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Avoid Pho 518 In Pearland

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this past week i coerced a coworker to have lunch at "pho 518" in pearland (rather than the usual tex mex fare). the food not only lacked flavor, it was peculiar. the service was abysmal. the meats were cheap. bo luc lac is usually filet mignon (at least in my experience). this was the cheapest of stew meat. the soup tasted like it had coco or cardimom (sp?), flavors i've never known to be in traditional vietnamese pho. the vietnamese egg rolls, usually a favorite, were mushy and greasy. no homemade vietnamese rolls here. to top it off, the fish sauce and the peanut sauce were watered down.

there, i had my rant. AVOID "pho 518" in pearland. :angry2:

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Sorry you had such a rotten time, but that wasn't our experience. We found the two owners to be very nice and the food to be solid. However, I would say that the best place for Vietnamese in Pearland is further down the road - Thanh Phuong at 3236 Broadway. I love the ginger chicken, and I've eaten this dish in much bigger Chinatowns (where the competition is fiercer).

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I eat at Pho 21 at westpark and gessner all the time and love it. I felt Pho 518 was kind of weak but didnt hate it. I was there opening night and it was cute having a 6 year old filling my tea.... she would only fill it about half way... lol. When I lived in pearland I would often get thier pork-bbq with vermicelli for take out when we had guests over.

I never knew about Thanh Phuong. :(

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