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Crane going up this weekend according to the FAA filing.  

Well since these models have been revealed, I guess I can probably post the renderings...

Posted Images

Speaking of Apache, has anyone heard any rumors about this project. I've read in the business section where they have sold off several large tracts of leases recently and altered their direction in plans for the future energy wise but I haven't heard one word about what I think would be a very nice addition to this stretch of Post Oak. Can anyone shed any light on this project.

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Photos from Sunday morning. Was surprised how Hanover's tower shows up relatively well from a number of vantage points inside the loop...



-From the Target on San Felipe near the Westcreek site.



-From Greenway/Upper Kirby


And finally the site itself













-The Apache site





-New structures, façade & sign



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They started taking down the crane at the Hanover tower yesterday. Sorry for the hazy picture, it was right after the rain had stopped.




It's only a matter of time before the east side of Pist Oak has towers as well


 As someone who lives on the east side of Post Oak and who's view would be seriously blocked by one, I really hope it's a LONG time. ;)

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Wasn't able to take a pic, but True Food Kitchen on the north side of the building seriously looks ready to open any time now...signs up, furniture in and lots of activity...

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EEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!  GHOSTS!!!!!!  It's not even finished and it's already haunted!!!


I know!  He looks like one of the ghosts from the "I see dead people" movie ... the one in which the ghosts don't know they are dead and continue their daily activities!

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Woo! Another tower!

And yeah, the BLVD Place plans have had 2 Apache tower footprints in it's plans for a while, though I haven't heard anything about it. I just assumed it would be a placeholder plot for future expansion of Apache.

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True Food Kitchen in the new BLVD Place opens July 29th...they have a job fair going on now! Also while i dont have a photo, they put the "Whole Foods Market" large letters/signage up in front of the building/on top of the entrance...really cant wait to have this open just a block north west of my office and a block south east of my apartment!

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In December they will open a similar concept called Peska in BLVD Place in the Galleria/Uptown area.

When customers walk in to the upscale Peska, they will see a 16-foot-long ice case displaying fresh fish from around the world. A "seafood sommelier" will take them to the display and guide them through the market catches of the day, helping them pick fish for their meal.

The fresh fish on ice, unusual for an upscale Houston eatery, gives Peska what the restaurant world calls a point of difference.

"Within the last few years we've seen the Houston restaurant scene become transformed," Diego Ysita said, and in a city where dining standards are high, it helps to offer something a little different.

Emily Durham, president of Houston-based Restaurant Connections, a market consulting and real estate brokerage firm, agreed that a one-of-a-kind restaurant can have an advantage in Houston's highly competitive restaurant environment.

Ideally, she said, a new-to-market concept should be easy for the public to understand.

If it's so different that it needs explanation, it can be a challenge. For example, she said, restaurant customers had to be educated when tapas first came to Houston.

Sometimes an out-of-the-ordinary restaurant does best in a particular neighborhood, she said. For example, Underbelly is on Lower Westheimer in Montrose, home to a number of cutting-edge restaurants.

Underbelly - a farm-and-ranch-to-table restaurant with a butcher, in-house curing and more cuts of meats than most restaurants - might not thrive in every area, she said. Nothing may ever be completely new under the sun, of course, including Peska's fish display on ice.

For example, J&J Seafood in southwest Houston also has a fish market and kitchen, but it is more basic, and mostly a to-go operation.

Chris Tripoli, president of A'La Carte Foodservice Consulting Group, who helped tweak the Peska concept and provided operations assistance, had to venture outside Texas to find another high-end seafood market/restaurant and found one in Las Vegas, he said.

Peska will be more international than the La Traineras in Mexico, Tripoli said, and the menu will include Mediterranean, European and Latin American flavors. Fish will be flown in from places as distant as Italy, Spain or Alaska and as close as the Gulf of Mexico. Customers also will be able to order off the menu and to buy whole fish by the pound to go.

The 6,000-square-foot restaurant will be at the corner of San Felipe and Post Oak Lane in Phase 2 of BLVD Place, and have a bar and patio.

The Uptown/Galleria area has become a restaurant hub, said Ed Wulfe, chairman and CEO of Wulfe & Co., developer of BLVD Place.

"Restaurants bring energy to a retail center," he said.

Phase 1 of BLVD Place has two - RDG & Bar Annie and Table on Post Oak.

Phase 2, under construction, will have five restaurants, and Wulfe said Peska is among three that have been announced. The others are True Food Kitchen, opening at the end of July, and North, opening in late fall. Whole Foods Market also will open a grocery there in early fall.



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