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Richard Wainerdi Mansion At 12135 Maple Rock Dr.


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I meant to post this a while back but it slipped my mind - for the record, Richard Wainerdi has been the President of the Texas Medical Center since 1984..



Edit:  Business Profile for Wainerdi & Company, LLC


Registered Address: 12135 Maple Rock Drive Houston 77077 TX

Alternative Names: Wainerdi & Company, LLC (Trading Name, 2012-05-11 - )

Agent Name: Richard E Wainerdi

Agent Address: 12135 Maple Rock Dr, Houston, TX, 77077

In a professional career that spanned six decades, serving in academia, the energy industry, and not-for-profit, as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Texas Medical Center, from 1984 through 2012, he retired with the title, President Emeritus.

After leaving Texas A&M in 1977, he spent the next five years as Senior Vice President, Special Projects Division at 3D/International, where he gained experience in basic architecture and international business. In 1982, he moved into corporate executive management as President of Gulf Research & Development Company, Gulf Oil Corporation.

In the summer of 1984, he received a call from Richard J. V. Johnson, Chairman of the Board, Texas Medical Center and publisher of the Houston Chronicle. After several meetings with Johnson, he agreed to serve as president of Texas Medical Center “for a couple of years.” It did not take long before he, “fell in love with the place” and devoted the next twenty-eight years of his life.

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