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Houston sightings


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Drake says he bought a home in Houston. He says Houston is the city that started his career. He was in town for 2 shows Sunday and Monday night at Toyota Center.


"Let me to tell you something. I'm excited I get to share this with night two. I had to make it official first, but, I've been looking for a long time, trying to figure out, you know, the right place, for me to live, where I belong outside of Toronto. And I finally, after all these years, found me a place in Houston, Texas, So y'all be seeing me a lot. Yeah," Drake said to the audience.


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Houston Chronicle Continues its Campaign to Prove "Math is Hard"

Today's Chronicle treats us to the headline:  "More renters and homeowners moved to Austin and Dallas than Houston since 2019, study finds".

If one bothers to read the article, one finds that (1), the "study" did not even purport to examine or demonstrate how many people moved to Austin, Dallas or Houston (2) the "study" did not show larger numbers for Austin than for Houston.

What the study examined was the percentage (and by extrapolation, the number) of homeowners and renters who moved into their current homes since 2019.  It tells us nothing whatsoever about how many people moved to the respective cities from elsewhere.

The numbers reported by the study (that the Chronicle can't grasp):

Austin has 955,207 occupied housing units; "about 39%" of them (372,531) are occupied by people who moved into them since 2019.

Dallas has 2.8 million occupied housing units; "almost 35% (910,000) are occupied by people who moved into them since 2019.

Houston has 2.6 million occupied housing unit; "34%" (884,000) are occupied by people who moved in to them since 2019.

Again, this was falsely reported by the Chronicle as showing that more people moved to Austin since 2019 than moved to Houston. What it actually shows is that more people in Houston moved in to their current residence since 2019 than did so in Austin. (And even more did so in Dallas.)  This one is especially maddening because they took the story directly from Lending Tree, which reported it correctly!  I guess they are also demonstrating to us that English is hard.




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I was wondering if anyone else had heard Dennis Rodman has leased offices in Montrose Common-- just underneath LiveNation?

one of the restaurant hosts was excited to tell me, they had spotted him a week or so ago and asked a few questions.......

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