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Finally back from Asia and able to take pictures again. They have all of the scaffolding down, and (seen in the last picture) they have gotten going on paving the road that will become the hilariously named BLVD Place Dr.

From today:




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Interesting comment.  Yeah, it's got a curved variation on the bent 1980s shape of the building on Sage.  Doesn't have the classic 1980-ish half-circular balconies, though.  But, it does have a faddish element from the late 90s, too.  Don't know how to describe it ... the white concrete frames on the facade that enclose two stories and make them seem like one at first glance.  There's at least one building in downtown from that era that has those, though there are more around.


Despite the borrowed cliches, I still think it's better looking than the place on Sage.  At least, if the rendering is a trustworthy guide!  :-)

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Another rendering of Hanover Post Oak. The architect Solomen Cordwell Buenz, is also working on the design for the 30-Story high-rise by Hanover that will go up in Montrose.


So, things have changed with the economy. We’re working in Texas, too. We have three projects in Texas. Two in Houston, one in Austin. In Houston, we’re doing one on Post Oak.


We’re doing another building over in the Montrose area and that’s in more of an urban area.





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I'm not sure what to think. I like the other side better but ill have to wait until its completed.


My first reaction was the opposite, but I agree we'll have to wait and see.  Despite that, I do like the curved, non-boxy shape of the other side.


Good catch by Urbannizer, though!  It's interesting to finally see what the south facade will look like.  

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5050 Ambassador Way, just southwest of BLVD Place, is being marketed by HFF. Probably a really good site for a residential highrise.


How about they just put in the high rise that was originally intended when they built the Ambassador?! ;)



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