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Berkeley, YIMBYs, and NIMBYs

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That was an interesting read, great article. 

I always had difficulty understanding why there were people who held what I thought were pretty incongruous views re: development compared to their other social policy positions. (Like When the author mentioned both the anti-BART signs and “in this house”-esque signs in the same yard)

The author did a good job explaining how this tied into other “left-wing” causes back in the day, and how there are still people who hold that worldview today. It makes a lot more sense with that context, plus explaining the pulling-up-the-ladder attitude that was/is(?) common with people who moved to CA.

It was very sad to hear about people coming to terms with the idea that their kids would never be able to afford to live in the area that they grew up in. I don’t believe people are necessarily entitled to live wherever they want, but what’s happened in CA is on a totally different level of unaffordable. These kids would have to be extremely wealthy to even afford a modest little bungalow- that’s insane to me. 

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