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Snacks By The Lb. At 6626 South Main St.

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I was browsing the newspaper The Rice Thresher dated March 19, 1985 and came across a business advertisement for Snacks By The Lb. located at 6626 South Main Street.

I believe Snacks By The Lb. started in Pennsylvania in the 1980s.  According to the flyer the TMC location was the first franchise in Texas.

Does anyone recall this place? In terms of history, 1985 wasn't that long ago.  Maybe someone on HAIF went here back in the day? This is my type of store! I'm pretty sure I'd pick sweet  & salty snacks over candy any day! Chips, pretzels, popcorn, trail mix, nuts, breakfast bars, etc.  Good stuff! 

Snacks By The lb. Store near the Texas Medical Center
(The First Store in Texas)*

Now Open
M-F 9-6
Sat. 10-5

A Whole New, Exciting Concept In Snacks Food Shopping
Featuring Over Three Hundred Different Snacks at Unbeatable Prices
Including imported and domestic candies, chocolates, dried fruit and nuts, from cashews to pistachios – salted and unsalted.  Pretzels, fudge; 40 flavors of popcorn; imported and domestic cookies and wafers. A gourmet section of coffee and tea. Freshly baked cookies and croissants.  Plus a complete line of low calorie and sugar free candy made without sorbitol.  Retail and Wholesale Fund Raising Programs And Party Package Discounts.

Try Before You Buy
Treat Yourself And Your Family

We have a complete line of giftware’s and party platters for all occasions too! Cards and balloons too!

6626 S. Main
(near Eckerd’s, Majors Bookstore)
Houston, TX 77030

*A Philadelphia Franchise

30% off on ½ lb. of all green items.  Good till 3/3/85.



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