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TOurs of older historical high rise Bldg's


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Would someone know if any Bldg's in the CBD are open for either guided or self walking tours? I am particularly interested in the much older historical {Gulf, Commerce, Esperson, Cotton Exchange, Humble x3, Shell, BSW, etc} Bldg's.


Danny McLean

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I agree the interior of either Esperson isn't as exciting as its exteriors, though the sleek DMJM Rottet offices are really great, but the extreme opposite of historic. The Humble building is now a hotel/apartment mixed building so the lobby is neat but tiny, and I believe the only thing that is original are the elevator doors, which are fantastic. You can tour these, but you won't get any idea of what it formerly looked like. Chase has a really great lobby. From my experience with downtown buildings the lobbies are sometimes original but other than that they are updated.

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Don't forget 1100 McKinney! It's on the "National Historic Register".

You can walk the lobby. The detail on the doors and elevators is an art form no longer seen.

Unfortunately, they added "Morton's Steakhouse", so now there are technically only two entrances. If they hurt my "bees" on Fannin I just might have to hurt somebody.

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