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Here We Go Again Conroe


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I remember they took that book out of Baytown libraries back in the 80's. All us kids were laughing at them, as they were trying to explain, WHY it was such a bad influence. WHATEVER ? Idiots with nothing better to do.

I have found the reason why those yokel hick Democrats want to get rid of that book.


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It's too bad the few posts about Conroe on this board are negative ones. I happen to like Lake Conroe a lot, but the town seems a little backwards. I bet no one protesting the book has even read it.

I think everyone in Conroe over the age of 60 should be forced to watch "A Clockwork Orange".

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on one hand, i don't think required reading should ever validate vulgarity, unhealthy or unsocial behaviors; however, these things exist in the real world and how we deal with conflict (even if it is a moral or internal conflict) is a part of the growing/maturing process. perhaps some parents wish they didn't have to explain why people say or do the things they do? this is an issue i've personally been faced with frequently. simply because an element of one's required reading (in this case) or mean people are offensive doesn't mean you outlaw or ignore it. it means that you must be strong, tough and tolerant.

i wonder about parents who are overly concerned about such things. yes, it would be nice if everything was NICE and sweet. that "ain't" the world we live in. better that kids "grow up" while at home with mom and pop rather than be thrown into the world and feel like a complete alien or worse, embrace everything contrary to what they've been taught.

"everything is lawful, but not all things are profitable" - the apostle paul.

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