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Rinestone Rangler Club At 9150 South Main St.

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I was browsing the newspaper The Rice Thresher dated October 10, 1980 and came across an unusual advertisement for a club on South Main. This is the Rinestone Rangler Club located at 9150 South Main Street. 

A little confused.  Did the former club The Ranch Houston Club close down and R&R went in? That's right, thought I recall hearing The Ranch burned down and then moved a few blocks over on Buffalo Speedway. I guess R&R was built after The Ranch left.

Now Open
Rinestone Rangler
Dance Hall and Salon

Jimme Lou & Texas Touch
8:30-1:30 Tues.-Sun.

World's Largest Happy Hour!
11am-8:30 Seven Days A Week $1.25 bar 25cent Draft.

9150 S. Main 665-1577


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ALL of my aunts used to go to the Rinestone rangler. It was a very popular night club. I do not think there was a club in that spot previous to the Rinestone rangler opening. It was a mostly young, Black R7B Funk music club. I was too young to go but remember thinking "When I grow up, Im going to the Rangler". By the time I ws old enough, it closed down.

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