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Pasadena General Hospital At 1004 Seymour St.

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I was reading the newspaper The Baytown Sun dated August 26, 1990 and came across a business advertisement for Pasadena General Hospital located at 1004 Seymour Street. The hospital was located off of Pasadena Blvd. which used to be named Tatar.

A Second Look...
Cosmetic Surgery Services of Pasadena General Hospital--

Call us if you are considering comestic surgery, give us a call at 473-9028. Because you're worth A Second Look.

Pasadena General Hospital
1004 Seymour, Pasadena, TX 77506


South Belt Leader dated July 14, 1983:

Pasadena General adding new nursing tower, ICU

Work has begun on a new three-story nursing tower and intensive care unit of Pasadena General Hospital. In addition to the 35,000-square feet of new construction, there will be 24,000-square feet of remodeling work.  The $8.2 million industrial revenue bonds were underwritten by E.F. Hutton Company.  Steve Claiborn, first vice president, handled the transaction for Hutton. 

The issuing agency was the Pasadena Health Facilities Development Corporation. The bonds are guaranteed by Huntington Health Services, Inc. (owners of Pasadena General Hospital) and by a letter of credit from Bank of Southwest, National Association, Houston.

Jason Frye and Associations, Inc. the architect, has unique “contemporary” exterior that focuses on a large three-story arch. 

W.J. Mechura, Jr., hospital administrator, says construction is part of plan envisioned by their owners to offer more efficient, up-to-date nursing care. 

The new building is due to be completed in May 1984.



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