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Plumber Referral Needed

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I live in midtown and need a referral for a good plumber for a small project. Any help is appreciated!!

I'm resurrecting this thread 'cause I need the gas line for my dryer moved. I was planning to do it myself this morning, but I couldn't get the shutoff on the gas meter to budge, and there's no way to get a cheater on the end of the wrench because of the pressure regulator...so I'll let it be somebody else's problem. :)

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I have read very good reviews about:

Chavez Plumbing


http://www.chavezplumbing.reliabilitymall.com/ (small page through BBB membership)

They are Better Business Bureau members and seem to have a clean record with them.

I have always had good luck using www.servicemagic.com to find contractors. Give it a shot.

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