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Venue Club At 719 Main St.


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Crome hasnt closed, but drive by Sun (new convertible, wasting time) and man it was crowded....with the old Sams Boat crowd...friends needed better description, so I told them it was ghetto fabulous (?) ..or something close to that....sooo curious as to what actually happens in there...ex did a show there the other day and said it was the 30k millionaire scene

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Crome is going strong, especially on Sundays (much of The Social crowd has shifted there).

Went to Venue a few weekends ago, had a great time. they have a live band that covers hip hop, pop, whatever. and they're really good. the place is really big on the inside, reminded me of a club in ny or miami.

walked by last Saturday, and there were probably 100 Asians outside trying to get in with no luck. not sure if there was a party there or what, but we just kept walking. Main was looking good that night.

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  • The title was changed to Venue Club At 719 Main St.

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