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For Sale: The Ultimate Girly Cell Phone


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Click here for a larger, more detailed photograph.


Click here for a larger, more detailed photograph.


Click here for a larger, more detailed photograph.

This is a most unusual cell phone. The Panasonic G70 is definitely targeted at women, but it's a good spare for anyone who needs one.

The phone is shaped like a makeup compact, and opens like a clam. To continue the makeup theme, the buttons are arranged around the center in a circle, and there's even a button which turns the screen into a mirror, so women can adjust their makeup. It also has a built-in biorhythm calculator so women can check their moodiness. And it's super small (less than 2.5" x 3.5") so it fits in even very small purses.

It's the ultimate girly phone, and very unique. You're not going to see one like this in the local cell phone store.

Not surprisingly, this was my wife's phone. She bought it last November in Australia, and has now moved on to a new pink Nokia, so we don't need this one anymore.

The phone is a tri-band (900/1800/1900) GSM phone, so it works in North America, Europe, and most of Asia. Tested in Chicago, London, and Sydney. And since it's a GSM phone, if you have T-Mobile or Cingular, you can just pop your SIM card in it and you're in business.

If you're already a T-Mobile or Cingular customer, this would be a good spare phone, or maybe a starter phone for a young girl.

If you're headed overseas, you could bring this phone and buy a pre-paid SIM card over there and have a cell phone that works while you're traveling.

The phone does GPRS, and is capable of browsing the WAP pages on the internet with its 128x96 tiny screen. The inside screen is color. The outside screen is monochrome, and can display an analog clock, and also displays incoming call and text message information.

Comes with the phone, a battery, and a charger. The charger is Australian, so it also comes with an adapter to use it in the United States. Interestingly, the phone charges through the headphone jack. Go figure.

Now for the bad part -- the microphone isn't what it should be. It has a static problem. But if you use a standard cell phone earphone with it, it works flawlessly. We bought one at a drug store for $5.

Because of the microphone problem, I can't ask much for it. So how does $40 sound (plus $8 Priority Mail shipping)? Pretty good for a phone. And if you're handy, maybe you could replace the microphone on your own. I have the service manual as a PDF so I'll e-mail that to you, if you'd like to try.

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I would not disagree about it being targeted toward women, because I thought it was a birth control pill dispenser when I first saw it!

I knew it looked familiar! It would make me wonder how many women kept pushing down waiting for the pill to pop out if they were either too drunk or too sleepy to realize they got the a phone instead.

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