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Park Place Subdivision

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I live in Glenbrook and use what I think is Park Place for shortcuts to some of my haunts. If I am leaving Hobby and turn left onto Dixie from Broadway, is that neighborhood Park Place ? If so where does it stop being Park Place and become Santa Rosa ? Also, is there a neighborhood called Reveille/Park Place ?

I like that area on the other side of Broadway from Glenbrook and really wish it would pick up. There are some very cool 40's or 50's ranches back in there that haven't been violated on the exterior. Many have cool mod features. The retail on Park Place Blvd is all so trashy looking but some of the buildings are super cool. I hope the quickly coming back Glenbrook Valley will lead some towards Park Place and Santa Rosa so that the retail will pick up on Park Place BLvd as well as Broadway Blvd.

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Toulouse, here is an interesting link from the City of Houston:


and a quote:

Golfcrest/Reveille is a section of southeast Houston located outside Loop 610 between Mykawa and the Gulf Freeway. Subdivisions within this community include Overbrook, Bayou Oaks, Santa Rosa, Greenway, Lum Terrace, Golfcrest, Kings Court, Tropicana Village and Oakland Plaza. Many small industrial facilities are located near Long Drive in the western part of the community. The original Golfcrest Country Club site was redeveloped with a stadium for Houston ISD, public housing and a City park. Most of the homes in the area date from the suburban development after World War II. Many of the more expensive homes were built on heavily wooded sites adjacent to Sims Bayou.

Don't know why they have lumped the two hoods together.

Be sure to look up Park Place too. I was surprised the borders are so small for PP.

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The western boundary of Park Place is roughly De Leon from Sim Bayou to Joplin...and then it wraps around Greenway addition to the freeway and up to the northern boundary of Pine Gully (just north of Detroit).

The south and east boundary is pretty much Sims Bayou.

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I was researching the Glenbrook block books & ran across this..."Glenbrook Ct". It's on the north side of Sims Bayou, listed as Glenbrook. Can't recall a culdesac, think it has mostly business development there now. Right by freeway. Has a penciled reference to Park Place 1929. Most interesting is the Galv. & Hou. Elec. Co. rt.-of-way. Date of survey - 1963. Streets are Newburn, Webster Ave., Dellwood - short st.(on key map).

Another interesting find is that Glenbrook Dr. is actually listed in the Park Place subdivision, on the east side of this block map as well. How confusing, all these Glenbrook names everywhere. In Meadowbrook, in Glenbrook subd., and in Park Place. :wacko:


On another blk book it listed "Katerwood Add." north of Glenbrook, other side of Sims Bayou, in between Reveille Park, and Park Place Add. ^_^

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Wow after all these years! They (DPS) finally moved. The old spot was so inadequate. The Fire Marshall must or should have issued that joint fines for crowding so many into that outdated shack.

That area must be a very old section of the city. I do not recall anyone ever bringing it up on Haif? Check out the craftsman homes one pleasant evening. They must date to the 1910-20's? I bet Isuredid can find some good maps and stories on this nabe.

We calleth out to the Isuredid! ^_^

anyone know what will happen to the old DPS site on Dover?

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I've doing some research about Park Place subdivision, specifically the neighborhood bounded by 45, 610, and Broadway. Can anyone tell me where I can find recent information? (crime stats, demographics, traffic). Someone who lives in that area now would be very helpful. I appreciate the feedback.

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What is interesting is if you drive on Broadway from 610 towards I-45, the streets are in alphabetical order:











Interesting...the Crain developments Pineview Place and Southside Place are like that. Anyone know if Crain had a hand in the development of Park Place? Some of those bungalows look like they could be "Ready-Cut Homes."

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Hats off to the staff at the Park Place Post Office on Broadway.

These folks are top notch on customer service big time! Very professional and helpful and so down to earth! Truly harks back to they way Park Place used to be. We prefer using this facility any day opposed to the Lawndale local. :)

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I never realized 'til today, by looking at this map that Park Place ran so far north of the interurban railway, in between the Gulf Frwy & Broadway Blvd. That's where those nice bungalows are. And that's a very old map, 1915.


(Remember me from the "Meadowbrook Arches" thread?)

You are blowing my mind with your "finds"! Before we lived in Meadowbrook, we lived in Park Place, in the Park Terrace subdivision, on Concord street. A fantastic place to live/play and grow into pre-teens. I was born in '57, and lived on Concord until '66. Then off to nearby Meadowbrook!

That whole area, Park Place, East End, to Palm Center, Gulfgate, Hobby Airport, Telephone Rd. was my stomping ground.

I went to St. Christopher grade school (gr 1-8), 1 year to Deady Jr. High in '71 (gr 9), then to Mt. Carmel (gr 10-12). That 1 yr. at Deady was "interesting"... :)

-Gary K

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go rebs!

Here is some text from a different thread about some of my recollections of growing up in PP and close-by areas:

Born in Houston in '57 (original St. Joseph's bldg. Maternity Ward downtown), I grew up in the Gulf Frwy & Park Place area.

Random remembrances of growing up in early-to-mid 1960s in this area:

Palm Center for JC Penny, Playhouse Toys (yah!), and Walter Pyes

Globe dept. store at Gulfgate was Wal-Mart of its time (?)

Of course, original Gulfgate Mall. My dad used Gulfgate State (?) bank. Dad would take me to One's a Meal and we would sit at the counter and drink a Coke (from a Coke glass with ice). Loved looking in the hobby shop (can't recall its name), bought Este's rocket stuff there eventually. I can vaguely recall Gulfgate before it was enclosed and A/Ced.

Groceries came from Mucasey's (Lucky-7?) grocery on Broadway just north of I-45 (everyone knew Mr. Mucasey), and Weingartens on Park Place just south of I-45

Drugs/prescriptions from Lang's, next to Weingartens

Burgers/Fries/Drinks from the Chuck Wagon (window service only!) also on Broadway close to Mucasey's

Soft-serve ice cream from Tasty Freeze (?) just next door to the Chuck Wagon

Elvis and Disney Movies at the Santa Rosa (Telephone Rd.) and the Broadway (Broadway).

For birthday parties, Peppermint Park (Gulf Frwy by Gulfgate) and occasionally Kiterik (ch. 13).

Was member and attended Park Place YMCA

Church and School at St. Christopher Catholic on Park Place

Playing at Charlton Park next to St. Christopher

I remember the Drive-In (movie) and Frito Lay factory (class field trip) in the Gulfgate area

The Houston Zoo, riding the miniature train at Hermann Park, and the giant locomotive on display there

I remember Astrodome/Astroworld when new and exciting!

I remember a time before loop 610 existed. We went through downtown to get to the Med. Center/dome area.

-Gary K

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Here is some text from a different thread about some of my recollections of growing up in PP and close-by areas:

-Gary K

I remember Peppermint Park off of 610. I always wanted to go there when I was a kid. As an adult, after I got married, I found out that my brother-in-law had worked at Playhouse Toys, and later, I worked with the owner's daughter, Kay. I grew up on the street where Kiterick lived. She was very nice and I remember going to her house on Halloween. I remember watching - the show was live - and there was a little boy that was laughing and I can't remember if it was Kiterick or Skipper that asked him what he was laughing so hard about. He replied, "Leroy farted". And the camera went crazy, like they didn't know what to do. Funniest thing I ever saw on a kid's show.

My next door neighbor was friends with Don Mahoney's daughter when she was a teenager, and she visited quite often. Houston seemed so much smaller then. We lived on Potomac between San Felipe (pronounced San Fillipy, not San Fell e pay) - we were not that pretentious- and Woodway. Not quite Tanglewood, and not quite Briargrove. We were like the red-headed stepchild. It was called Westhaven Estates, and until 1978, it had big ditches on either side and and an asphalt road-and homes go for about $600k plus there now.- this is the same street that the Houston Country Club is on. I remember we could leave our bikes on the front porch - (we NEVER kept them in the garage) and we never once had any problems with having them stolen. Unbelieveable now.

Does anyone remember Sonny Look's restaurant? Is was where The Palm restaurant is now on Westheimer, next to Bering's. At night they had some poor guy in full knight's armor (no kidding!!) come out on Westheimer (where Greenridge is now) on a white horse into the middle of the road to attract diners. The horse wore blinders, like they did during jousting. What memories !

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Thanks for sharing your great memories of Park Place, my favorite neighborhood ever but especially as a child growing up there in the 1950's! I lived directly across the street from Charlton Park, behind St. Christopher's Catholic Church. Where else could a kid have everything they wanted within walking distance? Charlton Park provided endless adventures with its hills, weaving concrete bicycle trails, the bayou for rafting down to the Glenbrook Golf Course to collect golf balls and walk across their wonderful suspension brides that swayed in the breeze, Charlton's old clubhouse which offered unlimited activities for kids including crafts, dancing lessons, Brownie meetings, musical entertainment on Saturdays for kids by an elderly woman who would gather the kids round the piano and sing old favorites like "The Yellow Rose of Texas" and "Oh, Susanna", talent shows and where a kid could check out any board game or piece of sports equipment for a couple of hours. You could earn a few coins by offering to chase the tennis balls that inevitably flew over the fence on the park's tennis courts. And if no one was playing tennis, the red clay courts were a great place to skate.

I remember old Mr. Mucasey from Mucasey's Lucky 7 Grocery Store on the corner of Park Place Blvd. & Broadway. He would often give kids a piece of penny candy. And I remember the "old" white Lang's Drug Store on Broadway with its soda fountain and Mr. Lang, a partially balding man with black hair, a mustache and a friendly manner. You could catch the bus on the corner of Lang's and Barnett's Grocery and travel to downtown Houston. On these bus trips, I was always fascinated watching the draw bridge stop traffic to allow a ship to pass through.

Was The Variety Store on Broadway by the post office still there in the 60's? It was similar to a 5 and 10, and a kid with a dollar had unlimited purchasing power. The public library on Park Place Blvd. adjacent from St. Christopher's was one of my favorite haunts. A kid by himself could check out as many books as he could carry home. Sometimes, the library had a magic show on Saturdays. One time the magician gave me an invisible egg which I carefully guarded all the way home.

You probably remember St. Christopher's Catholic Church and its incredible bazaars in the big lot behind the church facing Lynn St. They had cakewalks, raffles, games and other fun activities. One time I won a lovely Madame Alexander bride doll with a big "diamond" ring on her finger and another time a beautiful cake. A kid with a few coins could always count on winning something! Park Place Elementary held an annual Halloween Carnival at night. They usually had a spookhouse in the old main building. I remember I was about 7 years old, it was very dark as I entered the spook house, and some unknown ghoulie with ice cold hands grabbed my bare ankles. Scary!

Like you, I have fond memories of the Tastee Freeze and their chocolate dipped cones, the Chuck Wagon where you stood outside to wait until they blared your order was ready over the loudspeaker, the Winkler Drive-In, Playhouse Toy Store, the Santa Rosa Theater with kiddie shows on Saturday and Broadway Theater where I first saw Godzilla, the rides at Peppermint Park, all that good stuff memories are made of.

Park Place was truly a magical place, a child's dream come true!

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Alpine Brauhaus Restaurant on Telephone. I remember eating there at 3 years old (1973-ish) with our German Great Grandmother. We lived within walking distance.

And I had my graduation dinner at their Webster location in 1995.

I also remember the pony rides.

My family bolted for the burbs in 1975 to avoid my staring kindergarten in HISD. I would have gone to the elementary that was/is on Joplin.

Likely the elementary school was Park Place Elementary.

It's not actually on Joplin, the address is on Park Place, however, the school has a large frontage on Joplin.

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I'm looking for a map of Park Place Town, which was a town independent of Houston, prior to 1927, when it was annexed by Houston.

I'm working on a genealogy project for 1920.  I have addresses for folks who lived in Park Place Town in 1919-1921.  I need to know the names of the same streets today, so that I may plot them on a current 2020 map.


I found a Harris County plat map from 1913 that show the numbered streets, so I can map those to current.  They are east-west streets:

10th St in 1920 is now Detroit St.

9th St is now Easton St.

8th St is now Findlay St.

7th St. is now Grafton St.

6th St. is now Hartford St.

5th St. is now Ithaca St.

4th St. is now Joplin St.

I noticed someone else posted the names of the streets are in alphabetical order and I found that interesting, too.


The north-south streets:

Broadway Blvd. became Broadway St.

Western St. is now Berkley St.

Colorado St. is now Dover St.


I'm missing:

California St. is now ?? What?

Oregon St. is now ?? What?


Park Place Blvd. is still that, Park Place Blvd.


The 1915 topographic map someone posted is such a wonderful map !!! But it has so few street names on it


Also, the 1920 census enumerator listed the people and the street names but with no house numbers.  Egad.  why would he omit the house numbers.

The 1920-21 and 1924 City Directory sometimes has a listing for these people, but all it says is they live in Park Place.  No address.  It was outside the city of Houston at that time.


If anyone has any ideas for me, I sure would appreciate it.

Thank you.

Mary Hollis






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Hi Mary,


Oregon is now Colgate

California is now Erie

Park Place has always been Park Place as far as I know.



1st was changed to Newburn and is now Dixie

2nd is now Moline

3rd is now Kingsley

Oklahoma is now Gulf

Alabama is now Hastings

Georgia is now Jennings

Webster is now the Southbound Gulf Freeway

Stone is now the Northbound Gulf Freeway

(Stone and Webster built the Interurban - It was also Winkler before the Freeway was built)


I think that's all the streets in Park Place proper.   Hope this helps. 

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