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Core Building Renovations

Project Description

The goal of the Core Renovation Project is to strategically renovate the buildings that form the general education core of the central University of Houston campus. These buildings are home to a substantial number of classrooms, labs, faculty offices and departmental headquarters. They are heavily utilized by students and faculty. The renovation plan includes addresses deferred maintenance issues, modernization of the facility and building systems and aligning the interior spaces with the occupants needs.

The buildings to be renovated include: Agnes Arnold Hall, Charles F. McElhinney Hall, Roy G.Cullen, Science Research & Engineering Center, Science & Research I and the Science Building.

Roy-G-Cullen.png  science-building.png
s-r1.png agnes-arnold-hall.png
mcelhinney.png  roy g cullen.png

Current Status

UH Facilities Planning & Construction has been working very closely with Broaddus Planning on the massive programming effort for the Core Renovations. UH FP&C and Broaddus have met with stakeholder representatives from the College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics and the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences.  These are the two Colleges primarily impacted by the renovations.  The essential information gained from these meetings was used to develop the preliminary overall construction schedule for the renovations.

 An RFQ has been issued for the architectural design services and the construction manager at risk.  Once the contracts are executed, the design process will begin for the first buildings scheduled to be renovated.  The renovations will occur over a 6-year period and are expected to be complete by the end of 2024. 

 The preliminary renovation schedule is listed below and will be confirmed by the Project Management Team at a later date:  


Science & Engineering Research Center (SERC)

Reparative Work                           Summer 2018 - Spring 2020                         


Design                                            Summer 2017 – Spring 2018

Construction                                  Summer 2018 – Summer 2019

Roy G. Cullen (single phase)  

Design                                            Summer 2018 – Summer 2019 

Construction                                   Fall 2019 - Winter 2020

Charles F. McElhinney (multi-phase)

Design                                            Summer 2019 – Summer 2020

Phase Construction                     Summer 2021 – Summer 2022

Phase II Construction                    Summer 2022 – Summer 2023

Agnes Arnold Hall (multi-phase)

Design                                              Summer 2020 – Summer 2021

Phase Construction                       Summer 2023 - Summer 2024

Phase II Construction                      Summer 2024 - Summer 2025

Phase III Construction                    Summer 2025 - Winter 2025

Science & Research I (ongoing, multi-phase)

Design                                              Summer 2018 – Summer 2020

Phase Construction                       Fall 2019 Summer 2020

Phase II Construction                      Fall 2020 Fall 2021

Phase III Construction                    Fall 2021 Summer 2022

Phase IV Construction                     Summer 2022 Summer 2023

Phase V Construction                       Fall 2023 Summer 2024

Phase VI Construction                    Summer 2024 Winter 2024


UH FP&C Project Team: 

Christa Rieck - Executive Director of Planning
Jennifer McPhail - Sr. Facilities Planner
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Quite a few updates in the last meeting.   Law school:  Budget: $90M Square Feet 179k SF Floors: 5 Completion: August 2022 Architect/Engineer: Shepley Bulfinch

UH new Fertitta center

Posted Images

I spent most of my years in the Roy G Cullen building. It needed such a major renovation inside, imho. Will be curious to go there someday and see what they did. The computer science and political science floors were a joke... looked straight off of the 90s.

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So who's moving into these new and shiny student housing and dorms? UH on campus students will be unprecidently low this fall semester. Moody dining and dorms will not open for fall semester. This is troubling.


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2 hours ago, HOUCAJUN said:

So who's moving into these new and shiny student housing and dorms? UH on campus students will be unprecidently low this fall semester. Moody dining and dorms will not open for fall semester. This is troubling.



. . . . students.


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Surprise find of the day. A tower crane base at the Medical School building project.



The new parking garage turned out nice, except for a bad ding caused by the contractors, hopefully Vaughn corrects this, lots of electric vehicle charging spots.






The parking lot for the future new Law Building is now blocked off.


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Tower crane is up at the Medical School.


They fixed the dent at the new parking garage.


Found surveyor marks on the 4 corners of the new Law School. Doesn't appear to be a rectangle, the southwest corner is slightly askew of the northwest corner. Ribbons on the trees they want to protect.









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2 hours ago, Stew said:

I'm not sure why they built a retention pond when there is a bayou next door.

Because they're replacing trees and soil that would absorb rainfall with impermeable building and pavement, and they want to make sure that when 48 inches of rain falls on it the bayou next to them doesn't flood them

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2 hours ago, samagon said:

Crane base is in at the law center!


Anyone who wants front row seats for this, you get a really good spot right across the street at the nook cafe, good coffee too 😁


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