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Gaido's White Horse Tavern At 6808 South Main St.

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I was browsing the newspaper Texas Jewish Herald dated September 2, 1937 and came across a business advertisement for Gaido's White Horse Tavern located at 6808 South Main Street.

A little confused.  This was yet another business venture from Michi Gaidos? He also had 2 other restaurants. Given the date, maybe this was his first? 

Gaide's White Horse Tavern
Main and Bellaire

Fish, Crab, Chicken and Steak Dinners at Popular Prices

Attractive Dining Room - Fast Curb Service

Phone Lehigh 1293


In the newspaper dated April 19, 1934 an article specifies the address of the GWHT.

Hadassah Card Party

Houston Chapter of Hadassah is sponsoring a card party benefitting the Hospital Medical Organization of Hadassah at Gaido's White Horse Tavern, 6806 Main Street, on Wednesday, April 24, at 2 p.m.  Table and door prizes will be given and refreshments served.  Reservations may be made by calling Mrs. A Meyerson, chairman, Hadley 7709, or Mrs. Sampel Cohen, co-chairman, Fairfax 3887.


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