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Richmond Grill At 4811 Old Richmond Rd.

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Love this cool, old, simple building!

Does anyone remember the Richmond Grill restaurant? Looking on Google Maps, that Bellaire intersection is a busy corner! Anyone know where exactly this was?

Found in the newspaper Southwestern Times dated April 25, 1946.

Work is haled on an expansion program for the Richmond Grill a 4811 Old Richmond Road as its owners, Gordon Edge and W.D. Ball, and the City of Bellaire engage in suits and counter-suits.


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  • The title was changed to Richmond Grill At 4811 Old Richmond Rd.

This is very briefly mentioned on Gordon Edge's son Bill's website. 


He started his own restaurant in 1946 about where 610 and Bissonnet meet today. He decided to expand the building and the neighbors sued for deed restrictions. He lost the case and always considered that the best thing that ever happened to him was going broke in Bellaire. He reopened near River Oaks in 1948 and operated a restaurant close to River Oaks the rest of his life.

The "restaurant close to River Oaks" was longtime Houston fine-dining establishment The Confederate House, which later became the State Grille before closing in 2008. 

Gordon Edge Sr 

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