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George H. Hermann Charity Hospital At 800 Bagby St.

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I found the "original" Hermann Hospital!  It was indeed planned to be on Fannin Street in the Texas Medical Center, but something changed and G.H. Hermann bought some land on Bagby & Rusk in Downtown and a proposal by Alfred C. Finn was drawn.

From the newspaper The Houston Post dated July 22, 1917.

Work to Begin Ninety Days on Hermann Hospital

The dreams of Houston's benefactor, the late George Hermann, are about to be realized. Within a short period of time the Hermann Charity Hospital is to be built.  After about seven months of consideration, the plans have been finally completed and further delay in building the structure will be unnecessary.

It was the fulfillment of this dream, above all other hopes and aspirations, in which the late philanthropist was wrapped up and upon which he had set his heart. Years before his death, which occurred almost three years ago, the though uppermost in his mind was to provide an institution for the indigent sick.

And finally, the piot has been designated, the plans have been approved an according to the architect, Afred C. Finn, bids will soon be advertisement for construction.

The delay in the building of the hospital has been caused by the other of the executors and trustees to convert a large portion of the Hermann estate. Which was unproductive into income-bearing property. This has occasioned considerable time and effort but has resulted in creating an endowment sufficiently large to proceed with the project. Some of the property which has been disposed of to secure additional funds is the land in the oil fields at Humble.

Hospital Grounds South of Hermann Park.

The plot constituting the hospital grounds is just south of Hermann Park, it has a frontage of 72 feet on Main street and runs back o the park for a distance of 1278 feet, containing a total of 20-1/2 acres.

It was this plot which Mr. Hermann set aside in his will “for the purpose of a hospital to be erected thereon to be known as the Hermann hospital.”

The plans call for an institution comprising several structures or units, all of which will erected from a central structure or administration building. It is this building which will be built first.

According to the present plans, work on the administration building will be started in 90 days. This building will be erected at a point 360 feet back from Main street. Midway between Main street and the building will be the Hermann monument.

Administration Building Three Stories and Basement
The administration building will be of three stories and a basement. The basement will, in realty, be a first floor. This building will accommodate 82 ward patients. It will have 18 private rooms and two children's wards that will care for be free. However, persons who are able to pay for treatment will inevitable wish take advantage of the accommodations of the hospital and will want to pay for them. The 18 private rooms are for the persons and for such cases as will demand isolation for reasons other than possible contagion.

The building will be 160 feet long. In the part of the plat near Hermann park, well separated from the other buildings will be the contagious group.

The six other units will be connected to the administration building by covered corridors. These will be erected as the patronage of the hospital requires them. Other buildings will be such as the superintendent's home, buildings for the nurses, the power house, the laundry building and the others indicated by numbers in the accompany picture.

The trustees, T.J. Ewing, J.J. Settegast, Jr., and John S. Stewart, with the architect, Alfred C. Finn, all of Houston are being congratulated upon the result of the months of study.
Operating Rooms On The Top Floor.
On the top floor of the building a twin set of rooms for the care of patients who are to be operated upon; Two operating rooms will make it possible for two operations to be performed at the same time.

A feature of this floor and all other--




Birdseye view of the proposed George H. Hermann Charity hospital buildings and grounds. The shows the grounds will look after all of the buildings of the hospital group are completed. The first unit or administration building is shown in the center of the picture. Work on it will start in ninety days.



First unit or administration bundling of the George H. Hermann Charity Hospital group. From this building the other units of the group will be constructed as they are needed. Because of the difficult details in construction of hospital buildings it may require from eight to twelve months to complete the work on this first building of the group.


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A year later another article from The Houston Post was written on January 27, 1918.

Will Soon Start Work on George Hermann Hospital

Architect has completed plans and will receive bids this week for modern structure- will be located on block at Rusk and Bagby.

Announcement that the first George H. Hermann hospital will soon be a reality was made by the executors and trustees under the will of the millionaire philanthropist Saturday. The plans, which have been drawn by architect Alfred C. Finn, are now complete and reedy for the inspection of contractors, who are invited to submit bids this week.

The hospital will be built on the block known as 152, facing Bagby and Rusk. The entire block having been reserved for that purpose. The sum of $100,000 was set aside in Mr. Hermann's will for constriction purposes, but is expected that the cost of the hospital when fully complete will be considerable more than that.

The executors and trustees, T.J. Ewing, Jr., J.J. Settegast Jr. and John S. Stewart, always had in mind constructing the hospital on the 10-acre site, near the Rice Institute, and the close to the George H. Hermann Park. This it is known was the desire of Mr. Hermann indicated shortly before his death. However, his will, executed some years before his death, specifically designated block 152, and attorneys of the executors have advised them that the terms of the will must strictly adhered to--



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Both the original design of the HH downtown hospital and HH TMC hospital grouped into one newspaper article.

From The Houston Post dated July 1, 1923.




Above- View of main unit of Hermann Hospital now being constructed.
Center- Drawing of city-county hospital, plans for which were approved last week.
Below- Unit of new Methodist Hospital to be completed soon.


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