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South Main Bowling Alley On South Main St.

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I was browsing the newspaper The Thresher dated October 23, 1931 and came across a business advertisement for South Main Bowling Alley located at the End O' Main. 

Another ad which I cannot find at the moment, specified the location of Main at Bellaire.

A little confused. This isn't the infamous Palace Recreation Bowling Alley located at 6445 South Main Street?  The Palace Recreation Lanes was said to be directly across from Rice University in the 6400-block of South Main.  Holcombe & Main has an address of 6977 South Main, using the address of the old Shriner's Hospital. 

Guess they are different? I wonder why this bowling alley doesn't get the historical press as the Palace Recreation Lanes.  I guess being across Rice University had some fame.  I believe I figured it out.  These bowling alleys are a decade apart! South Main Bowling Alley was active in the 1930s.  Palace Recreation Bowling Alley was active in the 1940s. 

One Game of Ducks Free
With One Paid game and this ad at the South Main Bowling Alley
End O' Main



The other bowling lanes from October 6, 1948:


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