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any home inspectors here?


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well if looks fairly easy to do the academics, but is it easy to break into the buisness...I see you have to have a sponsor for a while, are you working for free during that time? Is there a demand for inspectors? Why does everyone work for themselves? How do you get refferals from real estate agents?

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Best possible situations for inspectors (IMO):

A real estate agent who is also an inspector. Two birds, one ethical stone.

Teaming up with an already established company as a free agent. They get the work, pass it to you and they take a cut.

Financially it sounds great on paper....but future legal fees will cancel that out. <_<

I can hear the judge already. "As an agent, who did you refer to do the inspection?"

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My husband is a licensed inspector and I'm a real estate agent.

There is no way on Earth I would ever be both the licensed realtor and the inspector. The liability for both licensees is too huge as it is. That's a lawsuit waiting to happen, IMO.

I don't even allow my husband to inspect for my clients, due to the liability. He does however, get a HUGE amount of his business through me, by working for agents that I associate with.

I believe the hours for inspectors has greatly increased in the past year and unfortunately, it seems to be one of those careers that everyone thinks they can do, and be successful at - ditto for selling real estate. Neither career is easy; both have liability concerns; both are extremely competitive and both are cyclical in income.

Both my husband and I are self-employed. The one thing his career wins over mine, hand's down, is that his has low overhead. He has a large insurance bill and had to buy tools and software, but other than gas, he's good to go. Not so for me. :wacko:

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