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U.S. Highway 90 cosigned w/I-10 -- Katy to East Houston

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Even on today's maps U.S. 90 is still shown as cosigned with I-10 from Katy to East Houston. But there are no sign markers for US 90, not even underneath the I-10 shields. Now is it still in commission as an unsigned segment of the route?? Or did TxDot decommission it thru Harris County along this portion of, if so, and how long ago was this?? I had to ask because I know TxDot in Dallas decommssioned U.S. 77 as cosigning with I-35E and U.S. 67 which follows RL Thornton Freeway alignment (that's I-35E South and I-30 East).

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IH-45 ends in Downtown Dallas, so US 75 is the highway sign all the way to the Oklahoma border. I don't know why they can't just expand IH-45 to Kansas City. US 75 is already a freeway past Oklahoma. Not sure about elsewhere, though.

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US 90 is just unsigned through Houston where it travels the same route as I-10.

US 75 was officially decommissioned in the mid-1980s south of the interchange with the Woodall Rogers Freeway in Dallas. The reason US 75 is not I-45 all the way up to Kansas City is that there are many sections in Oklahoma that would need substantial upgrades to receive interstate designation.

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