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Patrenella's - 813 Jackson Hill St.


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Plumbing demo permit, I'm sure the building demo permit will be next. One of the many casualties of Covid that forced it to shut down. I believe I have seen some plats for a children's school for the area and this might be the location.



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Sorry to see it go…some good memories dining there.  So many family-owned restaurants have called it quits.  ☹️  I guess I’m fortunate that I was able to enjoy them in my younger days… (Patrenella’s, DaCapo’s, Van Loc, Michaelangelo’s, Ballatori, Ashland House…and many others…)

Is the barber shop still across the street?  😂

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5 hours ago, hindesky said:




There are support guy wires for the high voltage electrical poles along Lillian St. I wonder if they can be taken out?


I doubt those guy lines can be removed. Given the cost, they wouldn't be there if they weren't needed to ensure the poles stay upright against the tension exerted from the power lines going to the right in the pictures. They may be required by regulations.

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Planning Commission deferred this for a second time. Question was asked about the bars in the area, If the bars were there first and the daycare comes in later it's not a problem.









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