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Price's Restaurant At 8301 South Main St.

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I was wondering if anyone on HAIF knew some information about the old 1940s/1950s restaurant near the Texas Medical Center called Price's Hamburgers, also could be named Price's Restaurant.  The address is, apparently, 8301 South Main Street. The address also could have been 8299 South Main Street.

Price's Hamburger's was a burger chain in Houston (and other parts of Texas?) founded by Price Lovelady.

There is almost no history of this restaurant on the internet! I do not see any newspaper/magazine advertisements, pictures, menus, matchbooks, or post cards. Wondering why a chain restaurant with several locations in a big city would be so scarce?

HAIF is a Houston knowledge database, and thankfully in the native Price's Hamburgers thread there is a single photo.  This might be the only evidence on the internet (except for public comments/postings) that this restaurant existed.

@Michelle C said: There was a Price's at the corner of Washington and Shepherd in 1958.

Price's Hanbuger sign, location unknown.jpg

Edit: To be clear, this is Price's Hamburgers founded by Price Lovelady. Often confused with Prince's Hamburgers, founded by Doug Prince.

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The address of 8301 South Main is sourced from two locations.  One is the newspaper The Southwest Citizen dated August 1, 1947 that contains an advertisement for Lake Island located at 8301-1/2 South Main.  (Also told to be 8301 South Main.)

Lake Island

8301 South Main - Behind Price's Restaurant.


Another address source is a 1950 Sanborn map that shows the canals of Lake Island.  There is indeed a building in front of the lake, which as the advertisement says, it's behind Price's Restaurant.  However, the Sanborn map indicates the building is a night club.  Maybe the nite club went out of business and Price's Restaurant moved in?

There is also the restaurant next door with an address of 8299 South Main Street that was once a few Asian restaurants. Possibly the Lake Island ads actually meant that building instead? Not directly behind Price's Restaurant.  Ho-Li Garden Restaurant At 8299 South Main St. & Kee Jan Restaurant At 8299 South Main St.




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I don't doubt that a Price's Restaurant was there at that tine (I don't remember it) but there was never a Price's Hamburgers at that location, back then or later. Price's Hamburgers didn't even exist until about 1960 or slightly before.

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  • The title was changed to Price's Restaurant At 8301 South Main St.

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