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Does Sugar Land Have The Highest Asian Percentage In The South?


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If you go to the axis of FM 1960 and Veterans Memorial, especially when you go north/south on the latter...there are beaucoup Asian commercial strip centers all over the place. It's an area that's not mentioned as much due to the attention that New Chinatown and Sugarland get. It's amazing though. Vets Memorial isn't as urbane as New Chinatown but despite that open roadway feel, it is even more loaded than Atlanta's much ballyhooed Buford Hwy...their "International Strip" (as if a true cosmopolitan city needs to designate a name like that on tourist brochures).

And yeah, I grew up in Alief starting with my high school years, Elsik High being my old stomping grounds. I'm proud of that diversity too.

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Well Atlanta is weak....

On the "International Strip" in the ATL, we did not see a single Filipino restaurant. Well, there was this one place that had some decent Vietnamese pho...

But on Veteran's Memorial alone, there are two Filipino eateries that serve NW Houston's population: 'Tuff Pinoy and then Pampanga's Finest. The former is more of a club with a menu...where as Pampanga's is a buffet-style with some excellent kare-kare (peanut butter beef stew for the adventurous).

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