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Thought it might be time to start a thread for things that are happening in Texoma. Well, the not Wichita Falls-area Texoma. 

Given that the TI and Globalwafers projects are both underway and expected to be large population drivers, there will likely be a fair amount of development following them sooner than later. The trend was already heading in that direction as the metroplex pushes further north. 





"The Cottonwood site on FM 902 just off U.S. Highway 75 is south of the city of Sherman, where large semiconductor plants that will employ a combined 5,000 or more workers are under construction by Dallas-based Texas Instruments (Nasdaq: TI) and Taiwanese company GlobalWafers Co.

“We know that Cottonwood will be a community which will bring pride to the town of Dorchester, Grayson County and Howe ISD,” Mehrdad Moayedi, CEO and president of Centurion American Development Group, said in a prepared statement.

A Municipal Utility District has been established on the property, which allows the development to offer increased amenities and a range of affordable housing, enabling the property to be competitive within the market, Moayedi said. 

The concept plan includes a mixed-use community including residential, commercial and office use. The overall project is expected to consist of roughly 4,000 single-family lots, 1,400 rental units and 250,000 square feet of commercial and retail space."

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The northern frontier of the McKinney suburbs currently stands at Anna, Texas, ten or eleven miles south of this site.  If this development goes forward as announced, there will definitely be only a ten mile suburbanization gap along US 75.

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"The initial phase of Texas Instruments’ massive semiconductor manufacturing campus under construction in Sherman will have an estimated cost topping $2.2 billion and cover more than 4.2 million square feet, according to construction documents filed this week with the state.

The scope of work consists of a large building with two semiconductor clean rooms, utilities, warehousing, material loading docks, garage parking, and an administration building and support buildings connected to the main fabrication facility.

Details of the project under way at 501 W. Shepard Drive in Sherman were included in a Texas Department and Licensing Regulations registration document."



"The small Grayson County city of Van Alstyne, with a population of about 6,500, is attempting to grow its industrial and commercial base, as well as its residential, as the city of Sherman 15 miles to the north adds two major semiconductor manufacturing plants and thousands of jobs over the next several years.

The Van Alstyne EDC bought 67.3 acres for the new industrial park for just over $1.98 million and has begun planning for the necessary infrastructure work for the new park, Williams said."

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) - Sherman Planning and Zoning approved a type of business it hasn’t seen in years: a hotel.

“Hotels don’t generally go to areas that there not needed, so I believe this is a great indication of what’s happening in that area,” said City Council Member Shawn Teamann. “As Sherman continues to grow and our traffic and our traffic on Highway 75 continues to increase we need places for folks to stay.”

That’s why Sherman Planning and Zoning approved a five-story 125-room Springhill Suites Hotel.

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"Developer Craig International plans to build a more than 3,100-acre project on the south shore of Lake Texoma about an hour and a half north of Dallas.

The Preston Harbor community is planned to include more than 7,000 residential units, including single-family homes and multifamily, along with a resort hotel, restaurant and marina, according to filings with the city of Denison."


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The old Sher-Den Mall site in Sherman is being redeveloped. 


"The project will be split into two phases. The first will add plots for retail shops along Texoma Parkway.

“The more businesses we can get along there, the better,” Strauch said.

In addition, Strauch said nearly 320 apartment units will be built during phase one. The second phase will add more apartments totaling 725.

“We know through the studies that we’ve done that we are chronically at a shortage for multifamily housing, for apartments,” Strauch said."

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"A 10-acre plot at the corner of Howe Drive and Dorset Drive will be divided between the two firms: Israel-based Perseys and Tokyo Electron from Japan.

"It's very important; it represents the world cutting-edge technology that's being located, being built, right here in Sherman," said Sherman Economic Development Corporation president Kent Sharp. "The new additions will bring approximately 120 jobs. "

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