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Lawn Care guys

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As I've previously mentioned in other posts, I'm leaving town soon to get married and go on my honeymoon. Since I'll be out of town for about three weeks, I was looking at hiring some service for mowing/trimming my lawn and watering plants/trees as needed. Watering may not be an issue but three weeks without rain could be a bad thing. I've already lost one tree and had it replaced by the builder and now the second one is dying/dead. I spoke with an arborist and he said that the original trees (live oak) were planted much too deep and buried under soil and mulch. I don't know if they'll replace this second tree but I certainly don't want to lose the other tree. If I need to put in a new tree, it's not going in until November, that's for sure.

I've only been living there for a couple of months so I don't really feel comfortable asking neighbors to do anything. Anyone have any suggestions and pricing for such a task?


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