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1510 Emancipation Ave.

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It was standing this morning with that excavator parked very close, and then when I got home it was gone.  I always liked the look of the house ever since someone painted it a bright blue and yellow pattern - didn't realize that it was vacant until today



I hope it was vacant anyway 

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12 hours ago, Sanjorade said:

This house was demolished: East Downtown Management District (EDMD)
(929) 367-7902

it was sold to Drudee LLC in the middle of last year. Can’t find much on the company. 

Looks like they own the other lots there too. 


The entire block is owned by the same owner or owners. It's bounded by Emancipation Ave, Leeland St, Bastrop St, and Bell St. 

It's across the street from Brothers Taco House and J-Bar-M Barbecue

The block number is block 579.

Maybe townhomes will be built on the lots? I really do not know. Perhaps we'll see soon.



According to county parcel maps, there are twelve lots on Block 579 SSBB: 


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Below is a parcel map of Block 579, which is bounded by Emancipation Ave, Leeland St, Bastrop St, and Bell St. 

According to the map, the following addresses are located on the parcels:


  • 0 Leeland St (highlighted in yellow)
  • 2323 Leeland St parcel (highlighted in blue)

    Other addresses on the parcel:
    • 2307 Leeland St
    • 2323 Leeland St
    • 1520 Emancipation Ave
  • 1510 Emancipation Ave  (highlighted in purple)
  • 1508 Emancipation Ave  (highlighted in red)
  • 1506 Emancipation Ave  (highlighted in orange)
  • 0 Bell St  (highlighted in pink)
  • 2304 Bell St (highlighted in green)


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Streetview images of the entire block.

November 2022 - Bastrop St and Bell St.


November 2022 - Bell St




November 2022 - Bell St and Emancipation Ave


January 2023 - Emancipation Ave




January 2023 - Emancipation Ave & Leeland St


January 2023 - Leeland St


Leeland St & Bastrop St


November 2022 - Bastrop St



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  • The title was changed to 1510 Emancipation Ave.
  • 3 weeks later...
On 3/24/2023 at 3:19 PM, hindesky said:

Alliance is using about 2/3's of the lot for parking, they also have the construction office and a sea can.





A permit was pulled about two weeks ago for a residential electrical sawpole at 2304 Bell St. 

2304 Bell St is one of the parcels on this block. The entire block 579 is owned by the same person / people.

As @hindesky noted, Alliance Residential Company is temporarily utilizing 2304 Bell St (and maybe other tracts on block 579). 

Comments from the permit pertaining to the residential electrical sawpole:

  • (April 14) Sawpole secured for electrical service for construction trailers and temp power for staging area for [Broadstone EaDo at 2425 Bell St.]

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