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New Hot Spot In Spring


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Soon a brand new nice, big LA Fitness will be opening up in Spring. The new LA Fitness will be located on I-45 and Cypresswood next to Office Depot, Denny's, and across from Spring High School. From the looks of it, it seems there're half way through construction. 24 Hour Fitness is going to have some competition now.

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My Bally's membership costs me $99/year, but I never, ever get there. Now that LA Fitness is so closeby, and more of a neighborhood facility, I go 4 - 5 times a week. And what's even better for me, is that they are open till midnight Mon - Thurs, and that's right up my alley!! I love it, and don't mind paying $32/month for brand new machines and weights, and a swimming pool that doesn't have fungus/mold growing everywhere. Thanks guys, I love it! :)

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They are not close enough to really have any problem with "competition".

I think they are going after a different market than 24 Hour. Although, they are relatively close (as distances in Houston go) this location will serve the I-45 corridor and east into Spring. The 24 Hour Fitness is just not close enough to do that.

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