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Hello all,

New to this site, I'm putting together a project in the new City Centre project being built at I-10 and the Beltway by Midway. I'm currently looking for an architect to help with my design concept and interior renderings. The project is a martini lounge/light appetizer grill called H20. I plan on using a number of different water features throughout the project including water walls and a water bar. I'm new to all of this and would appreciate any support/help.

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For real Architects that are licensed please visit the AIA website (www.aia.org). Please note that the companies listed above are not licensed Architects, may not even hold a degree in Architecture or design (i.e. Patrick Berrios Designs) and it is illegal for anyone who is not a licensed registered architect to call themselves an "architect".

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Sorry guys, as I said in the other post, I was wrong. I made an assumption and it was incorrect. Patrick is not an architect. He is still ultra talented though.

For those who did not see my reply I am adding it here too because people really need to be careful of who they are hiring to do there projects and having a degree and a license or certification holds people more accountable for their actions.

Please also ask Patrick where he attend college, you will find that he didn't even get any kind of education past a high school diploma. This may not be important to you, but if I'm going to hire someone to do something like design a structure, they better have some kind of education in it as well as be held accountable in some form by having a license or some sort of certification. If you would take "talent" over a "designation" then I'd sure hate to see who your doctor, lawyer,or so called architect is because that means they never even got an education in the field.
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Steve Gallia, of crescentdesigngroup.com. He used to work for Brand+Allen and specialized in high end retail, like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Can't get higher end than that.

BTW: yes he's a real architect.

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