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Actor Shane Mcdermott From Airborne; Realtor In Galveston

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Would you believe me if I said I was thinking about Shane McDermott just hours ago? No kidding. :o

I was looking for information about him a couple of weeks ago and was reading the message board under his name at imdb.com. The last updates people had on him were from a couple of years ago and they pretty much said he had become disgusted with Hollywood and just up and left. I thought I had read before that he was originally from Spring.

Anyway, I was thinking about him again today and here you go bringing him up. :cue Twilight Zone theme: He's not exactly a household name.

Where did you hear he was working as a real estate agent in Galveston?

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A little trivia: Do you guys remember that movie Airborne with Shane Mcdermott, and unknown Jack Black? Well the main character (Shane McDermott) is a current real estate agent in Galveston.

Here's a link with his picture and more info on him



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I love that movie, it was actually on last week on ENCORE or STARZ. I watch it everytime, no matter what part I come in on if I'm flippin channels. The final Blading scene is outrageous, nice action sequences in the last 15 minutes of that movie. I was wondering whatever happened to that kiddo, good to see he ditched Hollywood before Hollywood ditched him, and he didn't go all Jonathan Brandis on us. Glad to see he is local now. I have a pitch for a sequel to Airborne though, wonder if McDermott reads this forum. Hey Shane PM me bro.

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Insane! Again I'm not kidding! I was listening to "Heartbeat, It's a Lovebeat" by the Defranco Family yesterday on my iPod and playing it on the piano. That song was before my time, but I have a CD of 70's teen idols that I've had since I was teenager. I love 70's music.

Now if someone mentions the theme from "Airplane!" it's going to get quite spooky.

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