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Weber’s Root Beer Stand At 6720 South Main St.

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While looking in the Harris County, Texas, Guide and Road Map dated June 1939 I came across a beverages business listing that included Weber’s Root Beer located at 6720 South Main Street - Hadley 0272.

A little confused.  There was also a Weber's Beer Garden located 3 or 4 blocks south at Holcombe & Main Street.  I believe they were different, the similarity is the proximity to each other. Weber's Root Beer Stand was a restaurant specializing in root beer.  Weber's Beer Garden was an ice house/beer garden/bar that served alcoholic drinks, specializing in beer. 

Very cool find!!


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20 hours ago, NenaE said:

I read today that Prince's first location was at 4509 S.Main (by Sears) in 1935. The location was originally an old Weber's Root Beer stand. The article was from tshaonline.org. 

Wow, did not realize that was the first Prince's. I'm fairly certain it was also the last one of the original Prince's locations to close as well, before the brand was resurrected in the 90s with new locations. I used to eat there occasionally in the 80s, and it had definitely seen better days then - it looked pretty run-down and it was obvious that not much had been invested in maintenance and upkeep for years. 

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