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Happyland At 4545 North Shepherd Dr.

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Where was Kiddie Wonderland?

I am sure there were more, but the three kiddie parks I recall from the 50's were the ones on N Shepherd near Donovan, Hwy 90 (I-10) maybe around Gessner and the one at South Main at Braeswood. The first two were Happyland and Kiddieland, but not sure which was which.

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The reason I didn't go to Kiddieland as a rule is because we had a small park near the Heights called "Happyland" that I went to often. In fact, until your post, I couldn't remember which of the two was Happyland and which was Kiddieland.

Happyland was at Shepherd and (I believe) Martin. Happyland had horses that ran along fenced trails, but that changed to a merry-go-round type setup, possibly due to liability. They also had one of my favorite rides

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Anyone remember Happyland on Shepherd @ 43rd? I have some home video of it in the early 60's and will post it asap.

Edit: From The Billboard magazine dated Aug 30, 1952:

Houston Kiddie Land For Sale

Located inside the city limits on U.S. Hwy. 75.

Rides: Boats, Train, Airlines, Fire Engine Car Ride, Pony Cart, Portable Kiddie Ferris Wheel, Two-Abreast Merry-Go-Round, Crosley Hook and Ladder, 7 live Ponies.

Main Building: Houses 2 rest rooms, office, box office, concession stand including popcorn machine, 18-case elec. cooler, orange crush cooler, automatic coke dispenser, etc. 

Two Pony Shelters and Feed and Saddle Building: The entire amusement area is fenced with 7' chain link fence and pasture has farm-type fence. Other equipment includes benches, neo sign, neo trim on bldg., pony trailer, spare parts, etc. All equipment is in excellent condition and except Merry-Go-Round is less than 2 years old. This park is the only kiddie land in or around Houston that has shown a considerable increase in business this year. Have an attractive long-term lease with renewal clause. 52-week operation if desired.  Priced at $49,500.00. Can arrange some terms. Park must been seen to be appreciated, but if you are qualified buyer, write for any additional information. 

Walter H. Semeyn, "Happy-Land Kiddie Park".

4545 No. Shepherd - Houston 18, Texas.


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