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Beacon Hill Apartments: Multifamily At 8110 Creekbend Dr.

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Most people don't want to move into a place that needs "work." painting is one thing but it sounds like they are redoing everything. Would the new owner have to pay for the improvements or is the home owner's association going to do it? if the HOA is going to do it, they are only going to put in basic things anyway.

If the place is gutted you sure won't get back what you paid for it originally most likely.

Where is the location?

The HOA is paying for everything and they are going to put in the basics. However the new owners have a say if they want a different style of carpet less say berber, also the faucets and counter tops. If they want these things they can tell the HOA and the HOA would tell them the difference in the prices compared to what they were intially going to put in (basics). The condo is located in Southwest Houston Gessner and Creekbend.

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