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Willow Fork Country Club At 21055 Westheimer Pkwy.

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Does anyone have experience with the golf/country clubs in the area? Our neighborhood is associated with Meadow Brook Farms Golf Club, but while we love the course we wished it had more non-golf facilities and services. We have friends that like Pecan Grove (Sugar Land area) but wanted to get other opinions...

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the falcon point club has golf and dining facilities. it belongs to club corp, a privately owned business which is in charge of thousands of clubs across the US. If you belong to club corp you belong to many other clubs in Houston. Some include: the Westlake Club (in the BP energy center), the University Club (atop the Galleria), and the Downtown Club (I believe in the Pennzoil building)

another golf club in Katy is Willowfork Country Club (off westheimer). It was designed by Kickerillo has a community golf club for his surrounding developments. The lay out of the club is not that nice and they do not offer a vast facility in the way of athletics. I cannot say anything on their golf course.

lastly, there is the equestrian center which is basically a country club off mason. I do not know much about it.

...unless anything else has been built in the past few years, this is all I can think of

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I live in Katy and I am a member of Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club in Richmond. It's only 15 to 20 minutes away and really is a great facility that is extremely reasonable. The club recently hit their target for memberships and unlocked $600,000+ in capital improvements around the complex and golf course. Although they aren't that far from being waitlisted, you wouldn't know it. On Saturday mornings it looks like it's very busy, but we routinely finish 18 holes in less than 4 hours. They run it very well. The staff is excellent and extremely curtious. Monica Cotton is the membership director and is very helpful. You can reach her at 281-342-9940. The golf course is in great shape, except for the bunkers. A large chunk of the capital fund is going towards redoing the traps. If you have children it's fantastic. On Friday nights and some Saturday nights they have babysitters for your children (5 and up & while you're at the club) and the cost is only $5. If you have any more questions about Pecan Grove, post it here or e-mail me and I'll help you as best I can. I've been a member since September and am happy as ever that I joined.

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