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South Main Speedrome On Eagle Ave. & Main St.

Highrise Tower

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This race track had me confused for a month.  Some of the historic race track books and databases list the wrong thing! Wouldn't be a first. I remember the misspelling of "Almedo Speedway" for Almeda Speedway.

South Main Speedrome located on Eagle Avenue and South Main Street.  I went to Google Earth and couldn't find a track there in Midtown by The Ion. I then, mistakenly, typed Main Street at Eagle Avenue and it took me to Pasadena, TX!

South Main Speedrome - Houston - 1/5 mile dirt oval (4/07/46 - c. 7/10/47).
(AKA South Main Track) / located at South Main & Eagle Ave.

Another false, or mistaken, track listing:

South Main Track - Houston / possibly Arrowhead Park Speedway.
1/2 mile dirt oval (c. 1929) (1937 - c. 5/25/41 (1946 - 147).

The above would be the South Main Speedway located on Old Main Street Road, across from South Main Street. Circa 1929 is right. I have a map from 1930 that verifies it. Arrowhead Park Speedway is not close to the South Main Speedway as they suggested.


The race track, if it's even called South Main Speedrome, is located closer to Shaver Street & at the end of Main Street.  Also located on the feeder road of Highway 225 / Pasadena Freeway by the Shaver exit.

Google Earth views from December 1944:



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