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Pasadena Hospital And Clinic At 1004 Seymour St.

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This afternoon I was researching the hospitals in Pasadena, Texas and came across a historic website that featured Pasadena. 


The website lists the year 1937 as the following:

- Presbyterian church organized.

- Feb 14, Champion Paper mill opens.

- Jackson Jr. High built.

- First hospital, Pasadena Clinic & Hospital opens (Dr. E. E. Conners).

- First movie house (Rita/Pasadena Theater, now Norman Furniture).

- Methodist build new brick sanctuary ($12,000 with 400 members).

Does anyone know where I can get more information on Pasadena's first hospital?  I tried searching the libraries, and Google, with no luck. I'm guessing the hospital name is incorrect, which is why I cannot locate any information.  I did find a few articles containing the person E.E. Conners (without being a professional Doctor).  E.E. Conners was apart of USMC it appears. 

Thanks HAIF!

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Found it!!  

Can't find an address, but I do have a PO Box (or hospital mailbox?) number.  Does anyone have a physical address? 

Texas Almanac, 1945-1946 includes all the hospitals in the state during that period. 

Pasadena - Pasadena Hospital and Clinic; Gen, part . . . . . . . 39, 20, 13, 566, 2,195.


The Baytown Sun dated December 2, 2003:

Patsy Ailenn Conner McCullen

Patsy Ailenn Conner McCullen, 78, passed away November 29, 2003 at the age of 78. She was preceded in death by her husband Murff C. McCullen, D.D.S. her parents Inice Francis, R.N., and Edwin Earl Connor, M.D. and her big sister Kathleen Francis Connor--

-- They moved to Pasadena when Dr. and Mrs. Connor opened Pasadena Hospital and Clinic, which evolved into the Pasadena General Hospital-- 



The Daily Sun dated April 7, 1938:

Girl Is Born

Mr. and Mrs. C.R. White of Baytown announce the birth of a daughter Wednesday at the Pasadena Hospital and Clinic. The baby weighed eight pounds and 14 ounces and has been named Marie Claudell.


Brenham Banner-Press dated July 1, 1948:

Help Wanted— German widow, age 40-45, to make home with Doctor’s family of three adults, no children.  Cook two meals a day and look after elderly woman-- board and $20 a week. 

Write Mrs. J.L. DuCroz, Pasadena Hospital and Clinic, Box 472, Pasadena, Texas. – 130-3tp.


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