork for me!

I picked out a number of pairs of names that, if not unusual, are less than common names. The pairs also have the same home state, so some of these guys must have been related.

It was not uncommon for brothers to serve aboard the same ship. The most famous case was that of the five Sullivan brothers (The Fighting Sullivans) who all served aboard the light cruiser, Juneau.

All five of the brothers perished when a Japanese torpedo struck the Juneau near its ammunition supply room tearing apart the ship is a single, massive explosion. The brothers became heroes when word finally was released about their deaths, and in 1943, a destroyer was Christened

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Island of Oahu


At dawn on 7 December 1941 more than half of the United States Pacific Fleet, approximately 150 vessels and service craft, lay at anchor or alongside piers in Pearl Harbor. All but one of the Pacific fleet's battleships were in port that morning, most of them moored to quays flanking Ford Island. By 10:00 a.m. the tranquil Sunday calm had been shattered, 21 vessels lay sunk or damaged, the fighting backbone of the fleet apparently broken. Smoke from burning planes and hangers filled the sky. Oil from sinking ships clogged the harbor. Death was everywhere.

The fleet in Pearl Harbor, the focus of the attack, suffered the greatest loss; almost half the total casualties occurred when the USS Arizona blew up. Army, Navy, Army Air Force, and Marine Corps facilities across the length and breadth of Oahu, from Kaneohe to haleiwa to Malakole, bore their share of death and destruction. Hickam, Wheeler, and Bellows Army Air Force bases lost 217 men and 77 aircraft. Naval Air Stations at Ford Island and Kaneohe lost 19 men. Pacific Fleet naval aircraft losses in total, were 92. At Ewa Marine Corps Air Station, 4 men were killed and 33 aircraft were destroyed. Civilians from Waikiki to Pearl City were killed by exploding anti-aircraft munitions (friendly fire).

This exhibit lists persons, military and civilians, who died as a result of the attack or were killed later that day in the performance of their duties. The listing of servicemen is by branch of service and duty station. The list of civilians is by location. Sailors and marines killed on board the USS Arizona are identified in the USS Arizona Casualty list.

The First Casualties


In the first hours of America's Pacific war, the nation suffered one of her worst wartime losses: 2,388 men, women, and children were killed in the attack. The targets of attack were naval ships and military facilities throughout Oahu. The number of casualties suffered by each ship and facility is enumerated below.




Various Locations



United States Army


Camp Malakole, 3 Fort Barrette, 1

Fort Kamehameha, 5 Fort Shafter, 1

Fort Weaver, 1 Schofield Barracks, 5


United States Army Air Force


Bellows Field, 2 Hickam Field, 182

Wheeler Field, 33


United States Marine Corps


Ewa Marine Corps Air Station, 4

USS Arizona, 73 USS California, 4

USS Helena, 1 USS Nevada, 7

USS Oklahoma, 14 USS Pennsylvania, 6


United States Navy


Ford Island Naval Air Station,1 Kaneohe Bay Naval Air Station,18

Pearl Harbor Naval Hospital, 1 Naval Mobile Hospital #2, 1

USS Arizona, 1,104 USS California, 98

USS Chew, 2 USS Curtiss, 21

USS Dobbin, 4 USS Downes, 12

USS Enterprise, 11 USS Helena, 33

USS Maryland, 4 USS Nevada, 50

USS Oklahoma, 415 USS Pennsylvania, 18

USS Pruitt, 1 USS Shaw, 24

USS Sicard, 1 USS Tennessee, 5

USS Tracy, 3 USS Utah, 58

USS Vestal, 7 USS West Virginia, 106




Yaeko Lillian Oda, 6 Francisco Tacderan, 34


John Kalauwae Adams, 18 Joseph Kanehoa Adams, 50

Nancy Masako Arakaki, 8 Patrick Kahamokupuni Chong, 30

Matilda Kaliko Faufata, 12 Emma Gonsalves, 34

Ai Harada, 54 Kisa Hatate, 41

Fred Masayoshi Higa, 21 Jackie Yoneto Hirasaki, 8

Jitsuo Hirasaki, 48 Robert Yoshito Hirasaki, 3

Shirley Kinue Hirasaki, 2 Paul S. Inamine, 19

Robert Seiko Izumi, 25 David Kahookele, 23

Edward Koichi Kondo, 19 Peter Souza Lopes, 33

George Jay Manganelli, 14 Joseph McCabe, Sr., 43

Masayoshi Nagamine, 27 Frank Ohashi, 29

Hayako Ohta, 19 Janet Yumiko Ohta, 3 months

Kiyoko Ohta, 21 Barbara June Ornellas, 8

Gertrude Ornellas, 16 James Takao Takefuji, aka Koba, 20

Yoshio Tokusato, 19 Hisao Uyeno, 20

Alice White, 42 Eunice Wilson, 7 months

John Rodgers Airport

Robert H. Tyce, 38

Kaneohe Bay Naval Air Station

Kamiko Kookano, 35 Isaac William Lee, 21

Pearl City

Rowena Kamohaulani Foster, 3


Chip Soon Kim, 66 Richard Masaru Soma, 22


Tomoso Kimura, 19


Honolulu Fire Department


Hickam Field

John Carriera, 51 Thomas Samuel Macy, 59

Harry Tuck Lee Pang, 30


Federal Government Employees


Hickam Field

August Akina, 37 Philip Ward Eldred, 36

Pearl Harbor

Tai Chung Loo, 19

Red Hill

Daniel LaVerne, 25

Military Ranks and Ratings Key


The abbreviations shown correspond to rank and ratings that appear on the casualty list and were in use at the time of the attack in December 1941.


U.S. Army and Marine Corps Ranks


1st Lt First Lieutenant

2d Lt Second Lieutenant

MSgt Master Sergeant

1st Sgt First Sergeant

TSgt Technical Sergeant

SSgt Staff Sergeant

Sgt Sergeant

Cpl Corporal

PFC Private First Class

Pvt Private


U.S. Navy Ranks and Rates


Commissioned Officers

Capt (CO) Captain (Commanding Officer)

Lt. Comdr Lieutenant Commander

Lt. Lieutenant

Lt. (jg) Lieutenant Junior Grade

Lt. (jg)(ChC) Lieutenant Junior Grade, Chaplain Corps

Lt. (jg)(MC) Lieutenant Junior Grade, Medical Corps

Ens Ensign

Warrant Officers

Chf Bosn Chief Boatswain

Chf Carp Chief Carpenter

Chf Pay Clk Chief Pay Clerk

Chf Radio Elec Chief Radio Electrician

Mach Machinist


1c First Class 2c Second Class

3c Third Class (AA) Acting Appointment

(PA) Permanent Appointment AM Aviation Machinist

AMM Aviation Machinist's Mate AOM Aviation Ordnance Man

AS Apprentice Seaman Bgmstr Buglemaster

Bkr Baker BM Boatswain's Mate

Bmkr Boilermaker Bug Bugler

CBM Chief Boatswain's Mate CBmstr Chief Bandmaster

CCM Chief Carpenter's Mate CCStd Chief Commissary Steward

CEM Chief Electrician's Mate CFC Chief Fire Controlman

CGM Chief Gunner's Mate CM Carpenter's Mate

CMM Chief Machinist's Mate CMsmth Chief Metalsmith

Cox Coxswain CPhM Chief Pharmacist's Mate

CQM Chief Quartermaster CRM Chief Radioman

CSF Chief Shipfitter CSK Chief Storekeeper

CSM Chief Signalman CTC Chief Turret Captain

CWT Chief Watertender CY Chief Yeoman

EM Electrician's Mate F Fireman

FC Fire Controlman GM Gunner's Mate

HA Hospital Apprentice MAtt Mess Attendant

Mldr Molder MM Machinist's Mate

Msmth Metalsmith Mus Musician

OC Officer's Cook OS Officer's Steward

PhM Pharmacist's Mate Pmkr Patternmaker

Prtr Printer Ptr Painter

QM Quartermaster RM Radioman

Sea Seaman SC Ship's Cook

SF Shipfitter SK Storekeeper

SM Signalman TM Torpedoman's Mate

WT Watertender Y Yeoman

United States Army



Camp Malakole


F Battery 251st Coast Artillery (AA)

These soldiers were shot down by Japanese planes over John Rodgers Airport while taking flying lessons.

Henry C. Blackwell, Sgt

Clyde C. Brown, Cpl

Warren D. Rasmussen, Sgt


Fort Barrette


C Battery 15th Coast Artillery

Joseph A. Medlen, Spl


Fort Kamehameha


C Battery 41st Coast Artillery

Claude L. Bryant, Cpt Eugene B. Bubb, Pvt

Oreste DaTorre, PFC Donat G. Duquette, Jr., Pvt

C Battery 55th Coast Artillery

Edward F. Sullivan, Pvt


Fort Shafter


E Battery 64th Coast Artillery (AA)

Arthur A. Favreau, PFC


Fort Weaver


97th Coast Artillery (AA)

William G. Sylvester, 1st Lt.

Killed is a car while driving through Hickam Field


Schofield Barracks


L Company 21st Infantry

Paul J. Fadon, Sgt

Killed in a truck accident 10 miles north of Schofield Barracks

HQ BTY 63rd Field Artillery

Theodore J. Lewis, Cpt

89th Field Artillery

Walter R. French, Pvt

A Battery 98th Field Artillery

Conrad Kujawa, PFC

Killed in an accidental electrocution

D Company 298th Infantry

Torao Migita, Pvt

Killed in downtown Honolulu by "friendly fire"

United States Army Air Force



Bellows Field


44th Pursuit Squadron

Hans C. Christiansen, 2d Lt George A. Whiteman, 2d Lt.


Hickam Field


4th Reconnaissance Squadron

Lawrence R. Carlson, Pvt Donald F. Meahger, Cpl

Louis Schleifer, PFC

HQ Sqd 5th Bombardment Group

George P. Bolan, SSgt Richard A. Dickerson, Cpl

Alfred Hays, Pvt Richard E. Livingston, Pvt

George M. Martin, Jr., Sgt

7th Aircraft Squadron (Weather)

Harold W. Borgelt, Cpl Daniel A. Dyer, Jr., TSgt

Sherman Levine, PFC James M. Topalian, Cpl

HQ Sqd 11th Bombardment Group

Robert L. Avery, Cpl Robert S. Brown, Pvt

Edward J. Cashman, TSgt Donal V. Chapman, PFC

Monroe M. Clark, SSgt Robert H. Gooding, Pvt

James A. Horner, PFC George F. Howard, PFC

Lawrence P. Lyons, Jr., Pvt Wallae R. Martin, 1st Sgt

William W. Merithew, PFC George A. Moran, Pvt

Herman C. Reuss, TSgt Robert M. Richey, 1st Lt

Harry E. Smith, Pvt Edward F. Vernick, PFC

Marion H. Zaczkiewicz, PFC

HQ Sqd 17th Air Base Group

Jerry M. Angelich, Pvt Malcolm J. Brummwell, 1st Lt

Jack A. Downs, Pvt Paul R. Eichelberger, Pvt

Arnold E. Field, Pvt Joseph Jedrysik, Pvt

Andrew J. Kinder, Pvt Herbert E. McLaughlin, Pvt

Emmett E. Morris, Cpl Joseph F. Nelles, PFC

Willard C. Orr, PFC Halvor E. Rogness, Pvt

Leo H. Surrells, Pvt

18th Air Base Squadron

Joseph Bush, Pvt John H. Couhig, Pvt

Harold C. Elyard, SSgt Willard E. Fairchild, Pvt

Paul V. Fellman, SSgt Homer E. Ferris, TSgt

Stuart H. Fiander, Pvt James J. Gleason, PFC

Otto C. Klein, Pvt Harry W. Lord, Jr., Pvt

Joseph Malatak, Pvt Russell M. Penny, Pvt

Allen G. Rae, Pvt George J. Smith, PFC

Elmer W. South, Pvt Hermann K. Tibbets, Jr., Pvt

George W. Tuckerman, Pvt Martin Vanderelli, Pvt

Walter H. Wardigo, Pvt Lawton J. Woodworth, Pvt

Thomas M. Wright, Pvt Virgil J. Young, Pvt

HQ Sqd 18th Bombardment Wing

Garland C. Anderson, Pvt Manfred C. Anderson, Pvt

Gordon R. Bennett, Jr., Pvt Frank G. Boswell, Pvt

Frank B. Cooper, Pvt John E. Cruthirds, PFC

Robert C. Duff, Jr., Pvt Lyle O. Edwards, Pvt

Russell E. Gallagher, Pvt James E. Gossard, Jr., PFC

Johon S. Greene, 1st Lt Earl A. Hood, Pvt

Theodore K. Joyner, Pvt Edmund B. Lepper, Sgt

Durward A. Meadows, PFC LaVerne J. Needham, Cpl

Paul L. Staton, Pvt Anderson G. Tennison, PFC

19th Transport Squadron

William T. Anderson, Cpl William T. Blakley, Pvt

Russell C. Defenbaugh, Pvt Joseph H. Guttmann, Pvt

John J. Horan, Pvt Carl A. Johnson, Pvt

Olaf A. Johnson, PFC Doyle Kimmey, SSgt

James I. Lewis, PFC William E. McAbee, PFC

Stanley A. McLeod, Sgt Walter D. Zuckoff, Pvt

22nd Materiel Squadron

Arthur F. Boyle, Pvt Billy O. Brandt, SSgt

Rennie V. Brower, Jr., Pvt William J. Brownlee, Pvt

Brooks J. Brubaker, Pvt Weldon C. Burlison, Pvt

Leroy R. Church, Pvt Jack H. Feldman, Pvt

Leo E. A. Gagne, Pvt Allen E. W. Goudy, Pvt

William E. Hasenfuss, Jr.,PFC James R. Johnson, Pvt

Robert H. Johnson, Pvt Marion E. King, Jr., Pvt

Roderick O. Klubertanz, Pvt John H. Mann, SSgt

James J. McClintock, PFC Horace A. Messam, PFC

Victor L. Meyers, Pvt Edwin N. Mitchell, Cpl

Thomas F. Philipsky, PFC William F. Shields, Pvt

Ralph S. Smith, PFC John B. Sparks, PFC

Merton I. Staples, Pvt Jerome J. Szematowicz, PFC

William F. Timmerman, Pv tErnest M. Walker, Jr., Pvt

23rd Bombardment Squadron

Lee I. Clendenning, PFC Richard L. Coster, Pvt

Byron G. Elliott, Pvt William Hislop, PFC

Howard N. Lusk, Pvt Lionel J. Moorhead, PFC

23rd Materiel Squadron

Francis E. Campiglia, Pvt Herbert B. Martin, 1Sgt

Joseph G. Moser, Pvt Frank St. E. Posey, TSgt

Raymond E. Powell, TSgt William T. Rhodes, PFC

Maurice J. St. Germain, Pvt James E. Strickland, Jr., Pvt

Joseph S. Zappala, Pvt Walter J. Zuschlag, SSgt

26th Bombardment Squadron

Felix Bonnie, SSgt Clarence A. Conant, Pvt

Frank J. DePolis, SSgt Patrick l. Finney, Cpl

Elwood R. Gummerson, SSgt Vincent J. Kechner, Pvt

Robert H. Markley, 2d Lt Jay E. Pietzsch, 2d Lt

Antonio S. Tafoya, Cpl Robert H. Westbrook, Jr., Pvt

31st Bombardment Squadron

Jack W. Fox, PFC Frank J. Lango, Pvt

William M. Northway, Pvt Felix S. Wegrzyn, Pvt

38th Reconnaissance Squadron

William R. Schick, 1st Lt

42nd Bombardment Squadron

Leland V. Beasley, William Coyne, Jr., PFC

Eugene B. Denson, PFC Robert R. Garrett, Cpl

Charles l. Hrusecky, Pvt Joseph N. Jencuis, Pvt

Robert R. Kelley, PFC Hal H. Perry, Jr., Pvt

Carey k. Stockwell, Pvt

50th Reconnaissance Squadron

Ralph Alois, SSgt Louis H. Dasenbrock, Pvt

John T. Haughey, Pvt. Clarence E. Hoyt, PFC

Henry J. Humphrey, SSgt Lester H. Libolt, Cpl

Harell K. Mattox, PFC William H. Offutt, Cpl

72nd Bombardment Squadron

Edward R. Hughes, Pvt John J. Kohl, PFC

George Price, Pvt

1st Photo Group, attached to Ferry Command

These airmen, originally attached to the 44th Bomb Group, arrived In Hawaii two days prior to the attack to outfit their plane for a secret Photo mission. They were killed on the ground and their B-24 was destroyed near Hangar 15

Louis G. Moslener, Jr., 2d Lt Daniel J. Powloski, Pvt


Wheeler Field


46th Pursuit Squadron

Donald D. Plant, Pvt Gordon H. Sterling, Jr., 2d Lt

47th Pursuit Squadron

John l. Dains, 2d Lt

Shot down by "friendly fire"

72nd Pursuit Squadron

Edward J. Burns, 1st Sgt Malachy J. Cashen, Cpl

Dean W. Cebert, Pvt William C. Creech, PFC

James Everett, SSgt Paul B. Free, SSgt

Joseph E. Good, SSgt James E. Guthrie, SSgt

Robert L. Hull, Pvt George G. Leslie, Pvt

John A. Price, SSgt

73rd Pursuit Squadron

James M. Barksdale, SSgt

78th Pursuit Squadron

Vincent M. Horan, Cpl Morris E. Stacey, Sgt

United States Marine Corps



USS California


BB-44, Battleship

John A. Blount, Jr., PFC Roy E. Lee, Jr., Pvt

Shelby C. Shook, Pvt Earl D. Wallen, PFC


USS Helena


CL-50, Light Cruiser

George E. Johnson, PFC


USS Nevada


BB-36, Battleship

Thomas A. Britton, Cpl Francis C. Heath, PFC

Orveil V. King, Jr., PFC Jack L. Lunsford, PFC

Edward F. Morrissey, PFC Keith V. Smith, Pvt

Richard I. Trujillo, PFC


USS Oklahoma


BB-37, Battleship

Marley R. Arthurholtz, PFC Waldean Black, Pvt

Walter L. Collier, PFC Alva J. Cremean, PFC

Elmer E. Drefahl, Cpl Harry H. Gaver, Jr., 2d Lt

Ted Hall, Pvt Otis W. Henry, Pvt

Robert K. Holmes, PFC Vernon P. Keaton, Pvt

John F. Middleswart, PFC Robert H. Peak, Pvt

Raymond Pennington, Pvt Charles R. Taylor, PFC


USS Pennsylvania


BB-38, Battleship

Thomas N. Barron, Cpl Morris E. Nations, Cpl

Floyd D. Stewart, PFC Patrick P. Tobin, PFC

Jesse C. Vincent, Jr., Cpl George H. Wade, Jr., PFC

Ewa Marine Corps Air Station


Marine Aircraft Group 21 Headquarters and Service Squadron 21

William E. Lutschan, Jr., Sgt

Scouting-Bombing Squadron 231

William G. Turner, Pvt

Scouting-Bombing Squadron 232

Edward S. Lawrence, PFC

Utility Squadron 252

Carlo A. Micheletto, Sgt

United States Navy



USS California


BB-44, Battleship

Howard L. Adkins, F1c Moses A. Allen, MAtt1c

Thomas B. Allen, GM2c Wilbur H. Bailey, Sea1c

Glen Baker, Sea2c James W. Ball, F2c

Harold W. Bandemer, Sea1c Michael L. Bazetti, Sea1c

Albert Q. Beal, RM2c Thomas S. Beckwith, SF3c

Henry W. Blankenship, PhM1c Edward D. Bowden, F2c

Robert K. Bowers, Ens (VO-2) Robert L. Brewer, Sea1c

Samuel J. Bush, MAtt1c James W. Butler, F2c

Elmer L. Carpenter, BM1c Cullen B. Clark, F1c

Francis E. Cole, Msmth2c Kenneth J. Cooper, FC3c

Herbert S. Curtis, Jr., Sea2c Lloyd H. Cutrer, Sea2c

Edward H. Davis, SK1c John W. Deetz, GM3c

Marshall L. Dompier, SK2c Norman W. Douglas, Sea1c

Guy Dugger, F1c Billie J. Dukes, Sea1c

Thomas R. Durning, Jr., Sea2c Robert W. Ernest, Sea2c

Alfred J. Farley, Sea2c Marvin L. Ferguson, Jr., AS

Stanley C. Galaszewski, Sea2c Robert S. Garcia, SK3c

Thomas J. Gary, Sea2c George H. Gilbert, Ens

Tom Gilbert, Sea1c Helmer A. Hanson, Sea2c

Gilbert A. Henderson, MAtt2c John A. Hildebrand, Jr., F1c

Merle C. J. Hillman, PhM2c Paul E. Holley, Sea1c

Richard F. Jacobs, SF3c Ira W. Jeffrey, Ens

Melvin G. Johnson, RM3c Ernest Jones, MAtt3c

Herbert C. Jones, Ens Harry Kaufman, BM1c

Arlie G. Keener, SK3c Harry W. Kramer, F1c

John T. Lancaster, PhM3c Donald C. V. Larsen, RM3c

John E. Lewis SK1c James E. London, SK1c

Howard E. Manges, FC3c John W. Martin, F3c

George V. McGraw, F1c Clyde C. McMeans, Sea1c

Aaron L. McMurtrey, Sea1c James W. Milner, F1c

James D. Minter, Sea2c Bernard J. Mirello, Sea1c

William A. Montgomery, GM3c Marlyn W. Nelson, F2c

Wayne E. Newton, Sea1c June W. Parker, QM3c

Kenneth M. Payne, Sea1c George E. Pendarvis, F3c

Lewis W. Pitts, Jr., Sea2c Alexsander J. Przybysz, Prtr2c

Roy A. Pullen, Sea2c Edward S. Racisz, Sea1c

Thomas J. Reeves, CRM (PA) Joseph L. Richey, Ens (VO-2)

Edwin H. Ripley, Sea2c Earl R. Roberts, Sea1c

Alfred A. Rosenthal, RM3c Joe B. Ross, RM2c

Frank W. Royse, RM3c Morris F. Saffell, F1c

Robert R. Scott, MM1c Erwin L. Searle, GM3c

Russell K. Shelly, Jr., Mus2c Frank L. Simmons, MAtt2c

Tceollyar Simmons, Sea2c Lloyd G. Smith, Sea2c

Gordon W. Stafford, Sea2c Leo Stapler, MAtt1c

Charles E. Sweany, EM1c Edward F. Szurgot, SK3c

Frank P. Treanor, RM3c Pete Turk, Sea2c

George V. Ulrich, F1c George E. Vining, MAtt2c

David Walker, MAtt3c Milton S. Wilson, F3c

Steven J. Wodarski, Sea1c John C. Wydila, SF3c


USS Chew


DD-106, Destroyer

Mathew J. Agola, Sea2 Clarence A. Wise, F3c

Killed on the Pennsylvania


USS Curtiss


AV-4, Seaplane Tender

Joseph I. Caro, F1c Lee H. Duke, Sea2c

Clifton E. Edmonds, Sea1c John W. Frazier, Cox

Nickolas S. Ganas, Sea2c George H. Guy, Sea2c

Kenneth J. Hartley, F1c Edward S. Haven, Jr., Sea1c

Anthony Hawkins, Jr., MAtt2c Thomas Hembree, AS

Andrew King, AS Robert S. Lowe, Sea2c

James E. Massey, AS Maurice Mastrototaro, Sea1c

Jesse K. Milbourne, AS Dean B. Orwick. RM2c

William J. Powell, MAtt2c Wilson A. Rice, Sea1c

Howard A. Rosenau, Sea2c Benjamin Schlect, RM2c

Joseph Sperling, SF1c


USS Dobbin


AD-3, Destroyer Tender

J. W. Baker, TM3c Howard F. Carter, Cox

Roy A. Gross, F1c Andrew M. Marze, GM1c

Killed on the Pennsylvania


USS Downes


DD-375, Destroyer

James E. Bailey, RM3c Benjamin L. Brown, Sea2c

Marvin J. Clapp, SC3c Thomas W. Collins, F3c

Edward C. Daly, Cox Albert J. Hitrik, F2c

George E. Jones, Rm3c John A. Marshall, WT2c

Nolan E. Pummill, MM2c William H. Silva, Sea2c

Perry W. Strickland, Sea1c James Vinson, F3c


USS Enterprise


CV-6, Aircraft Carrier

At the time of the attack the Enterprise was at sea, about 200 miles due west of Oahu.

Scouting Squadron SIX

These aviators arrived over Oahu during the attack and were shot down by the Japanese.

Mitchell Cohn, RM3c Fred J. Ducolon, Cox

Manuel Gonzalez, Ens Leonard J. Kozelek, RM3c

William C. Miller, Rm1c Signey Pierce, Rm3c

John H. L. Vogt, Jr., Ens Walter M. Willis, Ens

Fighting Squadron SIX

These aviators were shot down by "friendly fire" in an attempt to make a night landing at Ford Island NAS.

Eric Allen, Jr., Lt. (jg) Frederick F. Hebel, Lt. (jg)

Herbert H. Menges, Ens


USS Helena


CL-50, Light Cruiser

Salvatore J. Albanese, F2c Thomas E. Aldridge, Sea2c

Robert A. Arnesen, F1c Loren L. Beardsley, EM3c

Regis J. Bodecker, Y1c William J. Carter, Sea2c

Luther E. Cisco, Sea2c Allen A. Davis, F3c

Ernest B. Dickens, F2c Richard H. Dobbins, EM2c

Robert N. Edling, RM3c Leland E. Erbes, F2c

Robert J. Flannery, FC3c Eugene D. Fuzi, FC3c

Arthur J. Gardner, WT2c Robert D. Greenwald, Sea1c

Arvel C. Hines, Sea2c Donald W. Johnson, Sea2c

Ernest G. Kuzee, Sea1c Carl R. Love, Sea2c

Marvin W. Mayo, FC2c Orville R. Minix, Sea1c

Edo Morincelli, MM2c Hugh K. Naff, Sea2c

John C. Pensyl, GM2c Joe O. Powers, SK3c

Ralph W. Thompson, F3c Edward B. Uhlig, Sea2c

John J. Urban, MM2c Benjamin F. Vassar, Sea2c

Hoge C. Venable, Jr., SK2c Oswald C. Wohl, Sea2c

Michael C. Yugovich, EM2c


USS Maryland


BB-46, Battleship

Claire R. Brier, MM2c Howard D. Crow, Ens

James B. Ginn, Lt.(jg)(VO-4) Warren H. McCutcheon,Sea2c

Killed in an air crash 10 miles west of Barbers Pt.


USS Nevada


BB-36, Battleship

Arnold L. Anderson, Sea1c Zoilo Aquino, MAtt1c

James R. Bingham, Sea2c Herman Bledsoe, MAtt2c

Lyle L. Briggs, EM2c Harold J. Christopher, Ens

Joseph W. Cook, GM3c Leon J. Corbin, GM1c

Leo P. Cotner, Sea2c Frederick C. Davis, Ens (VO-1)

Lonnie W. Dukes, Sea1c Edward W. Echols, Cox

Harry L. Edwards, Sea1c George L. Faddis, GM3c

Kay I. Fugate, Sea1c Samuel M. Gantner, BM2c

Thomas R. Giles, EM3c Herman A. Goetsch, Sea1c

Arthur K. Gullachson, Sea2c Johnie W. Hallmark, Sea1c

Charles W. Harker, FC3c Gerald L. Heim, Sea2c

Edwin J. Hill, Chf Bosn Edgar E. Hubner, Sea1c

Robert C. Irish, Sea2c Flavous B. M. Johnson, GM3c

Kenneth T. Lamons, BM2c Wilbur T. Lipe, Sea2c

John K. Luntta, Sea1c Andres F. Mafnas, MAtt1c

Dale L. Martin, SC1c Frazier Mayfield, MAtt1c

Lester F. McGhee, Sea1c Edward L. McGuckin, Sea1c

William F. Neuendorf, Jr., Sea1c Alwyn B. Norvelle, CSK (AA)

Elmer M. Patterson, OC2c Eugene E. Peck, Sea2c

Mark C. Robison, MAtt1c Emil O. Ronning, Cox

Harvey G. Rushford, Sea2c Herbert C. Schwarting, Sea1c

Donald R. Shaum, Sea1c Adolfo Solar, BM1c

Herman A. Spear, Sea1c Delbert J. Spencer, Sea1c

George J. Stembrosky, Sea1c Charles E. Strickland, Sea1c

Lee V. Thunhorst, Sea2c Ivan I. Walton, Cox


USS Oklahoma


BB-37, Battleship

Marvin B. Adkins, GM3c Willard H. Aldridge, Sea1c

Hugh R. Alexander, Lt. Comdr Stanley W. Allen, Ens (VO-1)

Hal J. Allison, F2c Leon Arickx, Sea1c

Kenneth B. Armstrong, Mldr1c Daryle E. Artley, QM2c

John C. Auld, Sea2c John A. Austin, Chf Carp

Walter H. Backman, RM2c Gerald J. Bailey, Sea1c

Robert E. Bailey, SF3c Wilbur F. Ballance, Sea1c

Layton T. Banks, Cox Leroy K. Barber, F1c

Malcolm J. Barber, F1c Randolph H. Barber, F2c

Cecil E. Barncord, EM3c Wilber C. Barrett, Sea2c

Harold E. Bates, F1c Ralph C. Battles, F2c

Earl P. Baum, Sea1c Howard W. Bean, RM3c

Walter S. Belt, Jr., F1c Robert J. Bennett, F3c

Harding C. Blackburn, Y3c William E. Blanchard, Bmkr1c

Clarence A. Blaylock, F3c Leo Blitz, MM2c

Rudolph Blitz, F1c John G. Bock Jr., Sea2c

Paul L. Boemer, Cox James B. Booe, Cbmster

James B. Boring, F2c Ralph M. Boudreaux, MAtt1c

Lawrence A. Boxrucker, F2c Raymond D. Boynton, Sea2c

Carl M. Bradley, F2c Orix V. Brandt, Sea1c

Jack A. Breedlove, FC3c Randall W. Brewer, MAtt1c

William Brooks, Sea1c Wesley J. Brown, F1c

William G. Bruesewitz, Sea1c James R. Buchanan, MM2c

Earl G. Burch, Bkr3c Oliver K. Burger, WT1c

Millard Burk, Jr., Sea1c Rodger C. Butts, SC1c

Archie Callahan, Jr., MAtt2c Raymond R. Camery, F1c

William V. Campbell, Sea2c Murry R. Cargile, Sea1c

Harold F. Carney, MM1c Joseph W. Carroll, F2c

Edward E. Casinger, F2c Biacio Casola, Sea1c

Carles R. Casto, F1c Richard E. Casto, F2c

James T. Chesire, CPhM(PA) Patrick L. Chess, SF3c

David Clark, Jr., Sea2c Gerald L. Clayton, SK2c

Hubert P. Clement, FC1c Floyd F. Clifford, Sea2c

George A. Coke, Sea1c James E. Collins, Sea1c

John G. Connolly, Chf Pay Clk Keefe R. Connolly, HA1c

Edward L. Conway, EM1c Grant C. Cook, Jr., F1c

Robert L. Corn, FFC1c Beoin H. Corzatt, F1c

John W. Craig, SK1c Warren H. Crim, F3c

Samuel W. Crowder, F1c William M. Curry, EM1c

Glenn G. Cyriack, SK2c Marshall E. Darby, Jr., Ens

James W. Davenport, Jr., F1c Francis D. Day, CWT (PA)

Leslie P. Delles, EM3c Ralph A. Derrington, CMM (PA)

Francis E. Dick, Mus2c Leaman R. Dill, EM2c

Kenneth E. Doernenburg, F1c John M. Donald, SF3c

Carl D. Dorr, F2c Bernard V. Doyle, Sea2c

Stanislaw F. Drwall, Pmkr1c Cyril I. Dusset, MAtt1c

Buford H. Dyer, Sea1c Wallace E. Eakes, SK3c

Eugene K. Eberhardt, MM1c David B. Edmonston, Sea2c

Earl M. Ellis, RM3c Bruce H. Ellison, RM3c

Julius Ellsberry, MAtt1c John C. England, Ens

Ignacio C. Farfan, MAtt1c Luther J. Farmer, MM1c

Lawrence H. Fecho, F1c Charlton H. Ferguson, Mus2c

Robert A. Fields, EM3c William M. Finnegan, Ens

Francis C. Flaherty, Ens James M. Flanagan, Sea2c

Felicismo Florese, OS2c Walter C. Foley, Sea1c

George P. Foote, SK3c George C. Ford, F2c

Joy C. French, Sea2c Tedd M. Furr, CCM (AA)

Michael Galajdik, F1c Martin A. Gara, F2c

Jesus F. Garcia, MAtt2c Eugene Garris, MAtt2c

Paul H. Gebser, MM1c Leonard R. Geller, F1c

George T. George, Sea2c George H. Gibson, EM3c

George E. Giesa, F2c Quentin J. Gifford, RM2c

George Gilbert, FC2c Warren C. Gillette, Sea1c

Benjamin E. Gilliard, MAtt1c Arthur Glenn, MM1c

Daryl H. Goggin, Mach Jack R. Goldwater, RM3c

Charles C. Gomez, Jr., Sea2c George M. Gooch, EM3c

Clifford G. Goodwin, Sea1c Robert Goodwin, SC3c

Duff Gordon, CMsmth Claude O. Gowey, F1c

Wesley E. Graham, Sea1c Arthur M. Grand Pre, F1c

Thomas E. Griffith, RM3c Edgar D. Gross, WT2c

Vernon N. Grow, Sea2c Daniel L. Guisinger, Jr., Sea1c

William I. Gurganus, CEM (AA) William F. Gusie, FC3c

Hubert P. Hall, Sea2c Robert E. Halterman, Sea1c

Harold W. Ham, MM2c Dale R. Hamlin, GM3c

Eugene P. Hann, GM3c Francis L. Hannon, SF3c

George Hanson, MM1c Robert J. Harr, F1c

Charles H. Harris, EM3c Daniel F. Harris, CFC (PA)

Louis E. Harris, Jr., Mus2c Albert E. Hayden, CEM (PA)

Harold L. Head, Sea2c Robert W. Headington, Sea1c

William F. Hellstern, GM2c Floyd D. Helton, Sea2c

Jimmie L. Henrichsen, Sea2c William E. Henson, Jr., Sea2c

Harvey C. Herber, EM1c George Herbert, GM1c

Austin H. Hesler, SM3c Denis H. Hiskett, F1c

Joseph P. Hittorff, Jr., Ens Frank S. Hoag, Jr., RM3c

Herbert J. Hoard, CSK (PA) Joseph W. Hoffman, Mus1c

Kenneth L. Holm, F3c Harry R. Holmes, F3c

James W. Holzhauer, Sea1c Edwin C. Hopkins, F3c

Chester G. Hord, SK3c Frank A. Hryniewicz, Sea1c

Charles E. Hudson, WT1c Lorentz E. Hultgren, MM2c

Robert M. Hunter, Ens Claydon I. C. Iverson, F3c

Willie Jackson, OC1c Herbert B. Jacobson, F3c

Challis R. James, Sea2c George W. Jarding, F3c

Kenneth L. Jayne, F3c Theodore Q. Jensen, RM3c

Jesse B. Jenson, GM3c Charles H. Johannes, Sea2c

Billy J. Johnson, F1c Edward D. Johnson, F1c

Joseph M. Johnson, Sea1c Jim H. Johnston, F1c

Charles A. Jones, Sea2c Fred M. Jones, MM1c

Jerry Jones, MAtt3c Julian B. Jordan, Lt.

Wesley V. Jordan, Sea1c Thomas V. Jurashen, Sea2c

Albert U. Kane, F1c John A. Karli, Sea1c

Howard V. Keffer, RM3c Ralph H. Keil, Sea1c

Donald G. Keller, Sea1c Joe M. Kelley, Sea2c

Warren J. Kempf, RM3c Leo T. Keninger, F1c

William H. Kennedy, F1c Elmer T. Kerestes, F1c

David L. Kesler, Bkr2c William A. Klasing, EM3c

Verne F. Knipp, Cox Hans C. Kvalnes, Sea2c

William L. Kvidera, CM3c D. T. Kyser, Sea2c

Elliott D. Larsen, Mus1c Johnnie C. Laurie, MAtt1c

Elmer P. Lawrence, Sea1c Willard I. Lawson, F3c

Gerald G. Lehman, F3c Myron K. Lehman, Sea2c

Lionel W. Lescault, Bgmstr2c Harold W. Lindsey, Sea2c

John H. Lindsley, F3c Alfred E. Livingston, F3c

Clarence M. Lockwood, WT2c Adolph J. Loebach, FC3c

Vernon T. Luke, MM1c Octavius Mabine, MAtt1c

Howard S. Magers, Sea2c Michael Malek, Sea2c

Algeo V. Malfante, SF2c Walter B. Manning, EM1c

Henri C. Mason, Mus1c Joseph K. Maule, Sea1c

Edwin B. McCabe WT1c Donald R. McCloud, FC2c

James O. McDonald, F1c Bert E. McKeeman, F1c

Hale McKissack, Sea1c Lloyd E. McLaughlin, Sea2c

Earl R. Melton, MM1c Herbert F. Melton, BM2c

Archie T. Miles, MM2c Wallace G. Mitchell, Sea1c

Charles A. Montgomery, RM3c John M. Mulick, HA1c

Ray H. Myers, Sea2c George E. Naegle, Sea1c

Elmer D. Nail, F1c Paul A. Nash, FC1c

Don O. Neher, EM3c Arthur C. Neuenschwander, GM1c

Sam D. Nevill, Y3c Wilbur F. Newton, Sea1c

Carl Nichols, Sea2c Harry E. Nichols, SK3c

Frank E. Nicoles, F1c Arnold M. Nielsen, BM1c

Laverne A. Nigg, Sea2c Joe R. Nightingale, Sea1c

Charles E. Nix, SM3c Camillus M. O'Grady, Sea1c

Charles R. Ogle, F1c Eli Olsen, SK3c

Jarvis G. Outland, F1c Lawrence J. Overley, FC2c

Alphard S. Owsley, EM3c Millard C. Pace, F1c

James Palides, Jr., Mus2c Calvin H. Palmer, Sea2c

Wilferd D. Palmer, Sea2c George L. Paradis, PhM3c

Isaac Parker, MAtt3c Dale F. Pearce, Sea2c

Walter R. Pentico, Sea2c Stephen Pepe, WT1c

Charles F. Perdue, SF1c Wiley J. Perway, Bmkr2c

Milo E. Phillips, WT1c James N. Phipps, Sea2c

Gerald H. Pirtle, F1c Rudolph V. Piskuran, Sea2c

Herbert J. Poindexter, Jr., Sea1c Brady O. Prewitt, Sea2c

Robert L. Pribble, FC3c George F. Price, F1c

Lewis B. Pride, Jr., Ens Jasper L. Pue, Jr., F3c

Paul S. Raimond, Sea1c Eldon C. Ray, SK3c

Dan E. Reagan, F1c Leo B. Regan, F1c

Irvin F. Rice, RM3c Porter L. Rich, WT2c

Clyde Ridenour, Jr., RM3c David J. Riley, Sea2c

Russell C. Roach, Sea1c Joseph M. Robertson, Sea2c

Harold W. Roesch, Sea1c Walter B. Rogers, F1c

Joseph C. Rouse, Sea1c Charles L. Ruse, Mus2c

Edmund T. Ryan, Y3c Roman W. Sadlowski, EM3c

Kenneth H. Sampson, Sea1c Dean S. Sanders, CMM (PA)

Charles L. Saunders, Sea2c Lyal J. Savage, Sea1c

John E. Savidge, Sea1c Paul E. Saylor, F1c

Walter F. Schleiter, F1c Herman Schmidt, GM3c

Aloysius H. Schmitt, Lt. (jg) (ChC) Andrew J. Schmitz, F1c

John H. Schoonover, PhM1c Bernard O. Scott, MAtt1c

Chester E. Seaton, F1c Verdi D. Sederstrom, Ens

William L. Sellon, Sea2c Everett I. Severinson, SF1c

William K. Shafer, F2c William J. Shanahan, Jr., SM3c

Edward J. Shelden, FC1c William G. Silva, GM1c

Eugene M. Skaggs, SM1c Garold L. Skiles, Sea2c

Edward F. Slapikas, Sea1c Leonard F. Smith, Msmth1c

Merle A. Smith, EM3c Rowland H. Smith, Mus1c

Walter H. Sollie, WT1c James C. Solomon, Sea1c

Maurice V. Spangler, Sea1c Kirby R. Stapleton, Sea1c

Ulis C. Steely, MM1c Walter C. Stein, Sea1c

Samuel C. Steiner, F1c Charles M. Stern, Jr., Ens

Everett R. Stewart, MM2c Lewis S. Stockdate, Ens

Donald A. Stott, Sea1c Robert T. Stout, FC3c

James Stouten, CBM (AA) Milton R. Surratt, Sea1c

Charles H. Swanson, MM1c Edward E. Talbert, Sea1c

Rangner F. Tanner, Jr., Sea2c Monroe Temple, Sea1c

Houston Temples, Sea1c Benjamin C. Terhune, F2c

Arthur R. Thinnes, Sea2c Charles W. Thompson, F1c

Clarence Thompson, SC1c George A. Thompson, Sea2c

Irvin A. R. Thompson, Ens William M. Thompson, Ens

Richard J. Thomson, Sea2c Cecil H. Thornton, Sea2c

Robert L. Thrombley, Sea2c David F. Tidball, Sea1c

Lloyd R. Timm, Sea2c Lewis F. Tindall, F1c

Dante S. Tini, RM3c Henry G. Tipton, Sea1c

Everett C. Titterington, F1c Neal K. Todd, F1c

Natale I. Torti, Sea1c Orval A. Tranbarger, Sea1c

Harold F. Trapp, FC2c William H. Trapp, EM3c

Shelby Treadway, GM3c William D. Tucker, F1c

Victor P. Tumlinson, FC3c Billy Turner, Sea1c

Louis J. Tushla, F1c Russell O. Ufford, Sea2c

Lowell E. Valley, F2c Durrell Wade, AMM2c

Lewis L. Wagoner, Sea2c Harry E. Walker, SK1c

Robert N. Walkowiak, F3c Eugene A. Walpole, Sea2c

Charles E. Walters, Sea2c James R. Ward, Sea1c

Edward Wasielewski, Sea1c Richard L. Watson, Sea1c

James C. Webb, F1c William E. Welch, Sea1c

Alfred F. Wells, MM1c Ernest R. West, Sea1c

John D. Wheeler, F2c Claude White, CWT (PA)

Jack D. White, Sea1 Alton W. Whitson, EM3c

Eugene W. Wicker, Sea1c Lloyd P. Wiegand, Mus2c

George J. Wilcox, Jr., Sea2c Albert l. Williams, Mus2c

James C. Williams, Sea1c Wilbur S. Williams, OS3c

Bernard R. Wimmer, FC1c Everett G. Windle, Sea2c

Starring B. Winfield, RM3c Rex E. Wise, F1c

Frank Wood, Sea2c Lawrence E. Woods, F1c

Winfred O. Woods, MM1c Creighton H. Workman, F1c

John L. Wortham, GM2c Paul R. Wright, CWT (PA)

Eldon P. Wyman, Ens Martin D. Young, F2c

Robert V. Young, Sea1c Joseph J. Yurko, WT1c

Thomas Zvansky, CSM (PA)


USS Pennsylvania


BB-38, Battleship

Robert E. Arnott, PhM2c Henry E. Baker, Jr., Cox

Charles Braga, Jr., Y2c Evan B. Brekken, Sea1c

Frederick A. Browne, GM3c Harold K. Comstock, Sea1c

James E. Craig, Lt. Comdr Clarence F. Haase, Sea1c

Dancil J. McIntosh, Sea2c Joseph A. Huhofski, RM3c

James P. Owens, RM3c Joseph W. Pace, RM3c

Damian M. Portillo, SC1c Richard R. Rall, Lt. (jg) (MC)

William H. Rice, GM3c Martin R. Slifer, GM1c

Payton L. Vanderpool, Jr., F2c Claude B. Watson, Jr., Sea1c


USS Pruitt


DM-22, Light Minelayer

George R. Keith, RM3c

Killed on the Pennsylvania


USS Shaw


DD-373, Destroyer

Frank J. Annunziato, Sea1c Anthony Bilyi, SC3c

Albert J. Bolen, F1c Guy W. Carroll, QM2c

Leon Egbert, MAtt2c Fred Fugate, CCStd (PA)

Joseph L. B. Gaudrault, Sea1c Paul G. Gosnell, GM1c

Rodney W. Jones, Sea2c John S. McAllen, Sea2c

Robert C. McQuade, Sea1c Clyde C. Moore, RM2c

Chester L. Parks, Sea1c George A. Penuel, Jr., BM2c

Robert A. Petz, Sea1c Daniel P. Platschorre, Sea2c

Edward J. Quirk, F1c John T. Rainbolt, F1c

Benjamin N. Russell, AS Johnnie H. Spaeth, Sea2c

Frank W. Stief, Jr., SC2c Palmer L. Taylor, MAtt1c

James R. Westbrook, Sea1c Clyde Williams, Sea1c


USS Sicard


DM-21, Light Minelayer

Warren P. Hickok, Sea2c

Killed on the Pennsylvania


USS Tennessee


BB-43, Battleship

Jesse L. Adams, Sea1c Alfred W. Hudgell, BM1c

J. B. Delane Miller, Cox Eugene O. Roe, Sea1c

Gerald O. Smith, SK1c


USS Tracy


DM-19, Light Minelayer

John A. Bird, Sea1c John W. Pence, RM3c

Laddie J. Zacek, Sea1c

All three were killed on the Pennsylvania


USS Utah


AG-16, Target/Gunnery Training Ship

William D. Arbuckle, Sea2c Joseph Barta, F3c

Rudolph P. Bielka, Lt. Comdr Virgil C. Bigham, Sea1c

John E. Black, Lt. (jg) John T. Blackburn, F1c

Pallas F. Brown, Sea2c William F. Brunner, F3c

Feliciano T. Bugarin, OC2c

Killed by "friendly fire" aboard Argonne

George V. Chestnutt, Jr., Sea2c Lloyd D. Clippard, Sea2c

Joseph U. Conner, F1c John R. Crain, F1c

David L. Crossett, Sea1c Billy R. Davis, F2c

Leroy Dennis, Sea2c Douglas R. Rieckhoff, SM1c

William H. Dosser, Sea2c Vernon J. Eidsvig, Sea1c

Melvyn A. Gandre, QM1c Kenneth M. Gift, BM2c

Charles N. Gregoire, Sea2c Herold A. Harveson, Lt. (jg)

Clifford D. Hill, Sea2c Emery L. Houde, Bkr2c

David W. Jackson, Ens Leroy H. Jones, Sea1c

William A. Juedes, SC2c John L. Kaelin, Y3c

Eric T. Kampmeyer, GM3c Joseph N. Karabon, F1c

William H. Kent, Sea1c George W. LaRue, GM3c

John G. Little III, Lt. (jg) Kenneth L. Lynch, Sea2c

William E. Marshall, Jr., Sea2c Rudolph M. Martinez, EM3c

Charles O. Michael, Lt. Comdr Marvin E. Miller, Sea2c

Donald C. Norman, Sea2c Orris N. Norman, F2c

Edwin N. Odgaard, EM2c Elmer A. Parker, CSK (PA)

Forrest H. Perry, SC3c James W. Phillips, Sea1c

Walter H. Ponder, MM1c Frank E. Reed, SF3c

Ralph E. Scott, Sea1c Henson T. Shouse, F1c

George R. Smith, Matt1c Robert D. Smith, Sea1c

Joseph B. Sousley, Sea2c Gerald V. Strinz, F3c

Peter Tomich, CWT (PA) Elmer H. Ulrich, F3c

Michael W. Villa, F3c Vernard O. Wetrich, FC1c

Glen A. White, F1c


USS Vestal


AR-4, Repair Ship

Harold R. Arneberg, F3c William Duane, CBM (PA)

Lowell B. Jackson, Sea2c Charles W. Jones, Msmth2c

Raymond J. Kerrigan, MM1c Guy E. Long, Sea2c

William H. Reid, F1c


USS West Virginia


BB-48, Battleship

Welborn L. Ashby, F3c Benjamin E. Bargerhuff, Jr., SF3c

William L. Barnett, F3c Frank J. Bartek, Jr., F2c

Mervyn S. Bennion, Capt (CO) Charlie V. Booton, Sea1c

Fred H. Boyer, F1c George O. Branham, Mldr1c

Ennis E. Brooks, F1c Charles D. Brown, EM3c

Riley M. Brown, F1c John E. Burgess, Jr., Sea2c

William C. Campbell, Cox William G. Christian, Bkr2c

Harold K. Costill, F3c Louis A. Costin, F1c

Charles E. Cottier, F1c Howard D. Cromwell, CM2c

Eugene V. Downing, Sea2c Donald L. Drum, F2c

George S. Dunn, Jr., Sea2c Edward N. Durkee, CMM (AA)

Clement E. Durr, Sea1c Tommy Dye, F1c

Roland W. Edwards, F2c Ronald B. Endicott, F3c

Richard B. England, MM2c Woodrow W. Evans, GM3c

Jose S. N. Flores, Matt2c Jack Foth, EM1c

Gilbert R. Fox, F1c Neil D. Frye, Matt3c

Angelo M. Gabriele, F1c Claude R. Garcia, SF2c

Bibian B. Gonzales, Sea1c Myron E. Goodwin, Sea2c

Arthur Gould, RM3c Harry J. Halvorsen, F1c

Hugh B. Harriss, HA1c Hadley I. Heavin, F2c

Fred A. Hilt, MM1c Howard D. Hodges, F1c

Joseph E. Hood, F1c William D. Horton, Sea1c

Ira D. Hudson, F3c William C. Jackson, EM3c

Carl S. Johnson, Sea1c Sanford V. Kelley, Jr., GM3c

Chester F. Kleist, Cox Milton J. Knight, Jr., F1c

William P. Kubinec, F2c Henry E. LaCrosse, Jr., SK3c

Thomas F. Leary, F1c Joseph S. L. Lemire, Sea1c

Eugene V. Lish, Mus1c Royle B. Luker, F3c

Donald W. Lynch, F1c Arnold E. Lyon, GM3c

Charles W. Mann, Sea1c Jesus M. Mata, Matt1c

Donald J. Mathison, FC3c Luther K. McBee, Sea1c

Thomas A. McClelland, Ens Lawrence J. McCollom, MM2c

Clarence W. McComas, Sea1c Quentin G. McKee, Sea2c

John A. Meglis, F1c John R. Melton, Sea1c

Enrique C. Mendiola, Matt1cz Joe E. Mister, Matt1c

Wallace A. Montgomery, MM2c William F. Morris, F1c

Albin J. Mrace, WT2c Clair C. Myers, Sea1c

Earl T. Nermoe, Sea1c Paul E. Newton, Sea1c

Emile S. Noce, EM2c Maurice M.O'Connor, MM1c

Clifford N. Olds, F1c Arnold J. Owsley, Sea1c

Walter J. Paciga, Sea2c James A. Paolucci, Sea2c

Andrew A. Pinko, EM3c Jack A. Pitcher, Sea1c

Roy W. Powers, SF2c George B. Reid, SF1c

Albert Renner, F2c Leonard C. Richter, MM1c

Ernest C. Rose, SC1c Glenn D. Sahl, F3c

Theodore H. Saulsbury, OC2c Richard M. Schuon, Jr., Sea1c

George W. Scott, SK2c Gordon E. Smith, SK2c

Ernest E. Speicher, EM2c Otis D. Sterling, Matt1c

George E. Taber, MM2c Ernie E. Tibbs, CMM (PA)

Keith W. Tipsword, MM1c Albert P. VanderGoore, F1c

Joseph Vogelgesang, Jr., F2c Thomas G. Wagner, Sea1c

Bethel E. Walters, F1c Harold Wilbur, CM3c

Clyde R. Wilson, Sea1c Lester F. Zobeck, Sea1c

Ford Island


Patrol Squadron 21

Theodore W. Croft, AOM1c


Kaneohe Naval Air Station


Headquarters, Naval Air Station

Stanley D. Dosick, Sea1c

Patrol Squadron 11

John D. Buckley, AOM3c Clarence M. Formoe, AMM1c

Rodney S. Foss, Ens Milburn A. Manning, AMM3c

James H. Robinson, Sea2c Joseph G. Smartt, Ens

Luther D. Weaver, Sea1c

Patrol Squadron 12

Walter S. Brown, AMM2c Lee Fox, Jr., Ens

Daniel T. Griffin, AMM1c George W. Ingram, Sea2c

Charles Lawrence, AMM2c Carl W. Otterstetter, Sea2c

Robert K. Porterfield, AMM3c Robert W. Uhlmann, Ens

Raphael A. Watson, AMM1c

Patrol Squadron 14

Laxton G. Newman, AMM3c


Pearl Harbor Naval Hospital


Arthur W. Russett, PhM1c


Naval Mobile Hospital #2


John H. Thuman, PhM3c

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