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Historic Houston School Year Books


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that do indeed have in there collections older historic annual school year books. I know that on several occations a numer of knowledgeable people w/n this group have stated that the Julia Ideson research center of the houston library sys. have a great collection of local historical docs on file @ that facility.

So my question to those of you that have been there have you ever noticed if they have old year books @ the Julia Bldg?


Danny McLean

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Yes they do have a collection of yearbooks. I haven't used the yearbook collection myself but I have seen others making requests and the collection appears to be substantial.

I guess that people have anything and everything to sell. I couldn't believe it when I saw my high school senior annual for sale on EBay. Well, I attended college at both Arkansas State University and at Southeastern Louisiana University. I have annuals from both of those places. Any buyers out there?

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Not sure if this might interest anyone, or if it would apply to anyone here, but I wanted to alert everyone just in case.


I went to a local antique store today, where in the corner they had a stack of old yearbooks. None were from my high school, unfortunately. However, I did see one from Spring Branch Memorial High School and I couldn't believe which yearbook it was. It was the very first edition, Volume 1, from 1963 (Memorial opened in the fall of 1962). The book was in mint condition. And, get this, they wanted exactly $1 for it. That's right, a single dollar.


I went to Aldine High School. I've written about the history of the school and posted about it here in the past. I've been fortunate enough to have seen the first-ever yearbook from Aldine (1940) and was even more fortunate that its owner allowed me to scan it. It's an invaluable piece of history about the school.


Well, for anyone who went to Memorial, here your chance to gain a similar piece of history about your school for practically nothing.


If you are interest in it, let me know and I'll post the location of the antique store. Otherwise, I might just go buy it myself and donate it to the school (although I'm sure they have at least one copy already).

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It's currently a work in progress, but here is a link to the index.

Houston Area Yearbook Series

Currently has 16 active links:

Houston Skylines and Aerials

Houston Street Views (largely from parade photos)

The Houston Zoo

Houston Airports 

Houston Kiddie Rides, Amusement Parks, and Playgrounds

Houston Area Diners, Drugstore Soda Fountains, & Drive-Ins

Houston Area Gas Stations

Houston Area Grocery Markets

Houston Area Music Advertising

Houston Area Mystery Places

Houston Area Restaurants

Houston Area Shopping

Houston Area Snow

Cars & Dealership Photo Ads

Technology Photos

Almeda/Northwest Photos

The ones that would benefit greatly from the collective HAIF wisdom are locations for the Street Views, Skylines/Aerials, and the Mystery Places.


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Great posts! The 1960 Bellaire picture shows a downtown road that's been re-striped to curve one way or another, any idea what that one is? Looks like Main, but where and why would it do that?

Also, the Fina at Richey Road and I-45 seems to have stood (dunno if as a Fina, probably) up until some point in the 1990s when I-45 was widened (it was there in 1995).

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  • The title was changed to Historic Houston School Year Books

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