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5000 Gulf Freeway-the old Schlumberger bldg.

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That's great news, as long as they have respect for the old girl...and don't change her too much, or shall I say, "bring the property up to code or make it usable" with respect to the original design. What a great research subject, as well.

yes i hope that this can be a kickoff to revitilizing the area since the building looks old and unused its finally being put to some use and UH can lead the way in wind and alternative energies. only fitting for UH being in the middle of the energy capital of the world.

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I used to produce training videos for SLB (Schlumberger) a couple years ago, and I know for a fact that SLB still uses the property right next to the huge office building we're taling about. In this complex are some very huge stone cylinders of different types stone that are buried into the ground. It is here that downhole tools are lowered, tested, and calibrated for a particular formation that the tools may be used in. To move these huge stone cylinders would probably cost the company millions, and, they can't simply leave these in the ground either. So, this part of SLB still operates there.

Patrick McLoad

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