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TexasLand Amusement Park Proposal - Somewhere in the Houston Area

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Saw a profile of this idea in Texas Monthly.  The person heading this is working on commissioning a study for development to be funded through a kickstarter page. They have surpassed their goal of $71k and are now at almost $82k.


“I realized that Texas broadly, and Houston specifically, has all the metrics that my team look[ed] for: a massive and burgeoning population, a business-friendly environment, and, from the content side of things, a unique identity.” Houston hasn’t had a theme park since Astroworld closed in 2005, a decision McGee reminded me was made because the park sat on Six Flags’ most valuable land, which the company chose to sell, not because Astroworld wasn’t profitable. 

Here's a broad overview of what they want to do from their kickstarter.


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Sounds like they are rehashing the original plans of the one that was to be built in New Caney.    Grand Texas was going to have a Texas themed amusement park,  but all they ended up with was the water park/adventure park + RV park and racetrack.


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