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Paul Rudolph in Houston?


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I've been doing some heavy research on Paul Rudolph. In my research I discovered that he designed a house here in Houston in 1972 for John B. Rogers. Do any of you know whether or not this house is still standing, and if so, where? I sure hope it is still with us!

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I went to the authority with this one...

From Stephen Fox:

No house was built to Paul Rudolph's design in Houston. He designed one house, two high-rise office buildings, and a laboratory building addition in Fort worth, a mid-rise office building in Dallas, and a cancer treatment center and a television station in Amarillo.

From me:

Maybe the house was designed but never built? Maybe someone could look up John B. Rogers in their old 1970s phone book and see his address and go find his house...

Good luck!


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lets you do pretty good searches.

input rogers john b in the grantor and grantee fields successively and you get

john b

john berry

john bruce

john butler

as the only possibilities in that timeframe.

Given the columns that provide subdivision and that provide section-block-lot, you should have very few lots to search for modernistic buildings.

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